5 Simple Drawing and Paint Apps for Mac

5 Simple Drawing and Paint Apps for Mac

Hi this is Phil from Make Tech Easier
and welcome to five simple drawing applications for Mac. Mac has long been
referred to as the “creative’s workshop”. The idea that most graphic designers
interior designers video animators and architects are more drawn towards Mac
may hold water to an extent. Mac attracts creators for either of two reasons: as
traditional tool they’ve always used, or its perceived high performance standards.
Speaking of tradition the first version of Photoshop was built exclusively for
Macintosh users giving Mac first mover advantage, and while the “PC versus Mac”
might present an interesting discourse we’ll be walking the safe lines, and a
list of five simple drawing apps for Mac is all we’re talking about today. Sketch.
This Mac drawing software holds all the Aces when it comes to versatility. Sketch
can be used to create professional artwork, draw and design websites and so
much more. Sketch is a vector-based application with several features such
as toolbar, canvas, editable shapes and so much more.
We found Sketch a bit irregular as it may require a little background
knowledge and experience in basic designing. It’s nevertheless a
user-friendly tool even for newbies. You can blob, warp and twirl your way into
anything. Paint Brush. Paint Brush is a painting and illustrating application for
Mac. Paint Brush is quite similar to Microsoft Paint on Windows in terms of
functionality and build. Paint Brush offers some of the best freehand art
experience in the game. It does not come with the complexity or spec
requirements of other third-party applications but if you need to get a
few illustrations made up for occasional doodling this drawing application tool
is all you need to save the day. Made with Mischief. Made with Mischief is a
unique simple drawing app for Mac. This application is as easy and simple as you
could ever imagine. After installation you’re welcomed by a blank screen and
can start drawing right away, creating the nostalgic experience of pen on paper.
Made with Mischief is neither vector-based nor pixel-based and works
best on a desktop. Made with Mischief has other exciting features like
allowing you to create and customize your set of brushes and pen tools. Made
with Mischief is a pretty good application for beginners as it lets you
draw without limiting your canvas size. Drawberry. Drawberry is a free vector
drawing software designed for Mac OS X that can be downloaded from any
developer or reputable site. You can use the Bezier curve pen tool for sketching
and illustrations. The Drawberry software supports a modern and
professional look but while exploring its recesses it begins to reveal its
perceived weaknesses such as a lack of reflect and shear tools, scaling, update
support and more. But these worries can be referred to as beyond the basics, and
if you’re looking to build your fundamental skills in vector drawing
then Drawberry is yours. Artboard. Artboard is a simple Mac drawing
application that enables you to create a minimalist and elaborate artwork for
professional and personal purposes. Artboard lets you work in layers, enabling
you to work on different aspects of your drawing simultaneously. One of the most
remarkable features of Artboard is the option of drag-and-drop which allows you
to incorporate images straight from import. Although its lack of distortion
tools and shortcomings in image conversion between vector and raster is
noticeable, Artboard remains a top drawing tool for Mac. Conclusion. There are
certainly many simple drawing apps for Mac out there free and paid alike. We
write this list based on a cursory focus on the applications imitation of
real-life drawing experience, availability of tools, simplicity,
flexibility and interface. We’ll not have the final word on this and earnestly
look forward to your suggestions. Which of these drawing applications do you use?
Kindly share your thoughts below. Okay as always thanks for watching and
be subscribe and add your comments below. See you next time!

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  1. Thank you so much! I was searching for years an app for my mac but at every time i tried there was always a problem! And now i have mischief for free! Thank you!

  2. i will never spend money of mac.. i buy it thinking it was the best option for draw and work but its a lie , windows its a better option.

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