5 Rainbow Optifine Cape Designs! (Best Minecraft Cape Designs)

5 Rainbow Optifine Cape Designs! (Best Minecraft Cape Designs)

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Today, I’m sharing with you 5 Rainbow Optifine
Cape Designs! Now, I recently shared some rainbow capes
in another video. A lot of you enjoyed that video so I wanted
to share 5 more rainbow cape designs for you guys! I currently have a vote up for next week’s
video theme! Feel free to share any capes with the themes
in that vote for a chance to get your cape featured in a future video! Also, definitely go vote on that, too! And also, feel free to subscribe and turn
on notifications if you’d like to see more videos like this one! Alright, let’s get started! *Music* Alright, to start off today I’m featuring
a cape that is like a faded rainbow single line. I think that’s the best way for me to explain
it in a simple way. Obviously the colors don’t stand out a ton
but some people like just minimal capes and that’s sort of what I had in mind when I created
this cape. In my previous rainbow capes video, I had
a cape that featured a line down the middle with more bold colors if you’re more interested
in that but for this one, we have some faded colors. Next up, we have a cape that I was trying
to make a lightning cape… if you couldn’t tell. Well, given the layers I couldn’t quite make
the lightning cape. So basically, I was trying to create a lightning
cape in the same style that I was featured in my recent Lightning capes tutorial video. But like I said, with layer restrictions,
that became difficult. I could have take some colors out but I wanted
the most colors I could get and I still like this cape design a lot. It looks pretty cool. Here we have a cape that was shared in my
comments by MasterXPlayz. Now, this isn’t actually a rainbow cape. It’s actually an RGB cape as it just features
red green and blue but it’s close enough for me to want to share it here. This cape was actually featured in a video
very recently but I wanted to share it again because I like it so much… and because it
fits the theme of the video well. I mean, it’s colorful, at least. So yeah, there ya have this cape. The next cape, today, is a rainbow chain cape. So, basically this cape is supposed to be
like chains that run down the cape. Of course, the chains are in rainbow colors..
because that’s the theme of the video. This cape is actually fairly popular. I have seen this cape around quite a bit. So yeah, that’s a thing, I guess. There’s not much else for me to say about
it, so… there’s that one. To finish off, the final cape we have today
is sort of a play off the previous cape. The cape is made pretty much the same way
but it takes a turn in the final steps to create a cape that is like a spine, or something. That’s what I’ll call it. So basically, it’s a single chain down the
middle of the cape. Of course, in a rainbow color scheme. I actually like this cape a lot. I know the final two capes are similar but
I really wanted to share them so yeah. If you want more rainbow capes, feel free
to check out my previous rainbow caps video! So there ya have 5 Rainbow Optifine Cape Designs! Which one of these capes was your favorite? Let me know! Also, feel free to submit your favorite Optifine
Cape in the comments and vote in the poll! You can submit capes for the themes in that
poll for a better chance to be featured in the next themed capes video, too! Again, be sure to go vote for the theme of
capes you want to see! If you want to help me out, definitely feel
free to share the video with your friends, leave a comment, leave a like, and feel free
to subscribe and click the bell so you’ll always know when I upload more videos! Alright guys, that’s gonna do it for me! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!

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  6. Heya, I have a heart cape myself and even though it's black and white, you can change the colors to whatever you like best

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