5 Optifine Cape Designs! – Awesome Optifine Capes

5 Optifine Cape Designs! – Awesome Optifine Capes

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Welcome back to another video! Of course, I have 5 Optifine Cape Designs
for you guys today! These capes were all submitted on last Monday’s
video. This may be the last week of doing 2 Optifine
Cape designs videos. I haven’t full decided but I do want to get
different videos out to you guys and I’m getting a bit
burnt out with these videos so limiting a bit will help me want to create them! I hope you don’t mind but you’ll still definitely
be getting at least one and I have a new series planned that I think you’ll like too! Alright, I hope you enjoy this video! Let’s get started! *Music* To start off, we have a cape that was submitted
to us by Envelo Envelope. This is one of those capes that just made
me chuckle a bit. Not because the cape is bad.. but because
the experssion on this robot’s face is just awesome to me. Like, I don’t know. The eyes being so big and it having a smile
just made me laugh. I really do like the face. I mean, I can certainly see that it’s supposed
to be a robot too. I like it. This next cape was submitted by Eddwin Urdaneta. This cape is this video’s Halloween themed
cape. As you know, the month of October’s Optifine
Cape Designs videos will feature a Halloween themed cape in each video. This is today’s. It’s a black and orange cape that features
a bat on it. I wanted to get away from the pumpkin and
Jack-O-Lantern capes in this video and show something a bit different
so here ya go! I did have to change the design slightly to
make sure it works in game. Next up, we have cape that was submitted by
Bucket Gaming. He says that this is an extremely detailed
owl or bat cape. I mean, I would even say that this could be
a dragon or a phoenix or something. But without talking about which animal it
could be, it is pretty detailed. It has some wings on it and sort of a tail
at the bottom, or a tail feather. I’ll just label this cape as an “Animal Cape”
in the description. It is certainly fairly well detailed, I can
say that for certain! This cape is what the creator calls a purple
shards cape. This one was submitted by SimplePanda. As you can see the cape is pretty much what
the creator calls it. It’s some
purple shards oon top of a black background with a grey fade over the cape. It sort of looks like there’s a exclamation
point within the middle of the cape so that’s interesting. But yeah, this is just one of those capes
that I thought looked like a cool design. I like the colors on it, too. The final cape was submitted to us by Legit
Tunes. Okay, so… I know I said I’d feature one Halloween cape. And I know that the Halloween cape in this
video was a bat. I’m counting this as a second Halloween cape
but also not as a second Halloween cape. This cape is one that you can use all year
given the colors of it and the design of it. This is a really creative grey and white bat
cape that I just think looks really nice. I really like this cape design a lot. It’s really cool. So yeah, that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Thank you all so much for watching! If you have a cape that you want to submit,
feel free to leave it in the comments! If you
have submitted a cape in the past and it hasn’t been featured, feel free to submit it again,
or better yet, submit some new capes too! I can’t feature every cape in my videos
so I apologize if I haven’t ever featured your cape but that’s why! If you’re new to my channel, thanks for watching
this video, I hope you enjoyed! If you’re not new, well,
thanks for watching another video! Be sure to subscribe, click the bell, and
turn on notifications! Clicking the like button doesn’t hurt either! Well, I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!

100 thoughts on “5 Optifine Cape Designs! – Awesome Optifine Capes

  1. This is my Derppool cape. My name is Hobbitz
    This is my batman cape

  2. Hey these are a couple of capes I made it would be nice if you could check 'em out 😉

    It's okay if you don't show all of them 😀

  3. Hey kirby ik you probably wont see this comment but if you are going to do another ep on the optifine capes, I made a design! https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=magBjKpIprpipz

  4. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=kapekedLacaEafasay 3d grass block
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=jaoKpBpcpipFpgpnpt electro thingy
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    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=paaAaAaApI cut in half skull, very simple
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=pampkLjKpcpspypBpB 3d line?
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aaivaqalawiFicicip edit of Hobbitz` batman
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=pabplKmKpBaBaopcaK? edit by: Froeg
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aapkpAafajaibtaFaf edit of Froegs Edit
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    – PERSONAL –
    https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aanknvawataiaw THE CAPE I USE!!!

  5. Hello! These are four random cape designs I made by accident. They are all the same concept, just with slight changes to each. I don't know what they are, but they look cool!

    1: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=paacanaGahavbtbK
    2: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=paacanaGahavaobt
    3: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=paacanaGahavaobK
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    Enjoy! 😀

  6. 🙃Here is a 7 11 optifine cape (Australian viewers, so idk if u have 7 11 in ur country):

  7. Check This Out!
    Vampire. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=baaqbAptaoayasafafafaf
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  8. Hey! Can someone in the comment section please help me? I want to have this cape SOOO bad, but I don't know how to make it right. If their is anyone of you who knows how to properly make this cape, can you please send me the link off it? Thank you! 🙂
    Picture off the cape: https://gyazo.com/81665c936991b8037f0148a2abfb48ba

  9. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=ealzaBacaGahai You Can choose wich flag u want and it's really cool. I choosensweden flag bcs I'm from sweden

  10. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aabopAaL I made a clown/pennywise cape. i was just messing around and i came up with this

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