5 Minute Holiday Craft Challenge | Try Not To Fail

5 Minute Holiday Craft Challenge | Try Not To Fail

– Sure, I’ll do that!
In a second. – (FBE) Okay, and let’s see
the snowflake. – At least he has a snowflake.
(Jacob laughs) ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
(jingle bells ringing) – (FBE) So with us approaching
the holiday season, and because we have
many cast members from the Netflix holiday movie
Let It Snow guest starring today, we want to see how you guys are
at holiday crafts that might seem easy,
but are deceptively hard. – Great.
– I believe it. – I feel like I’m very good
at holiday crafts. – I don’t remember the last time
I did a holiday craft. – Ooh.
– Yeah. – You know, I never failed school, so. – Mmm, I was really bad at crafts
in school though, so, this is gonna be interesting. – (FBE) We’re going to show you guys
a holiday craft from DIY craft channel
5-Minute Crafts, and you’ll have to make
that exact same craft right after you watch,
but we’re only gonna let you guys watch the video, the tutorial once.
– Oh [bleep]. – (FBE) And we’re gonna put up
a divider between the two of you to make sure that you can’t
copy one another. – Oh, pressure. I recently started a DIY page. – You’re gonna kill this.
– Yeah, I’m ready. – Oh no, no!
– Oh. – My motto is like fail
and fail again. – It’s not hard, this is easy,
let’s do this. – (FBE) The first craft
is an egg snowman. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Okay, a little cooking slice.
– Mmm. – Oh, it’s so cute! – That’s lit!
– Aw. – Oh.
– Okay. – Oh, a little caret, and then
whatever that is. – Oh, they have,
are those like nipples? Oh those are eyes! (laughs) – Oh God, oh God! – Wow. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – How about that?
– Okay. – Done, easy. – We can do that, this.
– That was pretty chill, okay. Yeah yeah.
– Yeah, let’s do that. – (FBE) What do you think?
You think you’ll be able to do it? – Yeah, I think so, I think so. – Yeah, it looks pretty doable. – (FBE) Three, two, go. – Alright. I remember the egg specifically. – Cutting the bottom of this egg
to make a platform for this little guy to sit on. – Hey, honestly, I feel like
it didn’t even teach us to do most of the things. – There wasn’t that much to teach, so. – Pfft, shut the [bleep] up. – Guys, I’m gonna break my egg.
Holy [bleep]. Okay, do you know how hard it is
to do this with nails? – We gotta make a nose. – (FBE) You’re halfway,
you have minute and 30 left. – Shoot, okay, nose, nose, nose. – I don’t know if this nose
is gonna stay in there, you know? – (laughs) Look at it!
– Stop! – How cute! – Dude, okay, this hat
is gonna be difficult. That’s what I’m stressed out. – I don’t remember how
they did the mouth! – Me either. – Dang it.
It’s fine. We’re just gonna stick his little
lettuce hands in there. – I don’t wanna break the egg though.
Oh [bleep]! Oh no! – And they don’t stay on! – ♪ I built a snowman ♪ – How’d you get your little
peppercorns to stay? – ♪ He’s gonna come and play ♪ – (FBE) Tom, you’re finished.
– No way! – How do I get the, what ya,
the raisin looking things to stay in? – (FBE) 30 seconds left.
– Oh my God. – This is the best I can do. – Oh, I have to put
the little arms in too. – (FBE) Very impressed,
I’m not gonna lie. – Little tower behind him. – (FBE) Five seconds left! – Adding some ambience. (clock beeps)
– Presentation’s a ton, Odeya. Okay, that’s time!
– It’s like I’m on Top Chef. – (FBE) Three, two, one.
(clock beeps) Hands down. – (Brittany) Really, how cute! – Ooh.
– Okay, we out here. – Oh, okay, um… – (FBE) So I’m gonna say
that you didn’t fail, okay? – (laughs) Okay. – (FBE) Shameik, the only reason
that I’m saying that you did fail. – Mm-hmm.
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) You are missing the nose, you decided to go
with the peppercorn nose, instead of the carrot nose.
– (Shameik) Carrot nose. – Hey, um, okay.
(bell rings) – You see my little top hat action? – I know, but like,
we’re supposed to recreate the same snowman. – I don’t wanna look at this. I’m so mad that Tom’s
more domestic than me. (laughs) – (Tom) Look at the booty hole
on this snowman’s head! (laughs) – Aw, yours is so cute!
Yours is better than mine, dude. (laughs) My nails, my nails! – You know, I think mine looks
more like a bird, than a snowman. – This is kind of a snowman
who’s been through a lot. – (Matthew) Yeah,
he’s had a rough life. – Rough winter, rough life. (Mikaela gasps)
♪ (tense music) ♪ – She’s bleeding everywhere!
– No! – (FBE) The next craft
is a napkin Christmas tree. – Alright.
– Okay. – Fold it in half, fold it in half!
– Shh, shh! – Fold it in half, fold it in half!
– Shut up! – Okay, mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
– One down, the other down. The other down.
You create layers. Flip it over, it’s a diamond.
– It’s a tree! – Then you flip it in half,
flip it over in half again. – Okay.
– I’m learning. It’s up here! – Oh, okay, that’s how that goes.
– That’s where it’s at, yeah. – Oh, nice!
– Yep, very cool. – Alright, yeah.
(both laugh) – That makes sense.
– Got it, hurry, quickly! Get the thing before I forget!
– We can do that, yeah! – (FBE) You’re gonna have
three minutes to do it. How do you guys think
you’re gonna do? – We’re gonna do it. – (sighs) Just see what happens. – (FBE) Ready, go. – These God damn nails. – Okay. Bend it in half. – Fold, fold, fold, fold! – Hmm, God damn it. – You see, I forgot already
what to do. – Me too!
– Okay, I already forgot. Wait, it was like… How did they do the thing
with the thing? – I wish I got this
ironed out beforehand. It’s a little tough to fold,
but we’re gonna get there. – (Odeya) I forgot, there a part
where they do a bunch of folds, I just forget how they got there. – Uh, yo I’m [bleep] already lost. – Here, here, here. – (FBE) A minute and 45 seconds left. Matthew you are just very much
a perfectionist. – It’s gotta be done right. – Alright, Mikaela, I told you,
you’re gonna win this one, ’cause I’m lost,
I’m not gonna lie guys, I’m kinda lost on this one. – I’m incredible at folding towels. – ‘Could I just peek a little bit?
– (both) No. – And then you go like, I think.
Oh, you tuck it in, right? – Okay. – Is, this doesn’t look like
a Christmas tree? – (FBE) Five, four, three.
– I don’t know, I can’t tell. – Son of a…
– (FBE) Two. – I can’t tell.
– (FBE) One, hands down. – This really feels like Master Chef. – (FBE) Who do you think did better? – (Jacob) I mean, it looks like
that’s more formed. Mine kinda looks like a triangle. – (Odeya) I forgot a few steps. – (FBE) Do you think you failed? – I don’t think I failed,
I think I’ll get a B. – (FBE) You’re done?
– Yeah, I’m good. – Are you done? – (FBE) Shameik, I’m gonna have
to give you a fail on this one. It’s very close,
but it’s not quite a Christmas tree. – I forgot a few steps.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Trees come in different sizes.
– When I got to the end. – (Odeya) I was confused,
I didn’t know what to do. – I think I even could’ve
made it prettier, had I not like been timed. – I do not think I failed?
Question mark. – Oh, you’re supposed to fold in! – As you can see,
mine’s very upscale, like French cuisine.
– It looks, actually, I like actually really like his! – (FBE) This last craft
will take you for a spin. ♪ (smooth sax music) ♪ – (laughs) [bleep].
– Right. – Oh!
– Oh, I’m done, I’m done. – What? – I can’t cut [bleep] for my life. – Okay, okay. – Oh yeah, this one I’m not,
I don’t know. – Oh come on.
– (FBE) That’s what you’ll be making. – Oh geez.
– Sure, I’ll do that, in a second. – Oh Mylanta!
– What is that? – Yeah no, I’m just gonna leave.
– We’re supposed to do that? – Oh my God. – Uh oh.
– Are you serious? (crickets chirping) (both laugh) I mean.
– I don’t think either of us are confident about this one.
– I mean like, I know like kids
in school do this, but this is the stuff
I definitely didn’t do well in school. – (Shameik) Yeah.
– So… – (FBE) Your three minutes
starts now! – I just…
– Snowflake! – Uh-uh, I don’t remember
how to fold things! – This rectangle’s [bleep] me up,
so I’m gonna cut this into a square. Maybe I just [bleep] myself over. – I’m lost, okay, okay.
Mmm, there was another thing they did. – (laughs) This is gonna be ugly. – Oh, this is so bad,
oh this is so bad. This is so bad, I messed it up,
I messed it up, it’s fine. – ♪ It’s a snowflake ♪ – I didn’t realize
we were gonna be doing school projects today. – I’m gonna cut
the ballerina out first, because I believe that’s the…
– Oh, okay. – …like, more tedious process. – I think I cut it too much.
– And take this, hold on. (sighs) Take a deep breath.
It’s okay, it’s alright. – Beautiful! (laughs) – (FBE) Of all the things, is this
the easiest of the tasks so far? – This is definitely the hardest. – (FBE) You got about a minute left. – You sound disappointed
we didn’t get the snowflake. – (FBE) No, I just, you know,
what’s best for you guys. – For the sake of us, right?
– (FBE) Yeah. – What?
I don’t know what I just did. – Okay, what’s my time?
‘Cause I think I’m done, but it sucks. – (FBE) 30 seconds.
– Okay. – (FBE) Of time.
– I’m perfecting that part. – Okay. – Yeah, I don’t think I can
make it any better in 10 seconds. This is fine.
– I think I might be good. – What a wonderful… – (FBE) Five, four, three…
(clock beeps) Two…
– No, no, no! – (FBE) Scissors down.
– I’m so embarassed. – (FBE) Scissors, paper down as well.
Matthew! Let’s see the ballerina.
(Jacob laughs) Okay, and let’s see the snowflake. – At least he has a snowflake.
(Jacob laughs) – Uh.
(bell rings) I don’t know, I got kind of…
– Why is yours like a, it looks like a satellite.
(buzzer rings) – Wow, yours looks great!
(bell rings) (buzzer rings)
I went for more abstract. – This is what happens
when you work hard and you watch things closely
and you really concentrate. – I second that. – (Odeya) At least you
cut the ballerina. – Ultimately, I’ma take this as a dub,
just because look at that. That is cute. – (FBE) Some would say you failed.
– No! – It was a pop quiz
that I wasn’t prepared for. – Yeah.
– Totally. – You know like when you
make the teacher mad, and they like put a test
on you on purpose, that’s sorta what this was. – So can I do something
for extra credit? (Jacob laughs) – Happy holidays guys! – Thanks FBE for having us.
– Boom, boom, boom! – How do you think you’d do
in this challenge? – Let us snow in the comments!
(laughs) Hey-o, got you! – Bye everyone!
– And happy holidays! ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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