Hello everyone, welcome to this new tutorial
by Yobanka Art. This time I want to share with you some different crafts,
very fun! to decorate a corner cheerful, beautiful in acid colors, but with
a very sweet point. I’m going to use a piece from porexpan this one that I am using is a
porexpan professional, but we can also use white porexpan of the one used
to do crafts, and I’m going to use it to make a bee. This in particular goes
to be the body of the bee, I’m going to cut it with a cuter to give it the first form,
and once I have cut out coughs the way the body of the bee, I’m going to polish it and
I’m going to sand, to leave it soft and redondito possible.
Before, I used a grosser cuter and now I’m using a precision cuter to
to be able to give the form that interests me, these cuter go very well, because we can do
very precise cuts and we do not have the danger of cutting our fingers.
I’m rounding it up above all the edges, because as in principle it is a flat piece,
and I want to round it because I’m removing everything the excess, of material so that later the sanding
be simpler I sand it with a sandpaper very fine grain, I try to leave it as fine
possible. if there is any imperfection there nothing happens, because now we are going to cover it.
We are going to put white tail on the tail white we will use wood shavings
or sawdust, here in Spain it’s called sawdust, but there are many countries in Latin America where
It’s called Aserrin. but it is the same, with the sawdust what I’m going to do is simulate
hairs that have bees on the body, and with a round ball of porexpan I’ll
do the head With the precision cuter. I’m going to make him a way to try to give him
a bit of shape to the face, I’ll do what which is a slit in the part of the eyes
and I’m going to round up what would be the tip of the nose and cheekbones, I put a pin
what is the tip of the nose to guide me well in the cut, and that pin I’m going to leave,
I’ll leave it inside the ball, I’ll put a little bit of white tail, and I’ll
to leave to be the nose. Once I have everything trimmed just like
I’ve done it before, I polish it with a sandpaper and when I already have it at the point that I like, with
Acrylic paint I give a layer of color skin over the entire surface.
Now I’m going to start painting it, but before to paint it, I’m going to make some cracks,
I use the back of a brush, to make some slits I imitate a little bit
what would be the form that bees have In the ass
body, I make horizontal stripes and I press strong with your fingers so that they are marked,
and you see a volume … and then I’m going to paint, I’m going to use an acid green and
a slightly soft yellow, and I’m going to make a mix, first I will use the green reduced
with yellow to make one of the stripes .. I mean, I’m going to make stripes and then, some
they go green and others yellow, but the green I put a little yellow and the
yellow I put a little green, and so the two colors are united and remain very
bonitos¡¡¡¡ And now I’m going to start decorating the little head,
I’m going to make it as if it were a hair, that really It’s not a hair, but it feels
that the bee has a very funny face, I do with white tail what I’ve done
before in the body, I put white tail and I cover it with sawdust, I just do it
a tip, which will stop more or less, to the height of the nose and the middle of the forehead,
once all that I have covered is dry with sawdust I paint it with green, with
the same color that I have painted the body. And now I’m going to make the wings, and I’m going to
use a few pieces of aluminum and a half, with aluminum I will make two measurements, 2
smaller and 2 a little bigger, and at the tip of the aluminum I make a shape
so that when I put the average, I do not move down and out. once I have the
brands made, I take the average, an average of what we use to make us beautiful …
and I put the aluminum inside, I make a closure at the bottom and with a piece of thread,
I give it like more or less … I always calculate about 20 laps, I do 10 or 15 for one side
and the rest … more or less, there’s no need tell it … but if we do an 18 or 20 laps …
and when we cut the thread, we pull the strong , that is a way of leaving the average
the fixed aluminum without undoing without having I knot everything, I paint everything with green,
I used a spray paint that I bought, that I loved, because it’s a painting
acrylic is a spray paint but at water, and it’s a painting that’s very good because
if we do not have room to paint in the part We can do it outside the house.
And now I’m going to do what the boots are, .. some booties, and I use a piece of porcelain
Yobi, I make the boot shape and I’m going to put a piece of aluminum in the center, stuck
with white tail. And now it’s the turn of the little hands, who
I will do it in a very simple way, with a piece of Yobi porcelain, I pretend
out a triangle, with your fingers I take it all the edges, so that it is redondito,
and once I have it rounded with scissors I make three cuts, and then with the tip
I give it a shape so that they do not show both the cuts, and in the center as
I have done before with the boots I put a piece aluminum with white glue, and so I do the
two little hands And now with 2 pieces of aluminum I do what
which are the antennas, and once I have, the antennas, hands and boots made, what
I paint everything with the spray paint that I have using to also paint the wings.
Once I have it like that, I’m going to draw the eyes With a permanent marker I do
simple eyes, trying to make them a little bit big, and that they adapt to the shape
I’ve done before when cutting with the cuter. Once I have all the pieces made, I go
to start riding the little bee, I take one part, a thin slice, at the head, to
can stick it on the body. The first What I do is paste the body, I’m going to start
to put all the pieces in place, first What I do is use the silicone gun
hot so that the work is more easy. By putting the wings I will make a small
hole, with the tip of a burin, to be able introduce the metal in the hole and that
Be more fixed, once I have the hole done I put a little hot silicone
and I put the wings in place, I’m going to put also the little hands and the boots. Finally I hit the antennas, and I’m going to give
a little volume to the face, using blusher or makeup powder, with a brush
that it’s very clean, I’m going to give it first with a little bit darker in everything that is
the outline under the hair and what it is the …. under the chin and then with
a pink blusher I’m going to put a little of blush to make this bee more beautiful.
I use a bit of mouse tail, which I happen to have a mouse tail
of the same color, and I’ve been very happy when I’ve found it because it’s … we’re going
nor that I would have done it at once, I have it saved for a lot of time and
I have come great, I do a little and I honor the front, to give it
a final touch, and the only thing that remains for me to do is give a little white dot in the eyes,
and this bee is already finished, the truth is that is super nice to me I love the
result, it’s very funny, and now I’m going to put a stick, a stick in the part
from below to be able to place it in a pot and that the feeling that he’s flying
about the flowers and it’s super-fun. Let’s move on to the next craft, come on
to recycle a glass jar, I love it recycle jars and glass bottles, all
you follow me you know, that I love do it and the truth is that whenever I have
the opportunity I make one. And this the truth is that it hits the set that
I’m doing, in a very simple way, simply putting white glue on the
crystal, and using Yobi porcelain, I go to make some churros that I’m going to paste on
the crystal, and once I have them placed with the point of a burin … a burin that has
the round tip, that these burins that I I use are those that are used to make
decorations on the nails, and have little balls very small and they are great to do
These little details. I’m hitting all the Yobi porcelain pieces and decorating them
on the glass jar. Once I have it dry, I have left it 24 hours
on the outside, it has given … it is hot, and it has given a little sun and dried
very fast, and once I have it dry I use silver spray paint and the same tail
of mouse that I used before to do the tie of the bee, I use it to decorate
the top of the jar, and so I It’s going to be a super nice set.
And the bottle is beautiful, and now I’m going to do the 3rd manual, some flowers for
decorate the inside of the jar, I’m going to use crepe paper, or crepe paper.
I have a tutorial on my channel where I explain what types of paper are there to make these flowers,
because not everyone works the same and the truth is that to make the flowers and get this
volume that have the petals we need a quality crepe paper. I’m going to use
three colors a light pink, a pink more dark and a green to decorate the part of
down the flower buds I’m doing. I’m just going to ride it
a piece of green aluminum, it’s a aluminum that is plasticized, which I think
it is used to make things in the gardens, and to make the flowers is wonderful
since we have the green color incorporated. I have made 5 light pink petals and
5 petals of pink color darker. The first What I do is join one petal to the other, for 1
from the sides, and once I have the petals together, I’m just going to stick it on the
top of the aluminum, where I made a little bit wider than 2 or 3 millimeters
so that the flower is a bit open, because if we did not do this, and we hit it directly
on the aluminum without doing this form, we would be too closed the flower, then
I do it is small form to make it more open and how is the green part
that looks above looks pretty. I use a piece of green crepe paper,
I make a circle and I make some cuts as you are watching … to decorate the part
below the flower and pretend that they are small leaves.
I’m going to make small groups of 3 flowers, and I’m going to decorate them or I’m going to add a piece
of aluminum with which I make a spiral shape, and I’m going to gather the three flowers, with the shape
of spiral with a piece of thread. I do like I’ve done 15 or 20 corresponding laps before,
but this time as I’m going to manipulate this pretty much, i’m going to put and remove the
flowers … so that the thread does not fall apart, I fix it with a hot silicone tip.
And as you can see, I have made 5 groups of 3 flowers, and for my jar … my glass jar is
enough to fill it, you can do so many as you want and in the colors that more you
like, the truth is that I love this combination of this acid green with this
pink, and now to add to my set I’m going to make this planter, I’m going to make a planter
decorated, but I wanted him to do set with everything I’m doing, and I’m going to use
a technique that I have already used in other of my crafts, which I love doing,
which is to use Goma Eva to give volume on a surface in a simple way
and very fast. I’m going to draw some flowers without pattern, I just make some flowers, some
a little bigger, some a little smaller, on a piece of Goma Eva, Fomi or Foami,
I cut them out, and once I have them cut out I’m going to stick them on the pot. Before gluing them with the tip of a chisel
I make some brands to get a little more wealth in the volume and having
a little more texture I use white glue to stick on the pot, this is a pot
that I had at home and decided to recycle, I washed it with soap and water, I left it
let it dry and once I have it ready, I put white glue on it and I’m sticking flowers
a little … I see, in my own … I’m going to use acrylic paint to paint it,
a quality acrylic paint, because it goes to make it last longer and I’ll go
to give 2 layers on the entire surface, both in the mud like on top of the flowers.
And once I have given the 2 layers and I have it dry, with a silver acrylic paint
I give some points of brightness and light on the flowers, and also on top of
the pot, not in a very intense way with the brush not too loaded to mark
a little the relief and the surface, but not to paint it at all, if not so that
I still see the pink and I use some bright of these decorative, which are adhesives,
to put in the center of the flower, and with this is already finished the 4th manuality … I
I’m going to put a plant in this pot, I use a stones to put in the part
from below so that the roots do not rot and the flowers hold me the maximum time
possible, it’s a very good trick to do that the flowers endure a few months.
And with this I have finished this beautiful craft , let’s start doing the 5th and last manual
, what is this beautiful lamp to set with everything I’ve been doing, it’s a
flower, a flower that is open and that is ciada, which is super pretty! and let’s go
to make a luxury lamp with some materials very simple very economices and one way,
the truth … easy enough. I’m going to use the same aluminum that I used before,
which is an aluminum that is plasticized, I’m going to take a long more or less than 60
cm. and I’m going to make 8 pieces of 60 centimeters, one next to the other.
Once I have the 8 pieces of the same length, side by side, I use bodybuilder’s tape
or painter’s tape, to hold it and not move me, because this aluminum is pretty
… it has to be an aluminum that has a body, that is rigid, because this is what we are going
to use as the base of the lamp, and if it is a very thin aluminum, it would not hold the weight
of what we are going to put to make the lamp , then it has to be an aluminum that is
not too fat but stiff enough to hold the form. Once I have this
made form, on the bottom I made it a part as if it were a leg, this leg
is what is going to be what is the basis of the lamp, I’m going to put it on a piece
of wood glued with white glue and I will use some double-pointed nails to be able to fix it.
The first thing I do is fix the woods, I have cut 3 woods … one a little more
small than another, that is a difference from 2 centimeters from one to the next,
so that it is a slightly pyramidal shape. I use white glue first, I put enough
amount of white glue, both in the base of the aluminum that I made as in the wood,
and once I have the white tail on, I’m going to use these nails, which are nails
that have … two points, … are perfect to do this job and I put 2 nails
well hammered … I mean, I’ve hit strength to keep me fixed, those nails
but the white tail is going to make this not move. And now I’m going to make a mix …
I have a mixture made of white glue and water 50% and I give to take toilet paper, and I go
to wet it, introduce it into the mixture of white glue and water, so that it fits
soaked and in this way I will make a super-fast paper pulp, to cover
all the bottom part. Once I have a very dry base, I use paint
spray to paint and I’ll also paint the wire. The cable that I will use to
mount the lamp I paint it the same color, really now I’m going to give you a few touches with
acrylic paint, but as it has so many nooks and I wanted to cover the paper very well,
I have used spray paint to make I work a little faster, and I’m mixing
both the acid green that I used before with the bee as the yellow to go getting
a little texture Once I have it painted, I’m going to start
make the petals of the flower, which is going to be the screen of the lamp and I will use
Crepe paper or crepe paper, I will use a piece of pink about 15 centimeters …..
square, and I cross-line it, Once I have it, I cut it short. When the
short .. if this is the position of the paper, to one of the sides I have to turn around, l
so that the shape of the contours comes out of the petal, I use a little white glue
to glue the edges of the paper. With very little white tail and trying to stain it
less possible and make the paper crossing .. I mean what is superimposed .. one on another,
be it … “the minimum expression” maybe half a centimeter, no more. Once it is dry,
with a pencil … drawing the shape, so that You see it, but you do not need to draw it, I
I do it so you can see clearly, how it has that to be the cut, it has to be equal above
that down, it does not matter let’s make a special petal shape, simply
we make a tear shape, and once we have this cut, I open the paper,
a little bit inside a little bit outside, to try to take slings on the outside
of the petals, I made 5 large petals … and I’m going to use a taper, which we use
to save the food … we have to try that is a plastic that is not rigid, because
If it’s a rigid plastic, when we put the scissors to cut is going to crack
everything, and so that does not happen it has to be a soft plastic, I’m going to make a cut
… why am I doing this cut? because when I put the bulb inside I realized
that the straight outline that it has on the edge, makes a line on the shape of the petals,
and completely blurs … the charm that they have the petals hanging, then for
I do not see that line, I make this cut which is a bit like that … wavy, going up
and going down, so that when you project the light the bulb does not make me a straight line and I
spoil the shape of the flowers, once I have cut a hole in the center
where I’m going to pass the cable, and also I have cut 5 petals a little smaller.
When I already have the cable also dry, that I have painted it, I insert the cable through
top of the taper, and I will use a cap, a super simple cap
of riding, the truth is that it has no secret, we just have to open it
and the cable is ready, it has two ends, one green and one black …., and we have to
put the cable inside each of the holes what … normally in the back
of the cap box, are the instructions, and we bought it in a hardware store,
the man or woman who takes care of us in the hardware store will surely explain it to us
without any problem. Before we finish assembling the lamp we check
that the light bulb works that we have mounted well the cable, because if you can not take the
if we have mounted the whole lamp … and it turns out that one of the cables is badly connected
and we have to disassemble again … and then it would be a problem, we check that it works
and once we have it already assured, what we are going to do is paste the cap by the
inner part of the taper, we paste it with hot silicone .. and all the cable, we’re going
to join the way we have done with aluminum on the inside and we’re going to unite it with
painter’s tape or bodybuilder’s tape, simply I’m going to put a few fixation points,
that then I will disguise so that they do not see each other, with a little acrylic paint of the
same colors that I used before, to that is as integrated as possible.
Once I have painted all the pieces that I’ve put on tape and it’s dry, I’m going to start
to stick the petals on the taper, first I paste the 5 big petals, I have calculated
that for the taper size that I have … It took 5 petals, if we use something
bigger or smaller, we’re going to have to make the petals to the measure of the pileup that
we are using. I stick the 5 big petals first … and
then the 5 little ones I’m going to stick the part superior, on the large and interspersed
in the middle of every two large petals .. I paste one smaller And once I have them all
glued, at the bottom I fixed them in the bottom part with a silicone tip
hot to do a little … well, that … that the flower shape is closed.
And with this already this lamp is finished … the truth is that I love it, I mean when
I’ve finished it and I’ve seen it … is that I like a lot
and I wanted to add a little detail, I have a butterfly shaped cutter …
that these little butterflies are cute, I have cut a few and I will use them
to finish giving it a little bit more … no is … more botanical … to my lamp, and
I’m going to paste some, not too many, because And the flower itself is too big and I do not want
suture it, but if I wanted to put a detail, with the butterflies.
And with this are already finished are 5 originals and beautiful ideas.
It makes me happy to share my ideas with you and that you draw your inspiration …
and do your works, and with it you can decorate any corner, you can do
a gift decorate a children’s room … give it your colors …
Anyway, I leave the idea, I hope that you be an inspiration in your work,
and I can only tell you one thing … a little kiss very strong and until the next tutorial

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