5 Kids FASHION/SCHOOL Supply DIY | Children’s Day | #Accessories #MyMissAnand #Anaysa #DIYQueen

5 Kids FASHION/SCHOOL Supply DIY | Children’s Day | #Accessories #MyMissAnand #Anaysa #DIYQueen

didn’t you got ready?? we’re getting late for School I don’t wanna go of oh.. We kids only have a special day to have fun now let’s go .. Everyone will have new stuffs in the school party so let’s get started with this Bunny Bag for which we need these stuffs keep both fabric & lining together and then make a rectangular cut and stitch now let’s decorate its sides with the lace stitch ribbon here to for to insert the thread (dori) keep the other part over it & make it stitch too now fold its upper part like this and stitch so that we can insert dori in it now let’s make Bunny ears keep Fabric & Astar together like this and stitch now stitch the lace over the fabric like this mould the wire in an ear shape and insert in it like this likewise make another one now make cuts and stitch the ears over here fix a pom pom to make a nose now just insert the dori like this and our Bunny Bag is ready here how cute looking is this now let’s make this cute hair band for which we need give wire a round shape using bottle like this likewise make one more now paste these on your old hair band like this Now tightly cover the hair band with Ribbon now cut the foam sheet as the ear’s dimension and then paste pompom now let’s make this mid part attach a colourful wire like this and put colourful beads like this now let’s convert our boring shoes into colourful one fill colours int this white Ribbon using a foam piece after getting dry we’ll give it Bow shape likewise make two Bows now fix both of these together now stitch velcro on either side of the ribbon now let’s make its lace just take any of your favourite colour ribbon now let’s attach the bows on the lace cut the paper in these shapes make fold like this and paste

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  1. Hello diy queen i love your all videos and my miss Anand videos also from today onwards ,😝😜😋 and Shruti Arjun Anand also

  2. Can you do a video of how to modify a pen and pencil at home please please please please
    Friend if you also want like and commont

  3. Stop asking likes what you will get by likes they provide comment section to tell that what we need after in video or to ask anything about video but you all are asking
    Likes stop

  4. abhi School supply Itna Bata hi Diya Hai To ab Kuchh khelne ke liye game bata do jaise ki dollhouse Kaise bana sakte hain

  5. Hii diiii…..nice school diy's……..diii koi aisa hairband holder batao jisse hang krne ki need na pade…..plzzz….

  6. Please can you make a video on a hack which name is arpan versus my miss Anand food switch up challenge and please can you take any small child and can name her Arpan Deep Kaur

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