5 GOLDEN Rules Of MINIMAL Graphic Design *Pro-Tips*

5 GOLDEN Rules Of MINIMAL Graphic Design *Pro-Tips*

do you want to unlock the secrets and
the golden rules for quality minimal design follow along and learn the
techniques that you must use to end up with quality minimalistic graphic
designs now one of the things that many designers forget about or even ditch
when working with minimal projects is imagery content now when people think of
minimal design they often think of wide-open spaces which in part is pretty
true but the use of imagery in a well-thought-out manner is highly
effective now of course not every minimal design
is going to use imagery but it is a great choice that can act as a focal
point or a balance either symmetrically or asymmetrically so as you can see on
the screen now the model in the middle is a focal point for the typography
neatly to the bottom left of her create some kind of balance as does the content
to the far left now coupled with open space this is an awesome minimalist
landing page design when picking imagery for your designs look for photos but
also that feels simple and easygoing experiment with the imagery actually
being in the background or maybe with a low opacity or even a blend mode font selection is vastly important but
even more so for minimal design that’s because on minimal design
there’s not many design elements competing for attention so a minimal
design it needs to feature clean and readable typography to be most effective
the trick here is to develop a font palates with one or two font families
and then create some hierarchy between them essentially contrasting and font
pairing because there is so little in the way of design elements don’t be
afraid to play with the main attention-grabbing text editing it and
seeing what creative twists you can apply all the while making sure it’s
still legible in minimal design the typography can be used as the focal
point if done correctly and remember typography is a key element in minimal
graphic design and it should be treated with the utmost care more so than usual your choice of colors in a minimal
design should be as simple as a typography selection black on white can
be your base colors yeah and you’re gonna argue black or white it’s not
color but you know what I mean but black and white doesn’t have to be the only
colors that you choose for your scheme some designers do fall into that trap
also try to pick one color to draw the design forward that matches the message
and also the theme of the design you can also consider maybe using colors to act
as a focal point in some way as you can see here with the red circle the driving
color of your choice can be bright or light and it can serve as anything from
a background texture to even an accent think about the key message of the
design as what is the overall feeling in the mood the color choice is going to
reflect the message and the mood and it also should compliment a typeface style
too now quick tip for using color on a minimal design is to use high contrast
so use colors that are obviously very different and Stark when set against
each other as you can see on screen now cleaning out the closet of your minimal
graph the design is really important after all it is a minimal design so it
basically needs the bare essentials and also it needs to be practical as well as
visually appealing think about each element individually does it serve a
purpose that’s going to create a better journey for the user or is it just pure
decoration if the answer is pure decoration then
you might want to rethink whether or not the element should be part of your
design minimal design is refined down to the key essentials and it uses those
essentials as the artistic attention grabbers now finally one key Golden Rule for
minimal design is balance for every bold or heavy element on your design look for
a way to balance it with shape space or light elements to establish harmony in
the overall design so notice on this design how the image in the center rides
then has some text off to the left creating a degree of balance also in the
upper right corner the logo is in case in a square which is a repetition of the
geometric shape below which again supplies a discrete form of balance then
on the second design you can see the Sun peeking over the here on the top left of
the poster which is one of the focal points however to balance this out the
text content has been placed in the bottom rights very neatly indeed but yet
furthermore the top half the design is lights and the bottom half is quite dark
so all in all this is a very well balanced minimal graphic design many
minimal graphic design projects can be text-heavy
leaving to some really dominating elements and spaces establishing a
counterbalance to that weight is important to keep the design from
feeling lopsided boy overwhelming now it’s time to test your knowledge on
minimal graphic design and try to answer the 6 questions that are coming up right
now let me know down below what score you get and I catch you at the ends so there are five golden rules what tips
to follow along with when thinking about mineral graphic design of course these
tips are more geared towards website design UI design brochure poster and
just layout design in general I’m not specifically loaded design if you want
to see a video on logo design minimal tips I’ve linked at the end of this
video and also of course subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design
content just like today’s video also let me know what you thought today’s video
down in the comment section below and of course until next time design your
future today peace

100 thoughts on “5 GOLDEN Rules Of MINIMAL Graphic Design *Pro-Tips*

  1. Actually quite everything said in this video is applied to design in general, not just minimalism. (But these keys things are still nicely explained, so thanks for that)

  2. I've always seen minimal design as borderline abstract. I've tried countless times giving options like these to clients I've handled, and not more than twice did they choose this option. With all the information they require to convey, it just wasn't feasible to do the design minimally. As an art director, I was taught and I learned to think of design to be like water, able to adapt to anything. So this minimal design, though it is great, I think is really a niche.

  3. I'm a fan of minimalism but disliked most of the designs presented in this video. I think out of all styles minimalism can only be learned by practice, and is not achieved by rules or any set of principles. We can distill the goal of minimalism into principles, but on their own, these principles cannot be used to generate good minimal design. For example, you say "use high contrast" but that design would also work with low contrast. So what's the point of arbitrary tips? I appreciate the effort and production quality of the video, but the content feels forced.

  4. Thank you very much, your channel is amazing. I train every single day to become a better designer. Love from France

  5. I found it both enjoyable and useful!

    keep up the great work!

    your videos will truly come in handy to me sooner or later.


  6. counter tip #1: 0:00:15 – work precise. shapes do not match how they should at the left rounding. if there is less, less needs to be perfect.

  7. Thanks for this video 🙂 It was inspiring regarding colours, as I was struggling developing a new design guide for my organization and you pointed me in the right direction. Thanks! 🙂

  8. Good video, but the test at the end is a good example for how not to do minimal design:
    The text (question & answers) are way to close to the edges of the video format and the pagination as well as the time etc. You need to add some margins/ white space around the content to optically differentiate it from the „info frame“.
    Also the contrast of the purple elements is way too much compared to the light-grey text.
    Now everything but the actual text is in focus, which makes it kinda busy and „unbalanced“.
    With the ticking time in the big purple circle, you steal all the focus from the text itself, since it’s a dynamic element with a big filled space (circle) in the most dominant color.

  9. Great video, great content and almost perfect style. Maybe it was done to illustrate the idea of minimal, but you needed to read out the individual tip titles and they came up, and maybe the questions as well. I just found myself having to rewind, because topics ran together if you had to turn your head for even a couple seconds. but otherwise very cool

  10. Thanks for the concise and informative video. A great reminder of the elements of minimal design. You have a clear and very helpful presentation style as well, which added to this video’s effectiveness.

  11. The petrichor at #5, i think it is fairly pretty as an overall image. but i have no clue whats going on, i think designwise it is confusing and hierarchies have not been built too well✌

  12. Fantastic tips, thank you for sharing. A strong and great advice to designers, and the reason why minimal design is the preferred method for those who truly understand design, is to understand the content, to have robust categorization skills to create superb taxonomy of the content and provide the better hierarchy of elements.

  13. Fronting is a big issue for me especially the main body font style and size, which fonts will you recommend?

  14. i'm glad to have found this great tutorial because it will help me a lot for my next school projects.
    btw i take pictures about the street textures of everyday life instagram.com/affraidbae 📸

  15. I think people get too caught up with ‘rules’, rather, creativity is about an understanding of base technique combined with a world of influence (books, magazines, museum, travel etc) and instinct and intuition.

  16. wow, another well crafted video, thanks! If it was possible I would love to see deep analysis of some work. I think it would benefit many of us to understand how designers think and why they made certain decisions in particular designs. Cheers!

  17. Those examples at the beginning are horrible. It looks good as a visual design perspective, but the buttons and text are just pointing at every direction without a clear flow of how the website functions.

  18. All the designs in this video are just dribbble circle jerk magazine covers wannabes. This is not a functional website. The UK government's government is a truly minimalist AND beautiful UX website.

  19. i got it all right 6 on 6 what i liked it most the question part this help us to remember the tips test our focus level great job bro well done

  20. can someone tell me how to achieve the look from the piece at 1:54, to have the image show through the coloured background if that makes sense? thanks

  21. I believe that what we learned in the university, it's important, it really helps us, but in the moment, that moment that just blow away in a couple months, so then we get a hit of another knowledge, that really we start to fall in love with, so what we learned in those couple months back, suddenly is not that important when we get this fresh, dynamic and exquisite knowledge. So, in this video we could see all those moments in the past, we just clasp all of this, with love and passion, that's how i feel it, a continuous flow of love and passion.

  22. For graphic design, I think that legibility is the most important thing, and the general public will not care about your design ideas.

  23. graphic design afficionados: *watching vids like these religiously and thinking working in the industry must be the epitome of stylishness
    actual graphic designers: *still fantasizing of a world where we can apply these pretty-sounding principles that are rarely even used outside of big branding projects

    i like watching these videos because they show graphic design at its most romantic: theory, where you have creative freedom and no client shoving their tackiness into the work

  24. I have to type in a code, or log-in, or access via key strokes. So I have a San Serif with capital "I" (eye) lower case "l" (eye), capital (ell) "I" and lower case (ell) "I", and number one "I". Then I have a capital "O" (oh) a lover case "O" (oh) and a zero "O". Here is where San Serif breaks the understanding of proper communication within the English Language. Helvetica is not a universal font. It confuses people.

  25. 4:12 – 4:45

    Thank you. This answers a lot over what has been going wrong with my layouts for class (thinking of ways to make more decorative as opposed to making it more organized and only including elements that are needed to be solid).

  26. Great video, but personally I get bored of these too perfect layouts. Apple has had to much influence the last decades,
    in my view. White all over the place…boring.

  27. Love the video! The quiz at the end was cool (and question 03 helped demonstrate the "importantce" of typography for hiding typos 😜).

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