5 Epoxy Resin Christmas Holiday Projects | Name Card Holders | Coasters | Jar Candle | Tray | Lights

5 Epoxy Resin Christmas Holiday Projects | Name Card Holders | Coasters | Jar Candle | Tray | Lights

To be honest, Christmas crackers are where I get most of my material XD OK grab your balls and get ready because this first project looks amazing πŸ˜€ Fill a 40mm ball ornament with dry sand to give it some weight I always thought Christmas balls were a place elves went to dance :/ Replace the cap but you can discard the hanging loop 40mm silicone cube mould off eBay For all the projects in this video I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight How did the ornament get addicted to Christmas? He was hooked on trees his whole life XD Fill the mould to the top with resin, taking care to avoid any trapped air What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsilitis XD Santa doesn’t have to worry about that… he has private elf care :/ Cover the hole with tape to stop the sand coming out when you demould it These wire note holders are available from online sellers Cover the cap in UV resin to seal the hole and secure the note holder in place What do you get if you put Christmas bells on a skunk? Jingle smells XD Finished! Assorted artificial berry picks If your craft store doesn’t sell these it will be a fruitless trip :/ Form some berries into a circular shape to fit the jar Add a couple of small pine cones if you wish Why don’t pine trees eat salad? Because they’re coniferous XD Add just enough resin for the first pour until you see the berries start to float When the first pour has gelled you can top up with a second pour to completely cover everything Melt down some candle wax over a pan of simmering water How do you make a candle really happy? Blow it out, it’ll be de-lighted XD A metal cookie cutter will stand the wax off the bottom of the pan Simmer gently until the wax is fully melted Place a votive candle in the jar, and fill around it with the molten wax I only handle the hot wax using special heat-resistant gloves The wax will shrink as it cools leaving some voids in the top, which you can top up with a second pour if you wish Finished! This next project will work with any tray that is at least 10mm deep A coat of white paint will also seal the wood and any gaps in the corners Use Mod Podge or similar adhesive that dries clear to apply a couple of layers of glitter Be careful not to spill your glitter… sweeping it up is pretty rubbish XD Don’t forget to cover the inside edges The second layer will have some chunkier silver flakes in it Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing The resin shall be poured in layers to prevent the embedded objects from floating to the surface The first pour is 50g, onto which we can add our dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and pepperberries If you ever dream about swimming in orange juice, it’s probably just a Fanta sea XD If your orange slices are slightly too thick you can sand them thinner, which smells delightful πŸ˜€ I can’t believe advent calendars are still so popular… I thought their days were numbered XD Did you hear about the time when Santa went speed dating? Apparently he pulled a cracker XD When the first resin pour has gelled, you can pour the second and everything should remain in place A final surface layer to complete the tray As long as the resin layer is at least 2mm deep it will self-level A quick blast with a lighter flame will pop any surface bubbles Finished! To make my Christmas coasters, add some pearl white mica powder to about 25g of epoxy art resin to begin This piece will require 4 x 25g pours in total, so 100g of resin for each coaster This silicone mould comes in a tray of 3 from Amazon, but I cut them up into singles I have cut this swirl shape from a piece of acetate Cover the shape with Mod Podge or similar adhesive that dries clear You could always cut the shape from a sheet of glitter vinyl if you prefer, I’m full of useful tips…. like ‘never catch a snowflake on your tongue if there are birds flying overhead’ XD Completely cover the shape in glitter and allow to dry Why are Christmas trees no good at knitting? Because they always drop their needles XD Place the glitter shape onto the first layer of resin and cover with another 25g layer, then allow that to gel Get them bubbles! Colour variation πŸ˜€ Now you must wait for the cat to knock an ornament from the Christmas tree and break it Or just smash one yourself and blame the cat anyway XD I have added another 25g layer of resin into the mould and placed some of the larger glass pieces on top Scatter the remaining fragments, ensuring some of them land silver side up Some fragments will sink and some will float, creating a 3D effect When that layer has gelled you can finish the piece with a final top layer of 25g Kill the bubbles! Finished! Can’t do a Craftmas video without some lights! Carefully remove the lights from the plastic bulb section Support the bulbs upright in plastic cups or similar Add a tiny wisp of pearl mica powder to 60g of epoxy resin I had an ice joke to insert here, but it slipped my mind :/ Use a pipette to fill the bottom of each bulb with resin If you try to pour it, the static charge in the plastic bulb will attract the resin to the sides as you do (and look a mess!) There is a reason why I know this :/ What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite! XD To create the ice effect, mix another 30g of resin and tint it using light blue pigment, such as DecorRom forget-me-not Apply a thin layer of blue resin over the clear What do you call a snowman who takes a holiday to the tropics? A puddle XD Allow the resin to fully cure before continuing These snowmen were from my local Hobbycraft store Fix a snowman into each bulb using double-sided adhesive pads What’s the difference between a snowman and a snow woman? Snowballs πŸ˜‰ Put the lights back into the bulb, wrapping them carefully around the snowman Decorate with an icy pattern using Mod Podge adhesive and white glitter What’s a snowman’s favourite food? Icebergers with chilly sauce XD Thank goodness that’s the end of the jokes πŸ˜€ Finished! Thanks for watching, have a great Craftmas! [Alexa] It’s five past midnight [Alexa] This is going to end badly

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  1. This video is closed captioned. Please turn on your subtitles to view tutorial text. And maybe some bad jokes πŸ€”β™ 

  2. Absolutely fabulous, loved the snowmen, and at the end of a hard day really appreciated the jokes too – thank you so much xx

  3. Christmas is early! Apart from the inspiration I now have a sack of really good bad jokes to hand out to unsuspecting friends 😁

  4. Hahaha. Loved the jokes. I can't pick a favorite in this video but the lights at the end were cute. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas. I hope you have a Merry Christmas RA.

  5. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Gee, I didn't realize how funny you are lol. I don't get the pine tree one lol. jk. Ok, seriously now…can you pour resin over the snowmen? Can you pour resin over styrofoam figures? Oh, I got me some gold playing cards and my pyramid came out awesome. Thank you so so much. You're an amazing teacher. I just wish you would use your voice in the videos. Me old and have to do a lot of stopping and rewinding to read. But it's ok. Me thankful for what we can get. Right? What's invisible and smells like peppermint? An elf fart! lol. toodles n hugs, debs from Texas

  6. The broken ornament coasters look amazing, Going to have to see if I can get the money together for some good resin. I have 2 different resins, one for flooring that has yellowed over the years and a newer one that when it dries it produces cracks. And millions of tiny bubbles that don't float to the surface so they won't pop. But I definitely want to make some coasters now!

  7. Ahhh my week isn't the same without your dad/cracker jokes – glad to see the snowman/snowwoman joke there, I have to tell that one at least once per person, per Christmas. πŸ˜‚ I feel bad for the people overseas who don't know the joy of terrible puns, paper crowns and mood fish at Christmas! Beautiful work, as always. I have heard about the deliciousness of sanding down dried orange… I'd be tempted to try it just for that. Thank you so much for sharing! πŸ’œπŸŽ„πŸŽ…

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    Where are you from, ResinAce? Are you related to jedrek29t? πŸ’—β€οΈ

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  19. I think I took on too big a project for a beginner, and I've totally discouraged myself from further attempts – 5 ornaments and one coaster; resin leaking and spilling over everywhere! You make it look so easy, Ace! I think I'll stick to watching you work your magic from now on. πŸ˜‚ Happy Christmas to you, and thanks for the wonderful video πŸ™‚

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    Edit: I also like the last one.

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  24. We want more , we want more christmas ideas , i love it and your jokes too, maybe next time you make a snow globe with led lights and resin ? Amazing ideas keep going

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  30. when you said to wait for the cat to break an ornament my cat who previously broke an ornament walked into my room

  31. Could you use the acetate as a stencil for the glitter and reuse it, instead of putting it in the coaster?
    Also, those coasters have a trippy 3D effect going on with the dual ornament layers.

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