5 easy gift boxes | Origami Gift Boxes | DIY

5 easy gift boxes | Origami Gift Boxes | DIY

Hello guys welcome to edictra and in this
video I am going to show you 5 simple DIY gift boxes that will add a personal touch
to your gifts. So without wasting anytime lets get started. so the first one is what I call the Pyramid
box. Take a piece a paper. I am taking a normal chart paper you can take
any paper you want but it should be thick enough. Now draw a square of 8 by 8 cm. Now draw the centre lines of the square. Now from the mid point of the base mark 9
cm and join that point with the endpoint of the base. do it on all four side. Now take a cd and draw arc using it joing
the 9 cm mark and the endpoint of the base. Do it for all the points. Now cut it cleanly. Now fold it along the sides of the square
and also along the sides of the triangle. After it is done punch in holes at the peak
of all 4 triangles. Now to close the box take a ribbon and pass
it trhough the holes as i do. Tie a knot and our pyramid gift box is ready. Lets move on to the next one.This one will
be handy if your gift is flat like chocolates or letters etc. So for this one take a piece a paper and fold
it midway and again fold it midway. Now draw a circle using a disc and cut it
out cleanly. You will get 4 circles. Now fold all the circles in half and arrange
it as I do. Now stick the circles on top of one another
by applysing some glue on the back side. Our wrap is ready just place in your card
inside and close it as you close a carton and tie a ribbon around it. This one is like a milk box and it looks nice. Take a piece of paper of dimension 21 by 14
cm. Now on the side which is 21 cm. Draw lines at 5cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm. Now turn the paper and on the 14cm side draw
lines at 5cm, 10cm and 13cm. Now you have to fold the paper along all the
lines. I thought of using the blunt edge of a cutter
which turned out to be a bad idea because I tore the paper and had to do it all over
again. After folding all the lines keep the paper
in such a way that the longer section of the 14cm side is facing you. Now cut the part which I have marked with
pencil and also add a cut along the remaining longer lines. Now you have to fold as I do and you will
get a box like structure. Apply glue wherever required and stick the
sides. Now fold the top part along the side faces
and you get a milk box shape. to close the top part you can use clips or
you can even use a ribbon. Just punch in a hole, pass the ribbon and
tie a knot. This one is very easy and a lot quicker to
make. Draw a circle with the help of disc and get
the approximate perpendicular diameters, the diameter of a standard disc is 12cm. Now place the disc in the first quadrant and
draw another circle. Draw the centre lines for the other circle
aswell. Now draw arc with the help of a disc just
as we did it in the pyramid box. Cut it along the outer border. Now we have to fold it along the arc which
we drew. So to make the folding part easier you can
roll a ball point pen all over and then fold it as I do. Close the box with the help of a ribbon and
our box is ready!Another easy one. Take a rhombus of 15 cm. Fold it in half. Fold the top part such that the peak should
touch the base line. Do it with all the vertices. Now fold it leaving a space of approx 1.5cm
from the line you just got. Fold all the three. And then just stick it as I do. Our gift is ready to be gifted. So that it for this video guys smash that
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14 thoughts on “5 easy gift boxes | Origami Gift Boxes | DIY

  1. i just made a pyramid box – it was so easy and it's so cute! i did it with a patterned scrapbook paper and it looks so cool. thank you for making this video 🙂

  2. you just earned a new subscriber i made the 2nd one and i pack handkerchief with names printed on it to give it as eidi to my brothers 🙂

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