5 EASY DIY Desk Decor & Organization Ideas | ANN LE

5 EASY DIY Desk Decor & Organization Ideas | ANN LE

(cheerful music) – Hey everyone! How’s it going? It’s me, Ann. So this month is dedicated
to back to school, and I will be doing home room decor DIYs, so today’s video I want to
focus around the workspace area, the little home office or maybe a little workspace
in your dormitory. I’m going to show you
some DIYs that you can do with things that are in your
home or that is easy to find, and also functional. So let’s go ahead and get started. This first DIY I’m going to
create a hanging pinning board, and what I love about this
is that you can use cardboard for this DIY. So you will need a nice,
thick piece of cardboard. What I did is that I took something that is circular in my home, I traced it on my cardboard, and then I cut it out with a box cutter. So I don’t know if you guys are familiar with this piece of fabric, but
I used this in another DIY. I love to recycle and repurpose things, so I will be using this again, and I’m going to cover my
pinning board with this. All you’re going to need to
do is lay the fabric down with the wrong side facing up. So I’m now going to take
out my Sharpie marker and I’m going to trace a cutting line around the edges of my cardboard. So it’s going to be
about one and a half inch from the edge of my cardboard. And then after I cut that out, I’m going to take some hot glue and glue the edges to
the piece of cardboard. It’s really simple to do. After you finish gluing
all the edges around, then you’re going to take out a string, and on each end of the
string, you want to either pin it to the back of
your board or glue it on. Since I’m not going to
hang anything super heavy onto this board, I’m going
to add a whole bunch of glue to secure the ends in place. Let the glue dry completely, and then you should have a
really cool pinning board to hang up in your workspace. One thing I really, really
love to have on my work station is to have some real plants. I feel like real plants
bring in a good vibe in your work environment, and
it just livens up your mood, and at the same time, I feel
like it’s good Feng Shui. So what we’re going to do
is reuse some old tin cans, some old tea tin cans. I love drinking tea, so I have a whole bunch of tin cans left over and they’re so cute I don’t
want to throw them away. I also have some teacups
that are really pretty to just decorate, so I think that these would look so cute
together as little planters. The way you’re going to make this is you will need some pebbles. You will need some succulents. Take out your empty container. The pebbles will prevent the soil from soaking up too much water, so we’re gonna have that on the bottom. So now we’re going to
add in the succulent, and what you want to do is
break up the soil a little bit, break up the roots so that
way when it grows in your pot it has some space and room. And then finish it off by
adding some pebbles on top to give it a nice clean look. So lastly, make sure to water your plant. You want to water this
about once or twice a week because succulents don’t take much water. These are very low maintenance. However, they do need full sunshine. These turned out so amazingly cute. I really, really love them. I think these are my favorite
DIYs on the desk display. I mean, I love tea so I
get to look at my tea tins, and I also get to look
at my tea cup every day, and I just love the fact that
there are live plants in them. I love this DIY so much, you guys. Give it a big thumbs up, please, yes. To match my hanging pin board, I’m going to make a giant size mouse pad. I love having a giant size mouse pad, so I’m going to show
you how you can make one to match your pinning board. So I have this piece of wood right here that I think would be a perfect
base for my giant mouse pad. Now, you can also cut
out a piece of cardboard. What I’m going to do is lay this onto the wrong side of my fabric. And then you’re going to
cut around the fabric. Just like the pinning board, you want to cut a one and a half inch seam around the base of the board. After you finish cutting that, we’re going to glue the
edges onto the base. So after you’re done, it should look something
like this on the back, so as you see, you have some
fabric around the edges. When you lay this on your table, it should feel nice and smooth. You won’t get any scratchy edges. And then, on the front,
it should look like this where you have the beautiful print, and the fabric is nice and
soft enough for your mouse. All right guys, so fourth DIY,
it’s very easy, very simple. I found this website that
allows you to print out customizable calendar pages. So I’ll have that link below this video where you can go to my
blog, get that link, and print out whatever pages you want. Next, you are going to need a clipboard. I found a clipboard at Target,
and it was very inexpensive. All I did was spray paint it gold up top. I spray painted the hardware
gold, and then on the bottom, I created a gradient
effect with my gold paint, and it just gives it
a nice personal touch. You can buy other clipboards
that are ready to use, however, you guys know me. This is a DIY video, so of course I’m going to customize my own and make my own according
to how I like it, plus nobody else is going to
have the same exact clipboard. Guys, so for this last DIY
what we’re going to do is personalize a boring
looking tray like this. If you don’t know where to get trays, you can go to thrift stores. They have lots of trays
that you can take home, repaint, personalize. This one I actually
got from a craft store. As you can see, it’s very boring looking, so I’m gonna give it my personal touch. What I did to my tray is
that I painted it all white, and now I’m gonna go to my
local home improvement store to get a customized piece of
glass for the inside of this. So, what I recommend
for you to do is measure the inside of your base,
and then have it cut out. Glue the bottom and
place your glass on top. I love how the glass looks. It gives it a nice,
beautiful, elegant effect and it just makes the
desk look so much spacier. At the same time, you can organize all of your little things into this tray. (cheerful music) That is it for today. Give this video a big thumbs up if you want to support my channel with all these fun DIYs,
and if you know anybody who is in need for a new workspace or wants to revamp their workspace, then make sure to share
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