5 DIY Projects With Drinking Straws / Drinking Straw Crafts and Life Hacks

5 DIY Projects With Drinking Straws / Drinking Straw Crafts and Life Hacks

Hi! Today I’ll show amazing ideas with Drinking
Straws. It’s really cool material, so much can be
done with them. And if most people like the video, I’ll make
the 2nd part. Ok I have so many pens, markers, pencils,
so it’s no surprise that I don’t have enough pencil holders. This holder is like a squishy toy. And it’s made of Drinking Straws. How? I will show you. Cut off the flexible part and connect two
straws. Then we take a cardboard rectangle, any size
will do. Now look: we put this cardboard on a table
and we form a straw frame. We connect the two ends. Remove the straw from the cardboard. I decided to use 21 such parts. In the end, we glue the piece on cardboard
and the next piece is glued this way. It looks so cute. And as a result, you get a nice anti-stress
pencil holder. Nothing decorates the desk like a beautiful
frame. Take the cardboard. We glue color paper. We turn cardboard over and glue it on the
other side. I use paper straws, but this is not critical. Glue them around the contour. Now we cut the straw, open it and glue it
as well. Here, now it looks neat. You can place a picture or something big and
beautiful in it. You won’t believe but you can make really
beautiful flowers of straws. Yellow straws! We measure 6 cm and cut it. Then, on the one side, we sharpen and cut
from two sides, we get 2 parts. Now, every part is folded in half from the
side where we DON’T sharpen and threaded on the thread. This is what we get as the result. We tighten and tie it. We’ve made 2 such parts, now join them together
and tie them again. Pink straws! We measure 3.5 cm and cut off. Then we do all the same as with yellow ones. We connect with yellows and tie them. I advise you to glue a large bead or ball,
so it looks better. I glue this flower in the frame. It looks extremely cool, like the spring or
summer table decor. Speaking of decor, check out this amazing
idea. Yon can decorate wall or desk with it. We take straws and cut in half some of them. I cut out a ring from cardboard. Glue straws, alternating long and short ones. Excellent. Then glue the second layer of straws, but
this time only short ones. And in the end, you can still glue some glitter
balls or any other decor you have. Volumetric letter! I prepared a template. I glue straws together. Marking where it’s necessary to cut off
excess, and well, cut it off. We make 3 such parts, and glue them together. We connect with the same part. Now it remains to make this part and this
one. All that is prepared on the same principle. It’s incredibly easy and beautiful idea. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please like it
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  2. There are no official figures for how many straws are used and thrown away in Britain, but a recent study estimated 8.5billion plastic ones end up in the bin every year. Each one can take 500 years or more to break down. Environmental groups warn that the straws are ingested by wildlife and end up in the food chain.Campaigners say plastic straws are consistently in the top ten list of debris picked up in environmental clean-up operations.

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