5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Pusheen, Kawaii, Glow in the Dark & More-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Pusheen, Kawaii, Glow in the Dark & More-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

hey guys so today I’m going to show you
how to make five fun and easy DIY phone cases if you enjoy this video please
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you may have and if you’re new to my channel and you’d like to see more fun
DIY videos please click that subscribe button the first phone case i will show you is
a chalkboard phone case and for this one i will show you how to make your own
chalkboard paint so to make this you will need a bottle of acrylic paint in
any color of your choice you will want to begin by putting that into a bowl the next thing that you will need is
some cornstarch and you will want to add two tablespoons of cornstarch to the
paint now add 1/4 cup of water to the
paint and cornstarch and then thoroughly mix that together i’m going to use this phone case right
here i got this one at the dollar store you can use any phone case you would
like I would actually recommend one with not so much print on it as it made a
little harder to cover up but what you want to do is just start painting on the
paint and you will need several coats for it to cover and to be able to write
on it with the chalk and here is mine after it was done and
it did take about five coats to cover it with a piece of chalk you can just write
any message on your new chalkboard phone case the second phone case will be a kawaii ice cream
cone that is scented for this one you’ll just need to go online
and print out any ice cream cone that you like to give it a vanilla scent you
will need some Elmer’s school glue and then just some vanilla extract add a little
bit of Elmer’s glue and vanilla extract to a cup or a bowl and mix that together
if you want to send a little bit stronger than add just a little bit more
vanilla take a paintbrush and paint the glue
mixture over the entire ice cream cone set that aside and let it dry when it is dry cut the image out you can use any kind of phone case for
this one I’m just going to use this one which i also got at the dollar store
apply that same glue mixture to the back and glue it to the phone case once that
glue has dried then you are ready to put your phone into the case and you have
your very own scented vanilla ice cream cone and i will tell you that this actually
does smell amazing and the smell lasts for a while the third phone case i’m going to show you
is a fluffy monster phone case for this one you will need one of these fluffy or
fuzzy socks i found this pair at the dollar store i just trimmed a little bit off of the
top or the top part and then a little bit off of the back or the heel part and for this one you can use any kind of
phone case it doesn’t have to be clear this is just the 1 I had – I put it into
the sock and then I flipped it over and I trimmed it out so there wasn’t much
over hanging on the back when it was cut out then I applied some
glue along the top glued the sock to that and then applied glue to the sides and to
the bottom and glued it all down flip the phone case over and trim off any
excess with an exacto knife i just cut out the
camera hole area apply some hot glue around the camera
hole and glue down the sock repeat the same process for the buttons on the side
and the bottom to make the eyes use a sheet of parchment
paper and then just add some hot glue to that into little circles and then set
that aside and let that cool down when they have cooled down then take
some white nail polish and paint that on top of full of the hot glue circles after the nail polish has dried take a
black sharpie and then add little circles to the inside of the white glue
dots secure the eyes to the fluffy sock with
some hot glue and that is how you make a fluffy
monster phone case the fourth phone case is the Pusheen cat for this one you will need
to go online and print out your favorite images – cut out four or five of your
favorite images here are the five that I chose to cut out take
a piece of clear packaging tape lay the image facedown on the sticky part and
then take another piece of clear package tape with a sticky side up and place
that on top of the cutout image cut it out leaving a border for this phone case you will need a clear one
what you can do with this image is that it is sticky on the back you can either
place it directly on the phone or you can place it on the phone case which
ever you prefer it removes really easy from the phone so you don’t have to
worry about ruining the phone I chose to put mine directly on the phone
repeat the same tape process for the rest of the images and also cutting them
out the same once all your images are on there then
you can put your phone back in your phone case and the fifth phone case will be a
glow-in-the-dark one i’m going to use these glow-in-the-dark puffy paints i
found these at Walmart and i will also leave a link down below where you can find some go online and print out some images of
some stars or whatever you would like to have glow-in-the-dark cut that down to
size and then stick that into the phone case choose whatever color puffy paint
you would like to start with outline star and then fill it in repeat this process for the remaining
stars when the puffy paint has dried and you
can remove the backing and you can place the phone case onto your phone & that is how
you make a glow-in-the-dark phone case i hope you guys enjoyed these 5 easy
and fun DIY phone cases I would love it if you gave this video a thumbs up let me know if you have any other phone
case ideas that you would like to see until next time I hope you guys all have
an amazing day

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  1. wait did you edited the video because in number 3 you didn't use nail polish or hot glue gun i am kind of confused??????????? bbb

  2. do you have to use an actual phone case? because I now have an iPhone 5c b7t they don't sell cases for them anymore.

  3. your welcome and if u can cheak out my channel it's hailey ruttenbur plzz cheak it out plzzz Thank u

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