5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Mini Starbucks, Candy, Unicorn-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

5 DIY Phone Case Designs! How To Make Liquid, Mini Starbucks, Candy, Unicorn-Easy Phone Cover DIYs

hey guys so today I’m going to show you how to make five fun and easy DIY phone cases if you enjoyed this video please click that like button and comment down below with any future video suggestions you may have and if you’re new to my channel and you’d like to see more fun DIY videos please click that subscribe button the first DIY phone case will be a sunglass case with a stand to start you will need a pair of sunglasses that fit on your phone and you can find them at the dollar store using a small screwdriver I unscrewed the screws on both sides of the sunglasses and removed the sides the next thing that I did was I cut off this little part of the sunglasses and I also remove the one on the other side I used a nail file to sand down the uneven parts that were just cut off next I’m going to cut out a small section from a water bottle take the piece of plastic that was just cut out and measure it to the side of the sunglasses and cut a strip so when you fold it over it covers that little section here is the piece that I cut out and then I just took that same piece and I cut out another one the identical size next I’m going to fold both of those pieces in half glue the two plastic pieces to the sunglasses I used hot glue but I actually recommend using superglue and just repeat that same process on the other side choose any phone case that fits your phone I’m going to use this clear phone case glue the little plastic tabs to the phone case again I use hot glue but I would recommend super glue to keep the glasses held down to the phone case I’m going to use some of these velcro dots and what I did was I cut it in half and then I cut it in half one more time now I’m going to place the velcro onto the sunglasses and make sure when you do this that you place them where they will make contact with the phone case here is what the phone case should look like at this point next I just placed my phone case on my phone and when you’re ready you can un-velcro the sunglasses and you can prop your phone up and you can watch your favorite videos the second project will be a DIY liquid dolphin phone case to begin cut out a wave shape like this on a piece of parchment paper and make sure that there is a tab on the side place the piece of parchment paper in a ziplock bag push it down to the bottom and the sides that are already sealed place a piece of parchment paper over the bag and iron it I had my iron on about a medium setting cut out around the parchment paper leaving a border remove the parchment paper from the bag place some water in the bag to make sure that there are no leaks in a cup I’m going to add some water and some blue food coloring and mix that together place a small amount of the blue water into the bag make sure that you don’t fill it too full put a piece of parchment paper over the tab and iron that to seal it together cut off any excess from the tab and don’t cut it too close that you break the seal I went online and printed out a couple of dolphins and then I cut those out place the bag of water in a clear phone case on the bottom then arrange the dolphin so it looks like they’re jumping out of the water I put a little piece of tape on the back of each of the dolphin so they would stick to the phone and that’s how you make the liquid water dolphin phone case the 3rd DIY phone case will be candy lips for this one you will need a clear phone case that fits your phone and then I just went online and I printed out some lips stick those behind the clear phone case and then trace around them now I’m going to paint on some Mod Podge make sure it’s a pretty thick layer once is fully covered then I’m going to take some rainbow sprinkles and I’m going to sprinkle those on the top I used a toothpick to clear some of the ones away that we’re in the middle this step is optional once you have it the way you would like it then just let that dry for about 40 minutes to prevent the sprinkles from falling off and going bad I’m going to use some of this varnish and I found this at Michael’s use the paintbrush that you can throw away and just eat a pretty generous amount of the varnish on top of this sprinkles once all the sprinkles are covered let that dry for about a half-hour here is mine after the varnish had dried and that is how you make this easy candy lips phone case the fourth phone case will be a super easy unicorn and stars I’m going to use some of this rainbow duct tape any duct tape will work for this one I went online and printed out a unicorn and I cut it out next place a piece of the duct tape on something that you can remove it from later then trace around the unicorn once it’s traced out then just cut it out after it was cut out I just removed it from the backing that I was using I made two different ones and for this phone case you will only need one next I just repeated that same process with a star that I printed out from online I’m also going to use a clear phone case for this one but any phone case that fits your phone will work now I’m just going to take my unicorn and star pieces that I cut out and arrange those on my phone case and that’s all there is to this easy unicorn in stars phone case the last DIY phone case will be a fun spilled Starbucks cup for this one I’m going to use one of these little red mini Solo cups and what I did was I just cut down the middle and so I was left with two pieces now you can either paint a cup white and print out a Starbucks logo or you can print out a Starbucks cup wrap and glue that onto the cup like I did since the bottom of my cup was red I just painted it with a coat of white acrylic paint once my paint was dry then I’m just going to glue the miniature Starbucks cup onto the phone case and I’m going to glue it upside down so when you’re on the phone it looks like that the Starbucks cup is spilling out next I used my hot glue gun to make it look like coffee spilling out from the cup once the glue has cooled down I’m going to use some of this classic caramel acrylic paint to paint over the hot glue set that aside and let it dry and there is the easy spilled Starbucks phone case I hope you guys enjoyed all five of these DIY phone cases leave me a comment let me know which one was your favorite as always please remember to like subscribe comment and share until next time I hope you guys all have an amazing day

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