5 Designs for Trains in Super Mario Maker.

Hello you lovely mario maker person, my name
is ceave and welcome back. There are no trains in super mario maker which
is a pity, because let’s face it: (CHOOO CHOOO) trains are cool! While super mario maker sadly has no train
item and no train theme, the game luckily allows us to come up with unique train designs
ourselves. Today we are going to talk about five unique
train designs in super mario maker. We will take a look at the block express,
the enemy delivery train, the wall jump locomotive, the ghost wagon and finally bowser jr. boss
express. So are you ready? Let’s do this! The first train mario has to take in this
video is the block express. The block express can be easily entered by
entering this trainstation. But the block express doesn’t work like
an ordinary train, as passengers have to survive the train ride on top of it. To make matters even worse for the only passenger,
mario, there are dangerous magikoopas shooting at him as well. But that’s not all, once our plumber survived
the magi-koopa part the block express enters a tunnel, this tunnel is filled with cannons
which try to shoot the passengers who were unlucky enough to buy a ticket. I hope mario is able to refund this train
ride. While the block express might not meet all
safety requirements it is actually really easy to create. All you need to do if you want to create one
is to put block blocks on tracks, ,put bullet blasters on top of them and you are ready
to go. Mario doesn’t seem to enjoy this train ride
in particular but luckily the train drives off a cliff after a while, and mario is able
to reach the exit door. Hooray! The next train is the enemy delivery train. This train design works diffrent than the
one before. Here mario is in the inside of the train. The whole level uses autoscrolling and mario’s
task here is it to make it to the locomotive at the end alive. Sadly for our plumber this is easier said
than done as the whole train is filled with enemies. It looks like these enemies are transported
to the stages where they are needed. I have no idea how mario ended up in this
train. Anyway in this wagon mario has to carefully
dodge dangerous cannonballs which cannons shoot towards him, as soon as he survived
this threat he has to avoid ouching sawblades which try to cut him, only to dodge horrific
jet-engine fire afterwards. Wow this train isn’t messing around. Luckily mario made it to the exit door, now
he only needs to kill the ticket collector rocky wrench and he is able to leave the second
train. Marios movement options are very limited in
our next train design. In fact all he can do in the wall jump locomotive
is to wall jump. This locomotive is a really dangerous place. The train moves on top of conveyor belts towards
his destination, but mario is stuck in the locomotives funnel. This on it’s own sounds like a horrible
experience but that’s not all. There are magikoopas which try to shoot our
plumber and angry bullet bills which try to explode near to him. If mario wants to survive this insane train
ride he needs to dodge all these threats until the exit door finally appears. Wow he did it! Now there are only two trains left. The next train design is the ghost wagon,
this train isn’t exactly a train but a single wagon empowered by an evil energ. Mario finds himself in the middle of exactly
this wagon. The whole vehicle constantly moves to the
left and it looks like mario is trapped inside it. To make matters worse there are horrific boo
circles along it’s way which our plumber has to dodge. But this is not the only threat which this
design throws into mario’s path. After a while the ghost wagon enters a tunnel
and mario has to be careful here as well because if he isn’t he is probably going to get
crushed. But this isn’t the first time mario got
into troubles on his way to a vacation, he already survived three train designs in this
video and his flight towards the isle delphino wasn’t working out exactly great as well. But he survived there and he survives here. And now it’s time to take a look on our
last train design, bowser j. Boss express. This train moves on tracks and functions as
a horrible and dangerous arena for a bowser jr. boss fight. The wagon in the middle constantly shoots
cannonballs into the air which mario has to dodge. Meanwhile bowser jr spits fireballs towards
our brave train riding plumber. The wagon to the right has firebars at its
center which try to burn mario while he fights against bowser’s son. The wagon to the left is filled with springs
and contains two bullet bills which shoot items towards these springs. One bullet blaster shoots horrible goombas,
while the other shoots yum yum mushrooms. Defeating bowser jr on top of this train is
definitely no easy task but mario defeated bowser jr thousands of times before and he
is able to defeat him here as well. As soon as the heir to the koopa throne dies
mario gets a key. This key can be used at one of the four doors
along the rails. These doors lead to a hidden reward area which
leads to the goal. The sooner mario defeats bowser jr, the better
are the rewards he gets at the top. And that’s it for today and for trains. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you want to train your ability
to hit the subscribe button by hitting it as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see
you soon, goodbye!

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