5 Designs for Timers in Super Mario Maker!

5 Designs for Timers in Super Mario Maker!

Hello, you lovely mario maker person, my name
is ceave and welcome back. We often put mario into horrible and dangerous
situations where he needs to survive until a timer expires, and while these ideas may
not be mario’s favorite ideas they are pretty useful and universally usable. While we often talk about how to create traumatizing
timer experiences for our plumber,we actually never talked about how to create timers in
detail. So today we are going to take a look on five
specific and easy to set up timer contraptions and we will take a look on a couple of ideas
using them. There is the shelmet timer, the bob omb alarm,
the skewer clock the track trigger and of course the infamous wiggler trigger. So are you ready? Let’s do this! The first timer we are going to take a look
at is the shelmet timer. This timer can be easily created by placing
a shelmet on top of a spring, blocking the path of the shelmet by brick-blocks and ending
this path with a pow-block. Okay so let’s take a look on a shelmet timer
in action. Once mario enters this room the timer starts
and he has to survive a two phase long boss fight against bowser junior. Bowser jr is hiding on top of a muncher to
the right and can’t be attacked by mario. Mario is trapped in this room, his only chance
of surviving is to dodge the lethal fireballs which bowser jr is spitting towards him. There are currently two lava-bubbles cycling
up and down to the right and left which make mario’s job even harder here. Luckily after a while the shelmet timer expires
and triggers phase two of this fight. This leads to a couple of interesting things. Bowser jr enters the arena and can finally
be hit by mario, a fire flower magically drops from the ceiling, and a third lava bubble
starts to cycle up and down in the middle of the room. All that’s now left to do for mario is to
defeat bowser jr and he is done with the first idea of the day. Hooray! If you want to create a shelmet timer which
runs for a very long time it’s possible to use a setup like this one. Here a bullet-blaster shoots shells into a
small corridor at the bottom. Luckily for our plumber there are only three
brick blocks blocking the exit-vine-containing-question-block because surviving in this area in no easy
task! Shelmet timers are really easy to set up and
are capable of doing many small evil things to mario, but sometimes timing something with
a shell isn’t the best way to do it, sometimes we need something a little bit more explosive. So let’s take a look on the bob-omb alarm. The idea here is to use the bob ombs explosive
skills in order to create a timer. Mario is trapped in the middle of a dangerous
clock. He has to dodge the horrifying sawblades and
deadly cannonballs while he waits for the bob-omb to his left to ignite. The bob omb cycles on top of tracks and gets
ignited as soon as he hits the firebar above him. Once the bob omb explodes it’s finally possible
for mario to leave this horrifying clock and to enter our next idea. Up until now we always used timer to create
a challenge where mario has to survive for a set amount of time. But for this idea we use a bob-omb alarm to
do the exact opposite. Mario finds himself in a small tower, built
out of brick blocks and inhabited by dangerous saw-blades. Luckily our plumber is a really skilled jumper
and making his way to the top here is no big problem for him. But sadly making it top the top is not the
only challenge here. Once the bob-omb alarm expires the floor turns
into shiny but deadly coins and mario falls to his doom. So if mario wants to escape this idea alive
he not only needs to jump good, but also to jump fast, so that he reaches the exit door
before the tower collapses. Next up is the skewer clock, skewer clocks
are really easy to set up, can run for a surprisingly long time and can be set up in a way to trigger
a p-switch, a pow-block to reward a key or to activate a question block once expired. The main idea here is to abuse the fact that
skewers interact with almost nothing but blocks. So let’s take a look on an idea featuring
a skewer clock. Here we trapped mario underwater. His movement options are limited as he is
only able to swim up or down. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if it wasn’t
for the cannons which constantly shoot cannonballs towards our poor plumber. At the top is a skewer clock which expires
after 22 seconds, and then opens up the exit path. Let’s take a look on our next timer design. The track trigger. This timer is probably the easiest to set
up and can be used to activate tons of diffrent things. Here for example we use one to spawn a fire
flower after a set amount of time, and here we trigger a spiny which then madly starts
to destroy blocks for us. So let’s take a look on an idea using it. Mario is trapped in a room on top of lethal
sawblades. Luckily he brought his legendary goomba shoe
with him and is able to bounce on top of the blades. Sadly there is still the ceiling which tries
to crush him, but after a while the track trigger triggers and mario is able to escape. Okay last but certainly not least we have
the wiggler trigger. The wiggler trigger is basically a glorified
version of a big enemy hitting a p-switch. What’s really cool about this tough, is
that it’s possible to create out of sight timers this way which start once mario reaches
a certain spot in a level. Here for example we make use of this. As soon as our plumber enters this room the
wiggler gets loaded, triggers a p-switch and forces this bullet blaster to fall down. Now mario has to dodge the cannon-balls which
are shot into this area like crazy. Once the timer finally expired the bullet-blaster
drops down and this little mole starts to chase mario. Luckily this mole carries the exit key as
well, which opens the next area of this idea up for mario. Here mario has to dodge cannonballs again,
while he waits for the wiggler trigger to expire. What’s different here tough, is that once
the timer ends the wiggler dies and mario gets the key immediately. While wigglers are definitely the best enemy
choice when creating a wiggler trigger most of the time, sometimes it makes sense to create
a wiggler trigger not featuring a wiggler but a spike top. Here mario has to dodge the fireballs which
these piranha plants spit towards him while he waits for the wiggler trigger featuring
a spike top to expire. Wow mario really has to do a lot of waiting
today. Luckily for him he is almost finished with
today’s video, but there is one last thing he needs to survive. One final boss fight against bowser jr, which
combines all the timers of this video. This is going to be a little bit chaotic. There are tons of different timer placed around
the arena which constantly add new threats to this boss fight. First goombas fall from the top, then the
arena floor layout changes only to change again a little bit later while springs drop
into the arena when bowser jr finally enters it. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially wiggler trigger
today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and to see
you soon, goodbye.

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  1. Working on a iPad simulator (mini game madness as I call it)
    Give me feedback
    Click read more
    If interested

    ID: 5321-0000-038B-3018

  2. I have a timer that I made myself. It works like this:
    You set up lots of tracks , all connected , and ending going through a 1 block tall doorway.
    The end in the 1 block tall doorway is cut off at the end , so items can drop off the end.
    Place blocks throughout the whole track.

    You can test how much time each block uses , as I did not do it , and this allows you to set a certain limit.
    (Ps. The timer should be used to open a path to the next room.)

  3. I have one called the munched timer. It's just a wiggled trigger using one p-switch per enemy so you can triple it and even quadruple it and more.

  4. If it was a wiggler trigger, the it would have a wiggler, not a spike-top. BUT! Then you said: "A wiggler trigger, featuring a spike-top." And I was like, "THAT MAKES IT ALL OK!!!!"

  5. If you got 1 coin everytime Ceave says “…shiny yet/but deadly coins…” in all of his videos. How many coins (and or lives) would you have?

  6. What is the hardest way to trigger a p swich the star:first you need a hole so its radom when it fall to the p swich when it jump

  7. Thanks ceave..I'm trying to make a sonic underwater level
    When a timer goes off you will here the drowning theme…but how would I make it so you can reset the timer?

  8. I mean, if they’re off the screen I don’t see the point of having different types of timers, but I liked the video anyway 👍

  9. you can make a shellmet clock longer or shorter using the moving belts (u can change speed and length is the idea of it)

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  11. You, a degenerate: "Mario is a skilled jumper" Yeah but he fell down
    Me, an intellectual: Come on. Ceave did that on purpose.

  12. Peanut butter jelly beans!!I mean peanut abuse!!I mean peanut butter Kelly time!!I mean peanut butter add time!! I mean peanut cows!! I mean peanut butter peanut guy!! I mean peanut butter jelly time!!

  13. I have seen timers in his videos before, but never like this! Ceave is really getting creative here people

  14. 0:56 Shellmet Timer = Shellmet + Spring/Blaster + Brick + Pow/?
    2:37 Bom Omb Alarm = Bom-omb + Track + (Fire + Bar/Track) + Block/P
    3:53 Skewer Clock = Skewer + Block + P/Pow/Key/?
    4:42 Track Trigger = Block/Spring/P + Track + Any triggers (Easiest)
    5:26 Wiggler Trigger = Wiggler + P + P Block
    7:00 ALL!

  15. I made a simple timer. I made a walkway made out of bricks below Mario. I put a bobomb and a lava bubble in the walkway. At the end, a put a pswitch, brick block, and bullet blaster. If Mario doesn't leave the room in time (in my case, a warp block) the bomb will ignite, blow up the brick below the bullet blaster, and the blaster will drop on the p switch and destroy the rest of the floor

  16. Im overly tired. I love ur videos. I cant get this work in Super Mario Maker 2. The second 1 with the bowser fight. When i hit the music block. It never moves the shell underneath. Is this because its the second mario maker and things changed? Im so tired. I hope this makes sense. If i put a walking shell dude at rhe start he will wont break the blocks under mario starting the timer either just bounces off of it lkke double D's

  17. Before I watched this video, I made a timer quite similar to the track trigger in MM2. I had a block on a track, and a Muncher stacked on top. The track would have an open end, and the block would drop off and disappear, but the Muncher would land on top of a Goomba with a key inside, kill the Goomba, and Mario would obtain it.

  18. 1:15 it sucks that this is no longer Available to do in Mario Maker 2, since the psychics engine is different. It’s such a simple timer too, but you can’t do it anymore. I’m sitting with the game right now and the shell just stops in front of the spring and doesn’t move

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