4 Performance Con Artists

4 Performance Con Artists

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>>In fact, you’re welcome.>>What is the longest
you’ve faked something?>>Oh man, I’ve faked having laryngitis in third grade for like four days.>>Did you really?>>Yeah because we we’re
singing a stupid song and I didn’t want to
sing it in music class.>>I faked having one
arm for like an evening because the babysitter showed up, I had a big baggy, shirt
and the point is I got bored and like anyway, I’ve got two arms. [laughs]>>Oh by the way, what? I’m going to convince the
babysitter I’m an amputee.>>It could have been congenital, I mean. All right, we’re going to talk about four people who took
faking it way too far. This is from an article
at themodernrogue.com by Eamon Lahiri and our
first one is somebody who–>>Took control of US
intelligence agencies from his bedroom in the UK. [keyboard keys clicking]>>Basically picked up the
phone with a straight face said, “Yes, it’s me, the
hello the leader of the CIA. “Please restore my account.” And then they’re like beep bop boop, guess what he has access to?>>And you know what
was even more exciting was his name was Kane Gamble. That was this kid’s name, 15 years old.>>It sounds awesome until
you realize he looks like evil Peter Parker from the
third Spider-Man movie.>>Oh god, he does.>>Doesn’t he?>>He’s got the coolest name though! “I’m Kane Gamble.” And then you see him and
he’s got the hair here. [Brian laughs] But yeah through social engineering he was able to get access
to some of the most powerful people in the United States
intelligence department.>>And this is one of those things where once you have access to
certain levels of information, it becomes very, I don’t want say easy, it becomes easier to act as
though that’s definitely you because you know things that
you’re not supposed to know.>>Yeah, and like so many cons, the hallmark of them is confidence, right?>>Yes, yes, yes and we’ll
talk more about this in a bit, but basically the guy didn’t even do anything interesting with it. He took control of people’s computers and downloaded a bunch
of pornography to them, mocked them on Twitter, did
a bunch of teenager crap.>>Yeah, he posted their
personal information online and stuff like that. I’m sorry, but if you’ve
got people thinking you’re the head of the
CIA, I’ve got a list.>>Yeah, I know you do.>>It’s like… [keyboard keys clicking]>>All right, so let’s
talk about Anthony Gignac, I think I’m saying it right.>>Gig, Gignac?>>Gi-whatever, if I’m saying it wrong, screw him he’s a piece of garbage anyway. He comes from Columbia by way of Florida and pretended to be a Saudi prince.>>Yeah, if there’s somebody
I’m going to impersonate, it’s not going to be the
Saudis because I have a feeling those guys are really good
about keeping grudges, so.>>This dude did everything from faking diplomatic plates driving around, constantly talking about
the wrath of his father if anybody crossed him. Basically walked around
like a spoiled brat and everyone was like,
“Well, what can you do? “He’s a prince.”>>He ended up taking out loans, renting out penthouse apartments, getting credit cards
with crazy debt limits. All of it, like you said, was him saying, “If you don’t give this to me, “my father is going to be very furious.”>>We as human beings tend to
be more afraid of bad things than excited about opportunities. and a lot of confidence
games are all about how you’re going to get rich, but in this case, he was just straight-up the fear of God put into them basically.>>That’s interesting
because you’re right, it is a completely different approach. It’s not baiting someone with changing their fortunes for the better, it’s the stick instead of the carrot.>>Eventually, the law caught up with him, but only after he scammed
eight million dollars from 26 people and I’m going
to go out on a limb here and say, my guess is that
wasn’t the complete list.>>Oh my god, just having
the testicular fortitude to pull something like that off. [keyboard keys clicking]>>So, speaking of pure
confidence, this guy Marc Dreier, he kind of reminds me a
little bit of Frank Abagnale, but with like 10% as awesome.>>He was a Manhattan attorney who started impersonating other people of wealth and privilege and
utilizing their networks to make himself even richer.>>Yeah, but it wasn’t like
he was a master of disguise, he would just walk into
any high-rise building, march into the conference room, announce himself as the
guy who owns this building or is in charge of this
business or whatever, and everybody is like,
“Well, he’s got a suit “and those big bushy eyebrows, “I assume that he must be in charge.”>>And it’s what you’ve
talked about before the trappings of authority, he definitely had if he’s walking in there with this suit, like you
said, so they thought, “Oh yes, he is the person
who’s supposed to be here.” And he was telling them
that he was the CEO, that he was their boss,
people who should know.>>To put it in perspective, there’s a number of things
in my stage magic show that people ask how it’s done and I say, “Well, how would you do it?” And then they give some
ridiculously simple method and then there’s a pause and they say, “But that would be dumb.” And whenever they say the
words “But that would be dumb,” they are always a hundred
percent right on how I did that. So, in other words, this dude walks in it’s like, well I mean, I
suppose he could be a total fraud just in a nice suit walking around, talking as if he owns the
place, but that’d be dumb. And guess what? That’s exactly what it was.>>Yeah, he perpetrated all sorts of fraud and his own knowledge of the legal and financial
documents of these companies. He was spoofing these documents, he was a forging IOUs,
corporate letterhead, fabricating entire audits, he stole hundreds of million dollars from 40 different investment firms.>>To realize just how
big this guy was thinking, by the time that he was arrested, he had 250 attorneys on his side and my guess is an awful
lot of them believed him.>>I’m going to guess that this
guy didn’t serve a day and jail.>>Please tell me he did. I want to believe in justice. Oh, good news, he got 150 years.>>Oh wow, okay. I thought with that many
lawyers and that much money, they would have been like, “You.”>>The Houdini of impersonation. By the way this article
that I’m looking at now comes from The Sydney Morning
Herald, their URL is S-M-H. ShakeMyHead.com.au.
[laughs] [keyboard keys clicking] All right, so this last
one is pure poetic justice. Walk me through this.>>Okay so, a guy named
Zheng in China some time ago got into an argument with an in-law and ended up murdering the guy.>>I assume he got arrested, went to jail, and the rest writes itself.>>Nope, he ran off to
some remote province and pretended to be mute for 12 years. Why? So he wouldn’t rat on himself. [Brian laughs] So he wouldn’t create any
inconsistencies in his story, so he said I’m just not
going to talk for 12 years.>>This is like that meme. It’s like like can’t
contradict your story, bro. But here’s the best part of this is after not using his
voice for, how many years? 15 years?
>>12 years.>>12 years.>>You would think, okay
maybe I’m just going to talk to myself in the closet when nobody’s listening or watching. No, he just doesn’t talk for 12 years.>>After all this, number one, he does not get away with
it, he does go to jail, but also not using his
voice for that long, he lost his voice.>>Yes.
>>How great is that?>>They ultimately
caught him after 12 years and so, when he finally tried to speak, he realized he couldn’t because his vocal cords had atrophied.>>New meme: can’t defend
yourself without a voice, bro.>>Poetic justice.>>Oh, that’s amazing. Congratulations, Zheng, you
probably don’t have internet. [Jason laughs] So do you sleep in them yet?>>No, I’m not quite there yet.>>You will. They’re beautiful earplugs>>You’re intense.
>>That make the world go away and all of your
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[Brian laughs] Did I get too–>>I think they’re sold. [laughs]>>These Raycons have freed
me from the imprisonment, I don’t know, they’re awesome, buy them.>>Shed the yoke of wired
oppression. [laughs]>>That’s what it is,
that’s what I meant to say.>>I like shucked free though.>>Shucked is good. The way that you shucked. [digital scanner] So, check out our articles
on themodernrogue.com.>>And of course if you want to support us patreon.com/modernrogue. We eat every single bit of your dollars, if you want to give them
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