100 thoughts on “4 Levels of Mashed Potatoes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  1. Lmao when he started to smoke the mash, I think it's a practical joke, but good one. /// Do people eat mashed potatoes alone like that…and with sauce on it….in which country?

  2. I like how the scientist doesn't necessarily label any of the chefs' methods as "wrong"— even the Level 1 cooking style is viable, if not perfect. That's why it strikes me as weird that the level 3 chef almost always directly criticizes something the level 2 chef chooses to do. Sorry we can't all acquire specialty equipment for our kitchen and undertake hours of labor for a side dish! Also did anyone else audibly gasp at how much BLACK TRUFFLE went into those Level 3 potatoes?!

  3. Okay just saying I like to actually be able to chew my potatoes? I don’t want to drink it like a pudding or yogurt, so the over the top guy’s are out. Sorry

  4. Does anyone else just boil your potatoes and then mash them on your plate and add butter at the table before you eat?

  5. Are you kidding me with the freaking smoked hay?!?!?!?
    Chef 3 is nuts. Its mashed potatoes not even gordon ramsey does all that crap. Gtfoh!!!!!!

    Lorenzo doesnt know when to stop.

    Emily had the best potatoes that i would actually try. If o had to lick one to sample.

    I bet that is how he got picked. He told the producers he smakes potatoes on hay.
    Producer said bingo somebody mic this haughty mofoer up.

  6. This turned out to be one of the more interesting "4 Levels" videos. Too bad I'm out of black truffles and la ratte potatoes–and magic salt from the lost continent of Atlantis.

  7. I actually don’t like my potatoes that mashed…looks like a pile of baby food. No thanks, chunky all day please.

  8. Lorenzo: who doesn’t like butter
    Me: loads gun*anybody who doesn’t like butter can go stand in there *points at a volcano that is currently exploding

  9. Dude, I just want some mashed potatoes, and now I have to wait 36 hours? You know where you can stick that hay, Gunther?

  10. 5 star chefs would cringe so hard at the use of cream. (They swear by and only by butter. Although some milk is ok if simmered in the potato peels for more potato flavour.)

  11. Person: I see you've been working out on one arm. What have you been doing?
    Me: Yeah, tennis
    Person: Are you sure it's not from masturbating?
    Me: Well actually 3:01

  12. I’ll be honest, I’m every single one of these, it always looks like larenzo’s food is more appealing then the level 3 chef

  13. not interested in grassy notes in my mashed potatoes. The rest of #3s production is good. I can't believe chef 2 ruined his by putting transfats (margarine) into his.

  14. Seems like a lot of trouble to make mashed potato, I’ll stick to my Idahoan instant mash potato done in 5 min

  15. thank god for being born in Europe … Level 3 is like standard european food , except the truffels unless u live in france or italy where truffels are regularly found.. plus the potatoes that are grown and sold in europe are mostly more complex in flavour and texture since the GMO-trend wasn't as big as is the US , they thend to be smaller and less uniform in shape and size… Mashing potatoes is done with a 'passe vite' , it's almost the same as the tamis , same general action and result , but tamis are generally used to sieve flours and other dried goods not cooked stuff .. they would break often when using it for mashing since a tamis is made with really fine wire

  16. Fell asleep on the couch with the TV on and woke up to Lorenzo the level 2 chef talking about his identity being stolen for a Norton Life Lock infomercial 😳. Had to come check and make sure it was him again

  17. Waiting for someone to upload just the pros cooking scenes so I dont have to constantly skip over the amateur and home cook bits

  18. The music before she starts examining reminds me of the tune that plays when you start a level in Yoshi's Island 😂😂

  19. Who the heck has time to fart around making mash potatoes like chef 3? I'd like to eat it today not in four days times! 😂

  20. Emily is my favourite cause she knows how bad she is, Lorenzo thinks he's a level 2.5 and the level 3 chef is on that smoking potatoes with hay madness as they usually are

  21. If someone put potatoes in boiling water that’s an automatic level 0 from me🤣
    But since I watched this video, I’m going to microwave potatoes and put bottled cold gravy on them… level -100.

  22. ahhh "can you hear me now?" guy trading from verizon to sprint for a higher pay just to end up training his replacement.

  23. Just me or does using a ricer result in micro lump's? Never get lumps with a good old hand mixer, but do every time I use my ricer.

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