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  1. So I've been riding ever since I can remember and I always was a mountain biker. I started downhill a solid 6 years or so ago. I am always out riding in the suburbs and at local parks(not skate parks; local township parks) I am torn between getting a BMX or a hardtail mtb. All I have right now is a full suspension Kona. Any tips or suggestions?

  2. dude, you may practice alot, you are also a natural….
    When you hop onto the picnic table it looks effortless, it does not look like ROCKETING UP.
    When I put all my energy into a hop, my front tires gets pretty high, I wsh I could get the back as high as the front, it also feels out of control..

  3. I have a custom BMX that was passed down to me (I’m lucky and grateful) from my older brother that is worth £900+ . The bike is quite heavy for me so learning bunny hops takes some effort, idk either I’m out of shape or my technique sucks. I can 180 on quarter pipes easy, but ground tricks are hard for me.

  4. Guys be careful. I learned to manual and I put my foot back to catch myself from falling and I completely destroyed my knee and now I'm in a cast and I can't even walk for a month so be very careful. Of course is not seth's fault is all mine but is very careful with your bike

  5. I've got dirt jump. Is it much harder to learn them on it cuz the wheels are 26 inch and it feels scary when you do roll back or try to manual

  6. I just discovered these and I'm glad I did, I'm 37 and about to start riding again after a 10 year hiatus. Really cool to see you rediscover bmx and I'm looking forward to doing the same thing! Thanks for posting!

  7. I think my bike is to heavy because I tried for a month strait but still can’t bunny hop or any hop I just want to quit.👎🏼😢😣

  8. NEWBIES: I’ve learned that all YouTubers aren’t very good at telling how to bunny hop. The first part he said was true, the bring the bars to your hips part. But it’s not just all in the arms. Use your dominant foot and tilt your pedal slightly down and leave your other foot flat. After you finish the bar to hip motion, push back and pull up with your dominant foot that you have tilted forward and you WILL get your back end off the ground. Remember, timing is key.

  9. Watching this after having a BMX for a few weeks. They were never my thing but then I did a hop out of instinct one time and wanted to see if I could do more.

  10. 34 years old and i soooo want to buy a bmx again just for a bit of fun……. can't make up my mind. My MTB got stolen from the shed but i think i could keep a bmx in the cellar… so tempted right now

  11. This probably sounds really dumb but does his bike actually ride backwards? I'm newbie with a BMX and is very confused how he rode backwards.

  12. Why do seemingly no BMX bikes have a coaster brake? I like it because I can have a brake without the cables.

  13. When I practice wheelies I fall off the back alot and I have never landed not on my feet. It freaked me out at first but I don't get frightened by it now. This is on my mtb

  14. I subscribe and like this guy but I’m bummed to see he chose to ride/play around/film at a war memorial :-/ there aren’t any other places in FL to go?

  15. I need to improve my hops and fakie but I'm scared to do manuals and when I bunny hop I feel like I'm going to fall backwards

  16. Actually no offence but it's easier to do a fakie by lifting the back tire up it takes a lot more practice but a lot more helpful and could you do another 10 things to learn while riding bmx and include that as one of them and how I said it if so sorry if I sounded mean there btw cutter kicker board ramp I'd cool but I'd make it bigger

  17. Just got my setup it was worth $300, and the seller was desperate so i got it for $100. it sucks i want to ride but im at work😶😒😔

  18. I was really surprised how much I learned in 1 month: 15 meters manual, bunnyhop to where the stem is, 180 and whiplash. All the sweat, blood and repetition pays off real fast

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