#3DPrinted Ultrasonic Ruler

In this project we’re building an Ultrasonic
Ruler! A stylized enclosure makes this distance sensor
into a hand held sonar measuring tape. The design features a unique handle and a
large barrel that fits this project nicely. In this circuit, the trinket write’s the distance
to a LED display. The EZ rangefinder is a great sensor for reading proximity and measuring
distance. You can get the electronics for this project
from the shop on Adafruit dot com. The 8 piece design is open source and available
to download. It takes about 6 hours to print in PLA filament.  The parts are optimized to printing with
no support material. Extra details are added to the parts for cinematic aesthetics. A light coat of silver spray paint gives these
pieces that extra shine and gun metal look. Check out our guide on the Adafruit learning
system for a circuit diagram and full tutorial The enclosure is designed to secure the components and is fastened together with machine screws. Wire wrap is threaded through the handle and neatly housed behind the stands offs. Assembly takes just a few hours and the final result is a functioning hollywood inspired replica. Download our ardunio libraries and demo sketch
to program the trinket micro-controller. What features could you add to this project? Let us know in the comments below.  If your interested in learning more about
distance sensors, be sure to check out these guides over here. If you like ray guns, why not check out this other project? Thanks so much watching, and if you dig this videos, be sure to let us know by clicking that like button… and Don’t forget to subscribe for more 3d
printing projects for Adafruit. 

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