3D origami swan tutorial part1 (tutorial lebada 3d origami)

3D origami swan tutorial part1 (tutorial lebada 3d origami)

Hello my name is Razvan and welcome to my youtube channel In this tutorial I will show you how to make this 3d origami swan model this is a relatively simple and very beautiful model It is a model made from large pieces 1/32 and it is recommended for beginners in the next tutorials I will try a few variations of this model with different colors and sizes of pieces this new channel want to adapt all my models for both large pieces 1/32 and small parts 1/64 many people do not like models with small pieces 1/64 because it is more difficult to fold I hope in this way to help more people manage to make my models for this model will use large white 3d origami pieces 1/32 if you’re a beginner and you do not know how to make these 3d origami pieces you will find a link in the description of the tutorial for beginning I will show you how I glue 3d origami pieces , I glue every piece and I recommend you do the same I use a solid stick glue for paper you can find it in any office supply store I introduce a little glue inside the pockets and then connect the pieces and then repeat the process every time I will not show how I glue I work faster without it I recommend you make good quality 3d origami pieces with these round shape there are not very hard to do and you get very beautiful models we will continue to connect pieces in this way we make a 3d origami base we connect pieces on 3 rows simultaneously until we get such a string we have 24 pieces first row , 23 pieces in second row and 22 pieces in the third row because this base represents the bottom of our model we will do a closed base and for this We will introduce a inverted row in free bottom pockets , I recommend you do this operation before you close the circle if you are beginner and want to learn more about 3d origami bases you will find a link in the description Now we introduce the inverted pieces in this way they are inverted because the round shape is inside press pretty well these pieces and continue until you finish the row I completed this inverted row and then we close the circle in this way and then we complete rows 2 and 3 , row 2 with a piece and third with two pieces at the 3d origami bases it is very important every row must have the same number of pieces now we complete with the last inverted piece and we push a little bit like this we finished and got a very nice 3d origami closed base next we put an entire normal row and remember to glue and alternating the direction of rows I finished row number 4 and the we connect another 5 normal white rows and then we have in total 9 normal white rows complete this five normal rows We finished and we now have 9 tnormal white rows and one inverted row and next push a little in this way next we make the swan chest and for this we put 5 normal white pieces then we will put over them 4 normal pieces next row 3 normal white pieces then 2 normal white pieces and will finish with one normal white piece it will be the swan’s chest we will continue with the rest of the 3d origami swan and it consists in achieving a very large tail we let two edges free near the chest in both sides and we will complete the rest of the row with inverted pieces Now we have 17 inverted white pieces and decreases with one piece every row until we reach with one piece in the last row next row we put 16 pieces then 15,14,13…3,2,1 you can see I put some inverted rows and now between the edges of the pieces it is a large distance we must push a little bit like this to reduce the distance We will continue until we have one piece in the last rov i finished this inverted rows now we have one piece in the last row next we will complete the body of the swan
we put a string of 3d origami pieces on this part the first step consists in putting a normal 3d origami pieces in the two edges left free between chest and tail and next we connect normal pieces in this way these model is simple and i recommend it for beginners with a little patience and with good 3d origami pieces you can make a beautiful model when we reach this point we stop and start from the other side do not forget to glue the 3d origami pieces and now we put the last pieces in this way I finish the body of the 3d origami swan and looks very beautiful and next we make the neck and head of the swan for this we glue in a string 20-25 3d origami pieces ,It depends on the length desired and we bend neck like this after I finished the neck and the head we will glue this on the swan’s chest we put the neck in the last piece from the chest the model is almost complete We have to put a small beak and we draw two eyes now we have this small (1/64) orange 3d origami piece and we will glue this piece here like a beak and then we will draw two eyes, I must say that unfortunately I am not talented at drawing this was the 3d origami model for today , I hope you liked it , It is an easy and beautiful model for beginners The most difficult part is here when we put inverted rows the following videos I will make several versions of this model with different colors and sizes of the pieces I will try on this new channel to make the same model with large and small pieces many people do not like models with small pieces 1/64 because it is more difficult to fold please subscribe , rate , make comments and share my videos , I wish you a nice day

29 thoughts on “3D origami swan tutorial part1 (tutorial lebada 3d origami)

  1. ma bucur enorm k faci tutoriale si in romana….faci niste lucruri fffffffff frumoase…sa faci mai multe tutoriale…abbia astept

  2. I tried to make the swan as well. First, I tried to make the first three rows. After the string was made, I tried to assemble both ends. However, that is not possible. I have to bend the string to get the right side at the bottom.
    During this, multiple units are tearing..

    Do you know what could be going wrong?

  3. Mi-a iesit exact lafel!Si chiar daca nu sunt incepatoare tot am avut dificultati dar le-am depasit!Bravo Razvan!!Esti priceput!

  4. si j'ai bien compris la base serai de 24 car moi je connais rien a part le français merci de me dire si c'est bon ou pas

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