3D Origami  swan 1 tutorial || DIY paper swan

3D Origami swan 1 tutorial || DIY paper swan

Hello , my name is Razvan and welcome to my Youtube channel today I want to show you how to make this 3d origami swan model a very beautiful 3d origami swan model I hope you like this model for this tutorial I will make English and Spanish subtitles , I’m sorry for any mistakes especially in the Spanish subtitle If you want to make such subtitles for all my tutorials, please leave a message for this model we need around 800 white pieces , large 3d origami pieces 1/32 I use normal printer paper 80g/sm ,this rectangle of paper 5,4cm long and 3,6 cm wide I will make a 3d origami pieces , if you are a beginner and you do not know how to make these pieces , please look in the description you can see a big difference between these two pieces I use 6 large 1/32 pieces connected in a row like this , I recommend you all to learn to make 3D origami pieces this way ,is easy to work with, and the models will look great at first I’ll show you how to glue 3d origami pieces I use normal paper solid stik glue , I put some glue inside the pockets and then connect with other pieces like this I glue every piece and I recommend you to do the same we connect pieces like this until we have 22 pieces in the first row , 21 pieces in the second and 20 pieces in the third row I finish all these rows and next we put a inverted row under the first row like this I complete the inverted row and next we close the circle and we complete the rows until we have 22 pieces in each row now we have a 3d origami closed base , 22 pieces in each row , 3 rows normal and one inverted Next we increase the number of the pieces from 22 to 33 pieces in a row , we increase once like this and then we put a normal piece , we repeat this until we finish the row I finish the row and now we have 33 pieces in this row and next we put 5 normal rows in this way complete these 5 rows now we have 9 rows in total next we put 6 pieces then we put 5 pieces above then 4, 3 and 2 pieces next we let 2 edges free and then we put 9 normal pieces we repeat the same thing in the other part at the end we let again 2 edges free and then we put 5 normal pieces next we work here on the wing and we put 8 pieces above the 9 from previous row then 7 , 6 and 5 pieces like this we repeat all these rows on the other wing next we close here the row like this and again in the other part we complete here with 4 normal pieces and then 5 above next we repeat these 2 last rows we will repeat this rows until we have 13 rows here repeat the same thing on the other wing I finish all these rows and now we have 13 rows here and next we put one more row , 5 pieces and then 6 above repeat on the other wing here is the cest and we put 5 pieces like this , then 5 , then 4 , then 4 , then 3 , then 3 , then 2 , then 2 , then 1 and 1 like this we repeat the same thing on the other wing I finish both wings and next we push like this next we make the tail , we put 4 pieces above the 5 from previous row then 4 , 3 , 2, and 1 like this next we make the neck , we connect pieces like this until we have 16 pieces here now we will bend the neck a little to give a beautiful shape then we put all these 4 edges in one piece like this and now we put a small orange piece 1/64 like this , next we glue neck to the chest like this I make some black eyes and the model is finish next we glue these small heart here between the wings I will make in the next 2-3 days a tutorial for this heart This model is finish and I hope you like it , please subscribe, rate , share and make comments . this was all for today, I wish you a beautiful day

40 thoughts on “3D Origami swan 1 tutorial || DIY paper swan

  1. siempre veo tus videos me encanta todo lo que haces, pero no manejo muy bien el ingles, y que bueno ver que le has puesto subtitulos 🙂 eso me ayudara muchiisimo 😊

  2. Wow vey beautiful…I am wondering if you make this origami swans make up you so are your "invention"??
    Sorry about English…I am not speak Englis good.
    Thank you

  3. What about the heart? Didn't see that particular one in your videos. Is there one and did i miss it? I'd like to make the heart too, if you don't mind. Thanks.

  4. Hermoso como todos tus tutoriales me encantó y sobre todo xq ahora si les voy a entender xq ya está traducido al español gracias

  5. Buenas Noches. soy muy seguidor a todos tus tutoriales de hecho he realizado varios con dificultad, por lo que esta en ingles.
    Que posibilidades hay en enviarlos en español tambien, seria de gran ayuda ya que hay tutoriales que se me dificultan mucho.
    soy un aserrimo seguidor tuyo, me fascinan tus videos. muchas gracias.
    jorge herrera de Medellin, colombia.

  6. Cum de numesti piesele de 1/32 mari? Mi se par cam mici. Eu folosesc mereu 1/16. Ies si mai mari modelele si sunt si mai usor de combinat

  7. Hola gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con nosotros me preguntaba si puedes poner subtítulos en español en los vídeos de el cisne con el corazón que dice i love you, y en el emoji enamorado te lo agradecería muchísimo

  8. Me encantó para recuerdo de quince anos felicidades por tus vídeos ojalá los sigas editando en español gracias

  9. Putting glue on every piece. So I guess I'll have to build it really quickly so I'll have the chance to bend it into shape before the glue goes dry?

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