3D Origami Fishbone | Fossil – Tutorial for Beginners

3D Origami Fishbone | Fossil – Tutorial for Beginners

[Music] hello everybody in this video I’ll teach you how to make a 3d origami fishbone this kind of origami takes a little time to be made but it has endless possibilities this model consists of 64 pieces polar just dark together and you don’t need glue to make them we’ll divide four sheets of paper into sixteen parts and to do that we first have to fold in half [Music] [Music] now using the nucleus let’s cut the paper to get easier we can just tear this middle line like this now let’s repeat the same step with this half let’s do again and one less time that’s the size we want let’s repeat the same steps with the rest of the paper until we get the sixteen rectangles [Music] right we still need to do this we have three more sheets but for now let’s make the first piece first of all we need to fold in half so let’s bring the top side down and make a crease now let’s fold in half again but vertically bring the right side to left and also make a crease unfold turn the paper over and fold half of the top to the middle making two new diagonal folds first the right side just like this then the other [Music] for the next step turn it over again and fold aside corners to the next layer to the next edge just like this [Music] fold the left over down [Music] in close bringing both sides together the first piece is ready we need more 63 as you can see at the top we have two tips and on the bottom we have two small pockets to fit the start will first put two pieces together and put one end of each in the pockets of the top piece so we fit one piece on each half let’s put one more piece on each side following the same logic first right side live in one half left [Music] same thing on the left side and with that the first layer has two pieces and the second has three the next one will have four first feet on the middle pieces [Music] [Music] then both sides [Music] on the next we need to feed five pieces [Music] then six but the next one gonna be a little different let’s feed five again but on each side we have to feed one entire piece into one pocket and on the other pocket just have the middle part follows the same logic as before [Music] and on the right side again one half and one entire piece the head is ready to make the spine we start by feeding five pieces in the middle now we feed only one in one piece [Music] [Applause] [Music] then again half on each side [Music] repeat one on the middle and repeat the same step three more times one on each side the necks on the middle one on each side one on the middle and the last time right open a little bit [Music] create two more pieces and to make the tail is equal to the head we start with two [Music] then three [Music] for five [Music] the last one six but a little attention let’s put four pieces on the middle unless two pieces will be fitted on each side by placing one tip of the last layer and another tip of the previous layer this is the result on the right side just do the same on the left [Music] [Applause] [Music] Indira Gandhi’s bomb is ready I chose this model because it has several different techniques to fit the pieces showing how each one works and none is too difficult now from this you can create the 3d origami you want thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you next time [Music]

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  1. Olá cara, seu canal é ótimo e eu tô viciado em fazer origami kkkk você consegue se lembrar do passo a passo de todos os origamis que já aprendeu?

  2. This is so awesome 😍 😍
    today I have uploaded videos on my YouTube channel about Origami Heart crane…
    Please watch, if you have time. It would be great if you could give me some suggestions on my origami work… Have a great day 😊

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