100 thoughts on “36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know

  1. In England we got the pound shop (obviously) lol. Love it when they do half price sales. Lol reminds of a joke my daughter told me.

    Hey mom can I go to a 50 cent concert?

    Yes of course honey. There is a dollar you can take ya sister? Lololxxx

    Sorry couldn’t resist such a sweet innocent joke. Inno cent lolol didn’t mean to do that pmsl lolol

  2. Christina ricciardi I'm Michelle I'm from ct looking for a penny shopping buddy got ur name from crista coupons

  3. I hate when they use the term “Every Smart Person Should Know”. So someone is stupid if they aren’t aware? I guess we all can’t be a genius! 🙄

  4. Don't get me wrong I love the Dollar tree. But if you can afford a chop saw, then you could afford to get real glue and not use hot glue to put things together. I get that some people are on a budget, but just using hot glue to secure things together just makes it look even cheaper than it already is.

  5. Mod Podge is such a rip off! Here in the UK its just white school glue or PVA and there's no difference between 'fabric' or 'photo-transfer' or whatever except the amount of water you dilute it with…by all means stay loyal to the brand but just be aware that what you are paying for is a name and tap water!

  6. Bought a picture frame from dollar tree. Instantly fell apart as I was trying to take the back off. Never again lol

  7. I may be wrong but the voice sounded The same as the Beautiful narrator voice on alux
    If you all have not checked out that channel it is an awesome to annul

  8. I once bought some of that twine to do some rustic gift wrapping and it smells really bad. Like it had been soaked in something like gasoline. I wouldn't trust putting it near anything that produces heat like light bulbs, even fairy lights.

  9. hot glue on a ballon, then pop to obtain the round shape.. uhm I'm pretty sure hot glue will pop the balloon upon contact.

  10. Luv luv u two gals! Glad to c the younger generation making the earth even more beautiful! Wish u 2 lived near me! I've got green fingers and hav thousands of tocipal and garden flowers! Try and find some angel trumphets!

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  12. You are very creative! Every time I visit the nearest Dollar Store…..one thing noticeable?.. The prices of some items..keep rising……Yeah I know
    their prices is the cheapest in town….or…. depends upon HOW they PAY for the items from their distributors…..who one way or another
    profit more than the Dollar Stores themselves…..How about at least…keeping the prices stable on a certain part of the year..BEFORE you
    tag the prices higher than usual….Gradually….. please…..as we love shopping at your stores….but we would love you more if prices of some items stay reasonable …..as they used to be……

  13. This video is like “what you can do with dollar store items”, while I was expecting a “best dollar tree deals” video.

  14. Thank you for a great vid. You could involve children in making so many of these things too, then they are more likely to use them – like the stair buckets, the small card gift packets etc. Some other things I have found useful – pool noodles can line the roof rack bars on the cars to make more grippy / protective ways of holding kayaks, surfboards, skis, planks etc. White paper plates make useful pallets for mixing paints, then discard instead of washing paint residues down the sink/toilet. Also Dollar Tree 6oz packs of El Morro Espresso coffee are very good if you have an espresso machine. Foam boards make good craft bases to cut out and paint shapes or as boards for painting with acrylics. Dollar Tree seems to be the best of the Dollar stores with a wider range and fixed $1 prices but not some things are actually cheaper in Target or Walmart, especially if you are buying bigger packs.

  15. If you are a dummy get off this video and move along. You are not welcome here 😂😂😭 smart people only please 💓

  16. Thought adults do not like bullies and want it to stop. Oh , its only if its happening to your own child?. This comment section has a lot of bullies. The lady is just suggesting. She may have done even a couple of things wrong .Who does not. Everyone does things different. Everyone has a different amount of money. Any way so many people want to change the world but do not want to put out effort just hate. Sometimes people just have to do what others do just to please so they will not be bullied. Smh!!! Grow up.

  17. How did you get the same narrator of Alux? Her voice is simply beautiful! And you can see she's professional because she speaks very clearly (pronouncing all the syllables), sounding natural at the same time.

  18. Also, don't buy t.t. and p.t.'s at the d.s. Oh, that means toilet tissue and paper towel. You don't get a good deal compared to a lot of other sources. Varies depending on where you live though, and I'm not sure Wlamart is that good deal.

  19. A drawer divider isnt expensive it's $1. Majorty of these hacks you can just buy the item your trying to make at the dollar tree!!

  20. Thanks for the back splash idea. I live in an apartment and I'm drying to have a backsplash in my bathrooms and kitchen 💕😉💕

  21. Honestly I feel like for some of these I'd rather just work during the time it would take to make this stuff then just buy it

  22. This woman is crazy. Books in the dish rack? Make a lantern from pictures frames? The lanterns are cheaper than supplies. Also annoying voice and at times sounds like her dentures are loose.

  23. Has YouTube/Google figured out the Dollar store made this video instead of paying for an ad?. Most of these ideas are a waste or outright tacky

  24. Half of these tips require going to websites to see how they’re done!! What’s the point of even watching if you’re having to look elsewhere? Just another video to waste ones time!

  25. Please use less plastic guys. Save the planet. Does each child really need a caddy to organize their little packs of chips, soda etc? Do we really need those plastic covered cardboard bags at themeparks for kids meals?? Do we really need so many paper/plastic cups, plates, straws and cutlery at every party???
    So much wastage😣😣. At what point does mankind improve and say enough is enough. "NO MORE WASTAGE!!" This is my mother Earth too and not just someone else's😔
    I have traveled to other countries and feel saddened to say that I haven't seen as much wastage and use of paper and plastic anywhere in the world but America. We must remember that we set an example to the rest of the world and we must do the right thing in order tobring change on a large scale. Even small things matter like changing the way we organize parties and such. We gotta stop being so materialistic. Stop the practice of return gifts. Those bags for birthday parties are just filled with junk that end up in landfills!
    We should stop teaching our kids that there is joy only in lot of stuff. Well ultimately it's the next generation that will suffer the consequences of our overusage. They need to learn to live within their means.

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