34.Easiest way of growing coconut bonsai || नारियल बोनसाई आसानी से बनाये ||

34.Easiest way of growing coconut bonsai || नारियल बोनसाई आसानी से बनाये ||

hello friends ,good morning ,welcome to my channel ABC of Gardening and All how are you all i hope my tips must be helpful to you today with new topic I’m with you my topic is to how to grow and make coconut bonsai at home when I removed covering of coconut saw a growth at one of the three top hole I carefully immersed it horizontally to let grow for 6 months without changing water gradually saw roots as well as shoot developing remove xtra jute carefully for planting. keep indoor to avoid any bacterial growth so lets get started .now this is a pot to be used make a hole in the center cover it make a mix of equal proportion of coarse soil , cocopeat ,and garden soil fill it in pot carefully remove leftover jute without damaging roots to get this style it was kept horizontally so that roots get downwards shoot upwards and shell above pot set it gently ,roots in circular way cover it with potting mix these tiny structure are new roots press it nicely to fill any air pockets after a week or so cover the top with sand and keep it in sun our coconut bonsai is ready friends hope you like the video ,see you soon with a new topic. till then do like ,subscribe and share my channel ,Thanks for watching ,Happy gardening

35 thoughts on “34.Easiest way of growing coconut bonsai || नारियल बोनसाई आसानी से बनाये ||

  1. Ma'am, aap kuch dino baad ke is plant ke development ko apne video mein dikha sakte hain kya? I'm interested to know how it goes

  2. Hi Mam. mein Saleem hoo, me Punjab Pakistan me rehta hoo. Mujhy ap ki videos bht achi lgti hain. me ye jan-na chahta hoo ko kia me narial yahan punjab ky grm mosm aur km nmi waly aria me uga skta hoo, agr han to kaisy?

  3. मैंने गमलो मे 10-12 दिन पहले नारियल छिल के लगाये हैं कितने दिनो मे grow होगे मिट्टी काली मिलाई है ।

  4. Hi maam watercress ke bare me so vedio banaiye na plz India me kahi kisi ne v vedio nahi banaya mene watercress ugaya toh hai but khud mar jate hai plz maam

  5. Sirf water mi rkanhi kitane din taka use polithin bag mi dalker rakahne ki jarurt nhi. vesehi root aajati hi. water mi rake rakhe hi. Kitane din lagte hi.plz bataiy.

  6. V useful information Mam…Nice video….Coconut ke tree bohot lambe hote hai…bonne tree coconut ke seeds kese pehchane??? Mujhe kam lambai vale coconut tree ki kheti krni hai…please help me.!!!

  7. Hello Rituji, apka coconut ka plant kitna grow kiya?
    Aapne kaun sa coconut liya tha. Green wala jisme pani hota h ya jata wala jisme bhi pani hota h ?

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