33,215 Handmade Origami Peace Cranes – Gun Violence Deaths 2016

33,215 Handmade Origami Peace Cranes – Gun Violence Deaths 2016

My favorite song as a child singing at church
was “let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”. And it is beginning with me. I think that gun violence is preventable and
it’s sad that we’ve so many people already to such a terrible thing. In an effort to take a tangible stand for
peace, we here at Mile Hi have decided to set the intention to fold 33,215 cranes. I’m making these cranes for my daughter, whom
my family lost to gun violence. I know how my family felt after the murder
of a dear loved one. We are nearing our target, uh we got a few
thousand more to go. But happily we have a lot of interest, a lot
of people who are folding and stringing and lending whatever talents they have to this
project. I love the challenge of creating more love
and peace in the community and in the world through this project. I am fourteen years old. This peace crane project is so much bigger
than any one of us. This means everything to my generation. They’re sitting elbow to elbow at these tables
and they’re folding, and they’re creating…it’s just the most amazing project I’ve ever seen
here at Mile Hi Church. This is what I want to do and it’s just a
wonderful thing to do. And here I am! Here I am. Folding cranes, stringing cranes. And it is very relaxing, and it’s been a lot
of fun. Keep fighting for a peaceful world because
if we come together we can accomplish that.

3 thoughts on “33,215 Handmade Origami Peace Cranes – Gun Violence Deaths 2016

  1. So people who died by means other than guns don't count?

    It is cool that you are trying to do something, but wouldn't it be more effective if you spent your time reaching out to those in your community? Roughly two-thirds of those 'gun deaths' you mention are suicides and that is something that can be changed with actual outreach to your fellow man. Make an actual difference and help someone.

  2. Just out of curiosity, where did your numbers come from? The FBI has not released any data for 2016 yet that isn't preliminary.

  3. Just thought you should know that about 2/3 of all those "gun violence deaths" are suicide. Compare that to Japan where it's almost impossible to legally own a gun however has twice the suicide rate of the US.

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