for the first drawing we’re gonna do
SpongeBob SquarePants 1 2 3 ready 3 2 1 go
is it time it’s not time wait this marker doesn’t even work I don’t know
how to work these mom how do you work these hmm what is going on shirts
welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day today we’re gonna do the
three marker challenge and of course a bunch of awesome other stuff check this
basement out we have quite the question of box sports this is uh Lizzy’s box fort
the castle box fort where it even has a Barbie car that can come out of it oh I
love this Beetle Bug Barbie car it’s so cool then over here we have another box
oh I think this is liz’s Barbie box fort oh yeah it is this is so cool you open
it up and there’s like so many levels in here Millie has been playing in this and
she goes on all the different levels and over here we have the spongebob box fort
it and check this out here are some of the drawings we’re gonna be doing today
spongebob Patrick mr. Krabs and for this three marker challenge we’re gonna have
a friendly competition between me my brother and Lizzy sure so you know what
let’s go find out where everybody is Carter Liz Oh Carter’s right here Carter
what are you up to Oh what’s up Stan what’s up shares I am
working on the xmax because I broke it in Hawaii when we drove it on water and the pieces broke so I’m trying to
replace it now so I’m hoping oh oh this Tmax is so rusted look at the bolts on
that thing yeah this thing has got some rust on it for sure Oh oh my gosh okay I
think it’s safe to say that cars working Carter whoa oh they just take off
without you knowing oh my gosh sure welcome to the vlog if you’re new
here yeah crazy things happened on this channel I hit that subscribe button you
never know what’s gonna happen next Carter what just happened I have no idea
I think I connected it wrong and it just went full throttle it was so loud that
scared me so much yeah I don’t know what happened what’s going on Liz oh you know
what are you guys doing Carter’s trying to get this back together I’m getting
ready to do the three marker challenge you ready to challenge us in it yeah
what’s the marker challenge we’re doing that three marker challenge spongebob
edition where we each get to pick three markers with our eyes closed and then we
drove away and whoever does the best drawing is the winner oh my god they
just have to pick the markers is your eyes closed oh then you can draw but I
only get three markers to do it and shares this up to you to vote who wins
so we’re gonna have a couple rounds with this me versus my brother versus Liz so
who’s gonna win I don’t know but let’s do this
here we got this three marker challenge okay so for those of you who don’t know
how to do this corners actually never done this before this is what you do I’m
gonna say go and you close your eyes and you pick three markers and whatever
close you get you’re forced to use the colors all in the drawing so for the
first drawing we’re gonna do Spongebob Squarepants we’re each gonna get our own
so one for Liz one for Carter alright for me spongebob is the best so now
Carter close your eyes okay you’re gonna reach into this bucket and you’re gonna
grab three markers I got at least I got yellow and I brown
them black okay let’s do it that could work okay now it’s Liz’s turn
so close your eyes and pick up you pick three there you go yeah I got pretty
good one silver lime green and blue brown black and yellow no let’s get to
work Eddie did you like shaking markers they’re actually my mom’s art supply
markers so I’m not sure how they’re gonna turn out and they looked really
cool they were super big markers ready 3 2 1 go
time it’s not time to work I don’t know how to work these mom how do you work
these ha ha there we go I’m off I’m ready to do this this is
already way under way well yours is looking good already
oh yeah all I’m doing is just coloring in spongebob yellow yeah this we’ve got
the upper hand on that yellow color Oh Carter got yellow too
yeah I got it going with my win this one Carter actually is pretty good colors
because spongebob is yellow and he wears brown pants oh yeah you’re right these
markers are so big it’s hard to keep it in the line yeah these workers are huge
they’re very hard to draw with actually yeah I think he’s artwork for painting
that they’re drawing but they’re so cool oh he’ll be there branded silver pants
now blue marker looks like it might be dried out Oh
oh no we’re good blue eyes although eye color its leaves in yellow
they’re supposed to be white uh-uh get some breath he’s got the brown
Oh strong they actually like cover the black outline of these gotta be more
careful with how I draw this takes very close attention to detail looks so good
I’m getting they’re getting better this is online I forgot no no you can’t other colors see okay I’m almost done final touches
coming in right now okay here we go Sharon this is round number one aka the
spongebob rounds to come and hash take spongebob and who you think won this
round Liv actually looks really good oh yeah
you can pick the best color combination yeah yellow blue for the eyes and then
green like cool ivory pants or comment the hash tag Stephen if you like mine
mine’s a unique spongebob it’s lime green with blue eyes and a blue shirt
and gray pants I actually think this kind of looks pretty cool yeah that’s
pretty cool check mine out come in hash tag Carter Jake I’m the winner cuz I got
a yellow sponge around i put brown pants on to him i put i had to use the black
somewhere so i made some more lines on them but someone his eyes to make it
look cool cars got the classic spongebob this has like fruits up version with the
lime green pants and i got a different versions but you got this big one i got
this six bunch bob so it looks like for this spongebob
rounds Liz one so it’s on to round number two and round number two is our
favorite Patrick stole some pink markers in this mix okay I guess excuse first
because I want yeah and this gets to choose two markers back in time let’s
see what you pick one yellow and lime green like those colors okay see your
turn oh my turn pick one and two yes oh these are really good color
combinations yeah big blue and purple all right I need colors this time here
we go red or purple let’s do this let’s do this round number two the Patrick
round beginning and three two go alright so I got the classic pink this could
work this could definitely work as long as I can keep it up gonna fill in
Patrick with the pink I have no idea what I’m gonna do save the weirdest
dollars for Patrick’s this got the yellow for Patrick yellow cardigan
cardigan what is that purple let’s pick markers actually kind of dirty it’s got
like black so it’s like a dark pink all right fill this in carefully it’s all
about being careful around the lines ok these workers just so market is so fast
it’ll paint over top of the black outlines so you got to be super careful
with how you draw these oh this is going away at it this is quick oh yeah I’m the
color master I have to take my time because I got to be careful not to uh oh
I drew over the lines yikes I’m not the best at keeping within
the lines Carter’s quiet I’m focusing so hard
right now I gotta breathe on the W on this one I
need a win to this is up by one I need a window cuz I don’t lose uh-oh oh I got
actually this is actually looking pretty good shares actually does it does look
oh that looks good Steve but it’s up to the surest abode so we’ll see what they
pick that’s true it is up to you shares to vote you can vote at any time this is
round number two the Patrick round my Patrick looks like a spongebob yeah
thanks spongebob and patrick switch lives yeah almost done actually mines
looking so good okay the body of Patrick’s done no I just gotta fill in
the pants let’s see should have do purple pants purple pants with blue
flowers this is gonna be epic Oh
that workers honored every Oh this is one liquidy marker I gotta be super
careful with this one this markers super wet right be careful
with filling in the lines don’t mess this up I’m so close to taking home a
win chairs this is looking so good put it in a little more mall most done how’s
everyone else doing buddy’s looking good our cards looking
cool mine actually doesn’t look too bad this looks good actually
well that’s I got spongebob Patrick that’s crazy
I just got a finish by the homeless dawn looking so good I’m just gonna do his
pants and light blue flowers this is gonna be epic this looks so good I think
whoo all right I think I’m done sure he’s done with yep I’m done party you
done I need like a couple more seconds okay yeah all right reveal up in three two
one go oh they all look so good so colorful I think I won thanks guys what
good eating one hash take Carter hashtag Stephen yeah if you think this spongebob
Patrick is the winner cartas is cool cuz it’s like orange sherbert I actually do
like that it looks a lot like Patrick from a distance I mean that’s mine and
then mine just like the original Patrick I feel like shares it’s time to cast
your vote who do you think won Liz Carter or me comment right now all right
it looks like Oh Liz dropped away between Carter and me Oh now it’s time for the last and final
round round number three mr. Krabs round I’m gonna get a red marker for sure but
it’s gonna actually be hard because his eyes are super narrow his body’s nice
too big with it you go super narrow so you have to color in the eyes you got to
be careful with these markers yeah and this is definitely the hardest route
let’s do it bring out the Marcus earring and help them markers let’s do this
whose pick it first okay ready here we go and one whoa I don’t like it and – oh great I got a red and pink and blue yeah
they’re actually pretty good color not that ok Liz you’re up okay ready yeah
now it’s my turn okay ready yeah come on Sharra’s the best don’t like one
right now so I need good markers for this one so I need to it around they
both went around back haven’t won yet so this is gonna be me ready here we go
three two one like button for video all right ready yeah whoa oh my goodness okay you ready to do this
let’s do it what the drawing begin all right I’m gonna start with red isn’t
here I normally wear a red shirt I know he’s a red body I can’t remember share
the carry member is he a red body I’m going crazy yeah my lobster so he’s a
red body he’s a red body shares I’m going crazy this way because I want to
win I got the red if I do this right I kind of forgot how Mr Krabs looks
I think he’s wears a red shirt not a red body I could be wrong I don’t know I was
gonna try it however best I think it goes it could be good it could not this
is so metallic it looks like gallium oh it does Lee the gaim nerf turret that we
did before yeah or the gallon digits thinner Oh more gallium yeah those
videos are so fun we still have got em crazy yeah we have so much charis coming
what kind of gallium we should do next we did gallium fidgets been a gallium
Nerf dart we do a gallium nerf gun that would be please don’t actually fire
something yeah that we could do that’d be awesome
these markers are so or next time we got to use like smaller markers they’re so
hard to fill in the lines with only if you’re an amateur that’s me I’m not
gonna keep them within the lines I’m getting pretty good at it
who’s gonna be crazy I’m going to crazy colors on this one same mine is gonna be
so epic one’s gonna be a feeling original I’m not sure – gonna be so good
you never be really good at this mom would be so good at this
oh yeah she would be so good I think my mom would win every single round no
matter what color she got just make it amazing she’s so good at drawing and
coloring crazy sure is it we should do it three marker challenge with my mom
call right now hashtag mom I think that would be so hard to beat her she might
win every single round well this pink what is juice oh my gosh
that looks so good you got the fresh pink one yeah this pink is awesome our
cart is good at coloring in the lines you know doing like
hyper-focus over here let’s looks a little interesting I’m not sure I don’t
really know what colors I’m doing but uh ones actually turned out pretty good I
think yeah I think I’m gonna win this round
I’m not sure about that one because not only is my awesome but I’ve also done so
this is gonna be awesome wait shirts just wait until you see how
great this one is because I think this is gonna give me my first ever win for
the three marker challenge so I’m super excited hang on you got away from mine
there I’m almost done okay I think we got to put a timer you guys almost done
yeah I’ve seen a little more time and I’ll be done you gotta finish that sure
you gotta hurry up all right I’m going quick okay I’m done
whoa I’m looking pretty good at thing yeah I like it okay it’s time for the
voting round you ready guys yeah mr. Crabbe smells like money so that’s
actually pretty cool yeah and I gave him some nice designs for his shirt yeah
that is awesome see what you got mine’s like their original I feel like we’re
close to the original it’s like it’s like he’s got the Red Lobster body pink
shirt blue pants looks pretty good I think that is awesome and check mine out
shares I got a yellow mr. Crabb so it’s kind of like spongebob it’s super cool
check it out yeah I think mine is pretty good so vote for me so I can get a win
on this one shares round this is round number three common who do you think won
hashtag Liz hash take Stephen her hash tag Carter come on mr. Craig oh it looks
like Liz out I am goodbye Oh Liz okay so that was like you
left sure who are you gonna vote for who Oh who’s winning Oh
Oh awesome this was so much fun so much my chairs
this is a three marker challenge come one marker challenge we should do next
yeah baby can do like a Pokemon one or like a nerf gun one that’d be cool or
maybe we can do a five marker count five Margaret’s chance we have multiple codes
that’d be so cool sure is coming we think we should do
next and until then you know


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