3 Magic KNIVES from RESIN ART (1 glows in the dark)

3 Magic KNIVES from RESIN ART (1 glows in the dark)

Have you guys ever had
the urge to just like take an every day
object, like a knife, and recreate it in resin? Hopefully this is a normal
urge that we’re having. We should Google it. (laughter) What are normal urges? Don’t Google that. (scene beeps) We’re Evan and Katelyn and
today we’re gonna make a knife made of resin. This video is sponsored
by Squarespace. From websites and online stores, to marketing tools
and analytics, Squarespace is the
all-in-one platform to build a beautiful
online presence and run your business. So most YouTube
videos at this point would have some
reasonable justification for why they’re
doing the project. We decided, kind of look
cool and uh (laughs) any other reasons Katelyn,
help me out. (laughs) Okay so for the design, we took a knife we
have already made and we used it as
a starting point to kind of get the size,
general size of the handle. But, we want a blade
that’s straight ’cause that’s a
lot easier to sand so we’re like, hey, we’ll
make a little mini cleaver. (laughs) Plus, it looks cool. It looks cool! I mean, it looks decently cool. Then, I redesigned
it to be this, which, I think, is like, you know, it’s got a
little bit more curves and little like details, maybe
a little bit more unique. It’s unique. (laughs) You say that like
you don’t like it. No, no, it’s really
good, it’s unique. Thank you. So the plan is to pour
a couple sheets of resin and then cut it on the CNC because that can get
it super precise. But we want to let the resin
cure for five full days to make sure it’s fully hardened and doesn’t gum up the machine and we don’t wanna do our
very first test design on resin that took
five days to cure. So, first we’re
gonna do a prototype to test the size,
shape, and thickness and it should be
done any minute now. Here you go. I’m so fast. Oh my gosh. (claps) (laughs) Well, first off, this
is beautiful already. I really like it. KATELYN: It’s just
very satisfying, (Evan laughs) I guess just to
hold it and feel it and see if the
proportions seem right. Yeah, ooh. What do you think about
the thickness in general. Well I don’t think
we can go any thinner ’cause resin can’t
pour too thin. So this is pretty beefy too, I think it being rounded
makes a big difference. Yeah but I like the feel
of it being thin better. I don’t know why I like
the thin knife feel. Yeah, I mean, I’m down, keep
it lightweight, maneuverable for our choppings. Another thing is,
this right here, you can chop and your
hand is not touching the, what you’re cutting against. And this one you
can’t really do that. Yeah so maybe we need
to angle the handle. EVAN: Wait, that might
be overcompensating, maybe like somewhere in between. Yeah that still will look cool. KATELYN: Yeah. And it’ll be more usable. Whew, glad we prototyped. Okay so we’ll carve
one more prototype. CAT: Hey! Oh hey, thanks for joining us. If the Supurrvisor approves
of the secondary prototype, we shall move forward. Oh, she likes the first one, probably ’cause it
looks like cheese. (laughter) (scene beeps) (upbeat music) EVAN: All right, that profile
looks a lot better and Yes! It functions, (laughs) which is an important
aspect of this also. But, again, does
it receive approval from the Supurrvisor. Hey, here, record
me, witness me. I’m gonna get some
things. (laughs) KATELYN: And catnip? EVAN: (laughing) May the
odds be ever in our favor. KATELYN: That’s a lot of work
for a prototype approval. EVAN: Tsk, tsk. KATELYN: You literally
put the treat on it. EVAN: Wow, she’s
really intrigued. KATELYN: Does that
count as approval? (scene beeps) All right so now that we
have 100% legit approval, no bribery involved at all,
we need to make some forms to pour the resin into. So let’s cut those
on the X-Carve. (laughter) Now typically people will
just construct a mold box of the size they need
for something like this but because our pours
are gonna be so thin, we can literally just carve
it out of some scrap wood so that’s way faster. Yeah, yous having a good time? EVAN: (laughing) That
catnip got to her. (scene beeps) So we’re gonna have three
different attempts at this. KATELYN: Yeah. So that maybe we can have,
maybe one for me, one for you or there’s a few backups. I think more like just
in case we mess up. I don’t think we’re
going to be making two resin knives toady. Well, but also, then
we can just have like a sparkly one, we
can have a dark one, we can have a clear one. You wanna sharpen all of these? No. (laughs) We’re not increasing
the scope of this video. So what we’re gonna
do with these boxes is cover the underside
with parchment paper and then use Tyvek
tape to seal it up and to block the
edges of the wood. So the resin theoretically
should not stick. We haven’t actually used the
parchment paper trick before but we’ve seen it on
YouTube so it must be true. (laughter) Even if it does stick in there, we could theoretically
use this as a fixture like a jig for cutting
it. We can just, Oh, we should just
do that anyway! Yeah, we can just
clamp this back down, it’ll be held in place and we
can just cut the outlines out from this. Is this gonna be the (tape rips) I wanna try to do it like in one Oh that’s smart Continuous tape. Thank you. I knew I married
you for a reason. (laughs) For my taping skills. (upbeat music) (classical music) KATELYN: Okay. Here we are yet again. It feels so familiar to like
be about to do a resin pour. It just feels like home. It’s like 10:00 PM, we
kind of want to go to bed but we would rather pour resin. And I am ready to go with
a galaxy themed pour. (alert noise) (Katelyn gasps) I’m gonna make a
galaxy knife Katelyn. I was kind of thinking
about doing the galaxy. There will be kind
of like, glitter. Well you can do your
own galaxy. (laughs) No, now it’s taken. Well so, I’ll do one knife,
Katelyn will do another knife, and then we’ll work
collaboratively on
the third spare. Okay, I’ve gotta come up
with another idea now. (classical music) EVAN: All right. Did you double-glove? No, but I think that
I’m experienced enough that I don’t need to
double-glove anymore.
(laughs) (kiss) I’ve learned my lessons. I will do the most white and I’m gonna save a
decent amount of clear too. Whoops. You got resin on the glitter. It’s on the holo! What if we got some Holo Taco and then did like a resin
project with Holo Taco. On top of it. Like in it. Oh, in it. Like mix it in. Oh, ohh, hmm. I’m losing time,
I’m losing time. You’ve got plenty of
time, you don’t need No pressure. KATELYN: So much holo! (laughing) Oh it’s luscious. EVAN: It’s thick. KATELYN: It’s thick! EVAN: That’s what I’m talking
about, that’s a nice color. KATELYN: That’s nice also. White, purple, gold, more
purple, teal, and holo. Kind of like a pastel galaxy? Yeah. Cool, cool, cool All right, I’m ready. Wait, I’m not, I’m not,
I wasn’t ready, okay. (laughs) No pressure! No pressure. There’s no pressure. Stop saying no pressure
like there’s pressure. That’s a lot of clear
’cause we can only fill up to the bottom of the black line. (ding) EVAN: But I want the
blade to be like ethereal KATELYN: Ooh. EVAN: You know what I mean? Little bit of gold here. KATELYN: I’m excited
for the dark colors. And a decent amount
of this green here, I’m gonna use most
of this green up. Kinda looks like Mardi Gras. Dang it, I’m making
a Mardi Gras blade. Maybe blending it. Yeah, maybe blending it. Or it’ll just turn into barf. (laughs) it looks
like a kings cake, with a baby. (laughs) Oh my gosh! How do I make it
more holo Katelyn? Or how do I make it more galaxy? Add black. Add black? Okay. (laughs) Here I go. (laughter) No pressure. Do you think the black
will make it look horrible? Well, it might. What else is space colored? Blue. Let’s go crazy. Let’s party! But I feel good
about this dark blue. Dark blue will be
nice, like a navy. It does so look like Mardi Gras, it does not look like galaxy. Yeah that is dark,
when I mix that in it’s gonna make
a big difference, if I have enough. KATELYN: That looks
like galaxy to me. EVAN: Yeah, I should
have done more of this. You’re just gonna? Don’t, yeah, don’t just like
drape it across everything. Oh no, oh. Um galaxy, well, you do you. (laughter) I won’t say anything. EVAN: Hey you know what. KATELYN: That actually,
that looks cool. That navy is pretty sweet. It’s giving me some
Starry Night vibes. EVAN: More gold? KATELYN: Sure. EVAN: I think more gold. KATELYN: Yeah. Ooh. I’m liking this now. That blue like did a thing. (heat gun whirs) EVAN: Why isn’t this, I wanna get rid of
that white area, I did too much clear, and now I overmixed it. Okay, you know what, it’s
perfect just like that. Just like I imagined it. Oh you’re going for the
handle now, okay, handle time. EVAN: There’s going to
be a lot of iridescence, a lot of holo in there. KATELYN: Are you gonna,
oh yeah I forgot. I gotta make sure I have enough I’m gonna have to just
dump everything in here. I might need to mix up some more or I’ll just use the KATELYN: Yeah, yeah,
yeah, there you go. I think you’ll have enough. That’s about right. I’m just gonna add
everything I have left. (laughter) KATELYN: Ooh, EVAN: Squeeze that out. (laughter) KATELYN: I mean, it looks cool. (heat gun whirs) Cool, you know, it is
like similar color family. Yeah, I feel a lot
better about this. Now it looks cool. Hoo, hoo, (clap) good last minute save. I really get the
galaxy with this. KATELYN: The glitter. EVAN: The glitter makes it. But I didn’t wanna put
the glitter onto the blade because I feel
like those embeds, you might not be able to
sharpen those as much. Yeah. I feel like pure
resin would do better. Pure. KATELYN: Sweet. EVAN: Well that
didn’t take too long and that wasn’t
stressful in any way. No rush. (laughter) Your turn. (laughs) So I have a few ideas. I mean I could try to
do an actual galaxy. (Evan laughs) I could also do ocean
blade with a sunset handle. Oh yes! Which could be kind of cool. Or we could do that for, ’cause
I definitely want that now I want an ocean blade
with a sunset handle. We can do that as our last
one though if you want. Okay, or So I’ll just like take that idea thank you very much. I’ll
take partial credit for it. Another is, we could do a geode blade
with a crystal handle. I know. I want My other thought was a,
like, unicorn rainbow blade with a sparkly holo handle. That one you’re not
excited about, okay. No, no, no, no, no,
no, that sounds cool but the rainbow would be
really hard to keep separated, you know, we’ve tried
doing rainbows a few times. I could do it. It doesn’t
have to be straight-up rainbow it’s just kind of like
pastel-y, rainbow-y colors and a general rainbow theme. Okay, okay (snap) three really
good ideas there, two left geode, rainbow unicorn sparkle, beach. With sunset. With sunset. I think we have to do geode. That’ll be our shared because the geode is
kind of like a thing It is like a thing A thing of ours. Yeah. So, for you, which do you want? I kinda wanna do
the ocean sunset. Yeah, it sounds wonderful. It sounds, yeah, it sounds cool. Okay. Okay. Okay. (clapping) Gloves on. (cheerful music) KATELYN: Okay. EVAN: Okay. It’s go time. So I have a lot
of colors to mix. (ding) So I will help. Thank you. (Evan chuckles) I’m like a little
nervous ’cause it’s Oh that’s a lot. Well, I gotta, I’m gonna
have like, okay, fine. Most of it’s gonna
be in these three. Yeah, you’re right, I think
those are a good amount. I’ll put some back and
I’ll reserve some clear just in case I need to
mix more of something. EVAN: Oh, you’re so smart! Got it from you,
Baby. (clicks tongue) EVAN: Oh, mine
turned out pretty. Oh sorry. This is my moment. (Evan laughs) Let’s mix. Okay, so for those, you can
just do, you know, a little bit EVAN: Tiny bit, yeah KATELYN: In each I’ll do these ’cause I have
specific ratios in mind. EVAN: These should be
pretty solid though, right? KATELYN: Pretty solid, yeah,
I don’t want it to really be see-through. Thanks for helping me mix, Love. EVAN: Of course,
Baby, I got yo’ back. Man, I think the issue is I’m
gonna wanna make every one of these into a knife. We’re not increasing
the scope of this video. I think we should just
at least make the blanks, we don’t need to sharpen all
of them, and then determine Oh yeah! Which one gets turned into
like an actual sharp knife Like a sharpened blade Yeah. KATELYN: Okay. EVAN: I like these
colors you chose. KATELYN: Thank you. EVAN: Now remember,
this side right here is gonna be where
the knife shows, the handle is gonna be there
and it’s gonna be covered. KATELYN: Oh yeah so EVAN: So choose one side
for most of your design to be on. Thank you. EVAN: (laughs) ’cause I can tell Time to start shifting
the blue over. EVAN: Yeah. And if you want to you could
even like put some clear there or something like
that or I’m not sure. No clear. No clear. Are we clear? No, we’re not, no clear. (laughing) Sorry, I’m bad at jokes. (laughs) You are great,
I understood your humor, I just didn’t find it funny. (Katelyn gasps) (laughing) No, I’m joking! (Evan laughing) I am hurt. Okay, I’m gonna do
a little blending. EVAN: That’s about
as much as you need. It’s at the right level. I gotta come over
here, sorry camera. (heat gun whirs) It’s like not as blue as I hoped but this can be kinda
like a greenish ocean. EVAN: Yeah, it looks cool. Want me to mix some more
blue in and you can like, mix it in there? I thought I was
running out of room? No, no, you can make
it a little thicker. KATELYN: We doin’ it. EVAN: Yeah, that looks
nice, that looks nice. Oh yeah. KATELYN: Thank you. EVAN: Oh, you went over my, you went over my works of art. Oh I’m sorry! (laughs) Oh yeah,
that looks nice. KATELYN: Does it
read ocean to you? Let’s add some more dark
across all of it, maybe no, yes, no KATELYN: You can
do a little bit. Go for it. EVAN: I was thinking
like, in like a couple, KATELYN: Striations? EVAN: Striations? KATELYN: Yeah. Okay that’s good,
that’s good, oh no. EVAN: No, oh, sorry. Oh no, I’m sorry, I messed up! (heat gun whirs) yeah, that one big blob, sorry. Did my too much come out? KATELYN: Mmm. EVAN: Oh, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, should I do
some alcohol ink? That was my plan. (Evan laughs) I’ll start over here
just to test it. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: I feel like
that could look cool. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: I’m gonna do it. EVAN: Go for it. KATELYN: Not gonna do it
evenly across but like, kind of on one end
as if it’s like, kinda foaming. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: Yeah! EVAN: Oh yeah, do
you need to do more? KATELYN: That looks
kinda cool right? Hopefully it doesn’t
just like turn terrible. Does it look gross or does
it look cool, I can’t tell. I think it’s kinda cool. EVAN: It kinda
solidified into chunks. Is the white expired? ♪ Let’s embrace
the chunks, Baby, ♪ cause I gotta go on my handle! Okay, go for it. Oh you’re gonna do a gradient. KATELYN: Mhmm. EVAN: Oh nice. See, you get your
rainbow in there anyways. KATELYN: Yeah. Ooh, it’s flowin’, oh
it’s not, is that level? Oh yeah. EVAN: Oh that looks pretty. I think that might be it. I love it. Whew! Okay. Done. Can I blast the, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t mind that it’s
kind of like on top EVAN: I kinda wanna
try like breaking it up a little bit into
smaller clusters. I feel like that looks worse. Oh, I know, I know. (laughs) You’re just taking out
all of my alcohol ink. EVAN: (laughs) just
the big chunks. Okay. They just look a little funky. Like, I kinda don’t mind
it because like the froth on an ocean is different.
Don’t mess with it, like, if you keep doing horizontal
lines, you’re gonna mess with like the flow patterns. They were too concentrated,
just a little bit. Are we done, now? Now we’re done. That looks beautiful. Yeah that does look really cool. That was the part I was like, oh I don’t know if
that’s gonna turn out. Ocean, I got this, we just
did an ocean bath caddy, so easy. So easy. So easy. Yeah, the only thing is I
wish that the white had gone EVAN: A little bit more. that way more but
there’s not really enough of it because like I think I like the
blade being the ocean because I’m not sure
what the white was. It was like the froth. But like, did the white
all the way through. Okay, imagine, you know
those photos that are like, the camera’s half
under the water? (seagulls cawing) Oh! Imagine that. Here’s the horizon of the water, here’s the deeper water. So this the top of, And then it goes I was imagining a top-down view. And then it goes
into the sunset. How do you have a
top-down of a sunset? (upbeat flute music) It makes sense now. I’m sorry I didn’t
trust in your vision. It’s okay. (playful music) EVAN: All right, ready? I’m ready. I’m feelin’ confident. I’m feelin’ good. I almost spilled. Need a lot of white,
oh, can you tell them about our special ingredient? Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, while the camera was off, we
decided we’re also going to add glow in the dark powder. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: For the first time. We’ve never mixed this
into resin before. EVAN: Never. I don’t know why it makes
sense to do it on a geode but I feel like, It’s like a glow rock. Yeah. So we’re gonna do the
geode part for the blade and then just like a white,
crystally, sparkly handle. Yes. In terms of colors, we’re
doing navy, blue, purple, and white. So the glow powders we’re
gonna mix into the main white. EVAN: I believe so. KATELYN: Ooh! EVAN: (laughs) that’s a lot. It says one to four mix, this is a lot less
than that even. It may or may not glow. Plus, we’re going to be mixing
other things on top of it so, well see, it’s
an experiment. Okay, so should we
start on the main, whoa, (laughter) it got stuck to me. I wouldn’t do everything
like super evenly, you know, Oh yeah. ’cause you know geodes
are kind of circular. I still wanna have like, a look as if this is
a rectangular slice of a circular geode. EVAN: All right, why don’t
you start executing that idea. KATELYN: Imagine this is
like a circle. Do you see it? EVAN: Oh, I get
it, I get it now. I’ll start working on this
because all we’re doing here, we’re just gonna be
pouring white and holo. Oh, good execution. Good vision. I don’t know how I feel
about mine right now. Should I do any
alcohol inks in this? Yes, yes. I feel like not the white but maybe like a
navy or a purple. EVAN: Oh, yeah, it’s
got some cool cells. KATELYN: The purple is kind
of doing the same weird thing as the white did. EVAN: Has it gone bad? Do alcohol inks go bad? KATELYN: It still
looks cool though. EVAN: It still looks cool. KATELYN: Like, I think
that looks pretty cool. Let me do one blue one. EVAN: Oh it’s doing
the same thing. KATELYN: It’s doing
the same thing. EVAN: All right,
can you hook me up? (heat gun whirs) You know what, I’m
gonna stir it too. What do you think about this? Should I scoop out that blue? The purple I don’t mind. I’m gonna scoop out the
blue, I don’t like that. EVAN: I got it, I got it. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: It kinda like
went rancid on us. KATELYN: We’ve had
it for a while. It’s betrayed us. That’s better and the purple I don’t
mind too much actually Yeah. The purple looks kind of
cool. It looks crackled. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: Which isn’t what
we normally go for but it works in this case. The blue was just funky. It still kinda reads
as geode, I think, because of the purple. Yeah. Okay, cool, cool, cool. EVAN: Cool, cool, cool, cool. Sorry, we didn’t
really film any of that on the handheld one (Evan laughs) for you guys but. Let’s give them the
tour, a knife tour. Oh yeah, we’ll give
you guys a tour of all of them! Of all of them, yeah! EVAN: All right, so first
up, we have the galaxy, so many cells have developed
here, it’s amazing, I’m actually KATELYN: It does kinda
look like a nebula, actually this really
looks like a galaxy. EVAN: That looks like a galaxy! Katelyn’s ocean blade
looks really cool. I see her vision now. KATELYN: Thank you. EVAN: And I wish
that we had a like, I wish that I had seen
it from the beginning. Eh. EVAN: Eh. KATELYN: It’s still
gonna be cool. EVAN: Sunset looks wonderful. KATELYN: Thank you. EVAN: I need to make
another one of these just to hang on the wall. Or something. This, you know what, it may develop and
progress as it sits there because that’s what
happened to this one. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: And so more things
might happen there but in general, I
like the color scheme. And this turned out about like
what I was kinda thinking, its a little bit, KATELYN: That white
with sparkly and swirly. EVAN: The main thing
is, if it glows, that’s gonna be cool. KATELYN: That’s gonna be cool. Well test that later. Alrighty, time to
call it a night. (sigh) (explosion) (laughter) (small explosion) (laughter) See you tomorrow. Or maybe in five days. Okay so it’s only
two days later. We got impatient but when we poured these guys,
we poured some of the extra into some coaster molds and we
cut them, and they seemed to, EVAN: And they worked, TOGETHER: Yeah. So I think we’re justified
in like taking these out. (laughs) The main thing that
we wanna see right now is did the parchment
paper trick work? Yeah like, can we unstick it? Cause otherwise we’re
gonna have to sand it off and it’s gonna be a whole thing. Ooh, okay. Okay. Okay. Aw, weird, there’s
like a little bit of thickness variation
on some of those which isn’t 100% ideal. Why are they so wobbly? Some of these have
like a big dent. Yeah like look at this
right here, a huge dent. KATELYN: Look at this! EVAN: Huge dent there, KATELYN: Huge dent. How? Why? EVAN: Oh yeah! Oh! Doesn’t stick, that’s great, but we still have
some other issues. (Evan sighs) This is concerning. EVAN: Very concerning. I mean maybe we can
do our carves around the imperfections? Or maybe this is the underside and we just fill
the gaps with resin. (Katelyn squeaks) (paper rips) I mean this works great and we’re gonna leave them
in this when we carve, Yeah. ’cause this is
easier to clamp onto than these little
individual guys. But like, also, what the heck? I mean there’s a few aspects
of this that worked perfectly The parchment
paper didn’t stick. Do you have other things? That’s the main thing. (laughs) Okay well you know
what, we’ll have to deal with these imperfections, later We’ll have to deal with them,
lets go ahead and get a take and let’s cut them out
and let’s get going. Yeah. (retro video game music) Okay, are you ready? Are you nervous? I’m nervous yet I
feel 80% confident. KATELYN: Okay. (retro video game music) (record scratch) EVAN: So, there’s a
little bit of a mess up. You know that tape we applied? KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: It just like, came loose and we
have a missing chunk. KATELYN: Is there room to
fit two more over there? EVAN: No. KATELYN: Aw. EVAN: You know, this
one will just be, It’ll have personality. EVAN: It’ll be special. We’ll call him Chip. EVAN: (laughs) Sad. It’s okay. EVAN: It’s okay. (laughs) (retro video game music) KATELYN: You ready? EVAN: I’m ready. They look good. KATELYN: They look good. I’m glad there were
no more mishaps. Oh, that’s cool. Oh, you didn’t do it with
the white on the blade. EVAN: I forgot. It’s interesting, this side is so completely
different than this side. KATELYN: Oh, yeah, I
didn’t think about that, that we’re gonna have,
the knives are two-sided. Oops. That one might be my favorite, of course it’s the
one I did, I’m biased. (Evan laughs) EVAN: Ooh, yes. KATELYN: That’s awesome. EVAN: Oh and this is
cool on both sides. KATELYN: Oh, I love
that that one’s sheer. EVAN: Oh, yeah! KATELYN: That’s awesome! EVAN: This I already
popped out so, KATELYN: You cheater! You did it without me! I mean, I know one
of them broke out, but you know what I mean. (scene beeps) EVAN: Yeah, but look at
this, they’re combined now. Ooh. Nice. Ooh, nice. KATELYN: Ooh, it’s cool
to see the pairings. EVAN: Yeah. You know what, I cannot
wait until I test how how KATELYN: Glowy they are? glow in the dark these are. All right, these look so cool. But I think it’s time to
clean up all the edges, maybe round over some bits, and probably assemble
it all in montage mode. And then, ’cause, We have a lot of
sanding ahead of us. Yeah and this video is already
getting a little bit long and then we’ll see you again when it’s time to make these
into blades and sharpen them. (air horn honking) (upbeat rock music) Should we put on
gloves, you think? Yeah, let’s lay that out. Sorry marble, you’re beautiful, EVAN: You’re so pretty but, KATELYN: But you’re
not practical. Come on in blue mats. We won’t need much
epoxy at all today. Still gonna get
out the big boys. So over-squish is kind
of our main concern. Yeah, so we’ll just clean
it up as best as we can. So, I actually had a thought. We’re gonna be putting
too much epoxy in here just so that it can
fill all the gaps. And instead of it
dripping this way, or that way, would it make sense for
it to drip down here and out off its bottom, so then we only have
to clean up one point. How are we gonna
do that, though? There’s a hole there. Well, yeah, yeah, but
like, we’re gonna have to clamp these, to hold it shut, Yeah, we’re gonna
have to clamp these, And then that’s a lot
of weight on that hole. Not sure what we’re
gonna hang it from. Well, the epoxy is
already starting to go, you already mixed it so, We should probably
start going, okay. Don’t, no, don’t rush,
please don’t rush. Okay, not rushing, in any way. I will very carefully and
precisely lay the epoxy down. This is not the
time to go crazy. This is the exact
right time to go crazy. KATELYN: No, it is not
the time to go crazy. EVAN: Okay so what I’m
thinking about doing is just, kind of,
setting this down, and I probably put
way too much epoxy. Yeah. Yeah. (laughs) all right, I’m gonna
less epoxy this time. Yeah. They are probably like
knife makers out there yelling at me right now. I might need to hammer. Okay. I’m getting epoxy
all over these guys. Oh man, what a mess. (Evan laughs) (clanking) We’ll clean it all up later. No! He’s rubbing it in! (laughs) I’m unifying it. It looks good. Hey what if we just rubbed
it in on the whole thing and then we don’t
have to polish. Yeah, that’s my plan. Okay, so, how are we gonna
hold this vertical, yeah. Uh, dowels. But where are we gonna
put the dowels from? KATELYN: Well, let’s,
one thing at a time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, are they the same height? Well that ones got epoxy
on it from the last one. Oh, there you go, there you go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Well not on the, you’re
blocking everything, we’re still trying to get shots. Do this little one. The little one. Yeah, there you go, can you put the piece of
paper towel underneath it, catch the drips? Can you give me one second? We’re gonna need to make
this wider but then, Yeah. I feel like we should tape that. One side. (laughs) This is
great, this is great. Yeah. You know, this is gonna
fill any mistakes, I mean gaps that there
are in the resin, that totally weren’t
our fault, no, no, no. This is to ensure that it
has a really good fit, okay. I’ll move this one
out a little bit. Thanks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (laughter) This shouldn’t work. But it does! We are just coming up
with modern day solutions. And modern problems
require modern solutions. Shoot. It’s appropriate that the resin
knife would be held together completely by a
whole bunch of resin. Yeah. Last one, Baby. We should maybe add
one clamp to each. Oh yeah, we still
have to do that. Oh, but the epoxy’s
all over them now! But we can put a little, let’s get some parchment paper. Yeah! Yeah, okay. Um, you can remove those. Do you want my help? I can, I can help you. (laughing) Stop, you’re making me, Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, cool, and then I can use
this to get this. (scene beeps) This is going great. Man, these look so cool. Oh, oh, careful, careful. This looks so legit, I almost think that this is
the right way to do things. All right, I’ll hold this here, that’s good right there. Yeah, that’s fine TOGETHER: Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like we’re cheating. (Evan laughs) Okay. Well we’ll see if this was
a good idea or not tomorrow. (playful piano music) Okay, it’s the next day. It is time. It held up. I’m impatient. I just wanted to evaluate
that our little, like, janky setup, it held up. It held up. Okay, go ahead. (laughter) EVAN: Oh, yes. KATELYN: Nice, how’s it feel? Ooh, it’s cool, you can
kind of see a preview of what it’ll look like
when it’s all glossy, where the epoxy was. EVAN: Oh my gosh look
at that right there. KATELYN: That’s cool. EVAN: Oh wow. KATELYN: Nice. EVAN: Now flip that
over to the other side. Oh yeah. I love the glitter in this one. Oh man. EVAN: I think next,
I want to go ahead and like finish off
all of the handle, get this to its final shape, and then do the grinding last. So more montage mode? More montage mode. (upbeat music) Okay the handles are done, now it’s time to do
the blade, which, I’m a little nervous about. Are you nervous about? Okay. Yes. (laughter) (upbeat music) (dinging) Today’s video is brought
to you by Squarespace. We liked using
Squarespace so much for our Evan and
Katelyn Podcast website, we’re using it again for Even
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everything is built in. There’s no need for
any third-party plugins or anything like that. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And plus, they’ve
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to pull the trigger, go to
Squarespace.com/EvanAndKatelyn for 10% off your first purchase. That’s
Thanks. Thanks! (scene beeps) So uh, we got a little chip
on the tip of this guy. It actually heated up. It overheated and
it started melting. What? Which is why I had to
bring out the water. Yeah. Oh. The speed and the
friction melted this. Oh my gosh, I thought
it just broke. But during one of
the sharpenings, I touched it to see
how sharp it was and I actually cut myself. It’s not bleeding but it did
get sharp enough to cut me so, there is potential. That’s crazy. Okay well, this guys just gonna
have a little, unique tip, I guess. (intense music) (metal clanking) (somber music) I was finally making
some progress, I finished one, I felt confident in
what I was doing, I went a little bit fast
on the buffing wheel. (Katelyn gasps) I know. KATELYN: Oh no! I’m thinking about just
finishing them up separately and then just gluing them
back together. (wails) KATELYN: I’m sad. Okay, we’re gonna fix it. Yeah, KATELYN: Emergency. Yeah I went right back
on what I just said but I think I’m just gonna
try to fix it right now and then be more careful
with it in the future. Like you were last time. Yes. Is it straight? I mean, I think so. (scene beeps) (upbeat piano music) What day is it? What year is it? It’s Wednesday, my dudes. (laughs) It is
Wednesday my dudes! (scene beeps) It’s finally time. These are done enough. I am calling it and it is time to test. I mean I’m happy to say that
this little super glue guy has not fallen apart yet. Yeah. Despite further
sanding and polishing that was done to all of these. Yeah, look at that. It looks like it was barely
even broken in half. (laughs) Yeah but these guys are
done, they’re shiny, I think that they’re as
far as I can take them with my current
skill and equipment. I think they look awesome. Well thank you. I think you did a
really, really good job. We did, we did a
good, we did good. We did. Now time to celebrate by cutting
food in half excessively. Even though you should not
use these knives for eating. Say the two people that
ate egg off of resin but that was another time. (laughs) Yeah, we thought that these
would be some easy wins to celebrate the
completion of this project. Yeah. Which one do I wanna cut first? Yeah, I don’t know. (Katelyn squeals) It looked so good. The props! (laughter) It’s not gonna be as pretty. It’s artistic. It’s artistic, okay. We also need to see
if this one glows! Mmm, mhmm! Hm. I’ll wait. (Evan laughs) I’m gonna cut it with
the poison knife. Doesn’t this look like
a zombie infected knife? What happened to galaxy? I don’t know, Oh it does kind of look poison. It looks like a zombie knife. It looks like a plus
five poison damage knife. Zombie galaxy. Zombie galaxy. All right, Ready? Yeah. Cuts like butter. I wasn’t ready, I
forgot to film it. Ready. One slice. I mean that is pretty good. Bread’s not the
easiest thing to cut. Yeah, yeah. I’m going to cut the cheese. Ready? Ready. Oh there we go. Oh, yes. Do you want to cut the soap? I shall cut the geode soap, TOGETHER: With the geode knife. Whoa that sugar scrub. Oh yes. Well we left the
easiest for last. I know, what should we
use, the earth damage, the poison damage,
or the water damage? What would make sense
against a banana? Ooh, that’s a clean cut, Baby. Oh yeah. That’s pretty sweet. I wanna see how
fine I can get them. I’m gonna take a
bite out of the non, the non resin side. Yeah, we gotta celebrate. Hmmm, mmm, glow in the
dark, glow in the dark! Glow in the dark,
glow in the dark! Let’s turn it up to 100%. That’s so bright. Three, two, one, KATELYN: Oh, it does glow,
I can see it! I can see it EVAN: Whoa! What! Oh my gosh. KATELYN: It totally glows, EVAN: That’s amazing. KATELYN: It’s having
a hard time focusing. Oh my gosh. That looks wicked. EVAN: Look there’s spots of like extra glowyness right there. KATELYN: That’s awesome. EVAN: Oh my gosh, this has moon damage. KATELYN: I can’t believe
that works that well. EVAN: I know, we have to put glow
powder in everything now. KATELYN: Everything. Oh yeah, I had to zoom it out. How to wrap this up? It’s been quite the ride. Do they meet your expectations? They far exceeded
my expectations. I love these so much and
I want to hold on to them and never break them again and put them, And never use them. EVAN: And never use them. KATELYN: But I’m really
glad that we have them. I’m glad we have all three! EVAN: I’m glad we have all
three. I couldn’t imagine not having all three because I just couldn’t
choose at this point. I know, it’s like
choosing a favorite cat if you have three cats. (Evan laughs) If you haven’t checked it
out, we also have a Podcast, Evan and Katelyn
Podcast on YouTube and any podcast app. So maybe we’ll see
you guys there. Bye! K, thanks, bye!

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