Right… I need to… here… yes, yes… and here… Oh… drawing is no simple task! Right. Here… and here… Hmm? What’s this? Sam, what’s all this mess? Do you really need all these? Pencils… pastels… paints… Hey, what are you doing? Trying to figure out what you’re doing. As if you can’t tell – I’m creating masterpieces!
Oh… I see… Sue, put that down! It’s a sketch of my future masterpiece canvas! You didn’t say please. Oh… PLEASE, Sue, don’t get in the way of my masterpiece. PLEASE, leave, come on… Well, alright… Oh-no! It’s ruined! No! It’s horrible! A catastrophe! Sue, how could you?! Oh, I’m so sorry, Sammy… It was an accident… But you can paint a new one, right? After all this?! No… my inspiration is stolen! Now all I can see is eternal creative crisis and oblivion… Hi guys! Oh… what to do now? Sammy is so upset… I need to think of a way to get Sam’s inspiration back and quick… What inspires you? Comment below! Perhaps, something will be good for Sam. Oh! I have an idea! My career as an artist has finished before it’s even begun… Nobody will need me now… Guys, maybe you still need me? Could you subscribe, please, and hit the bell button, it might comfort me a bit… Sammy, I know what else can comfort you. Oh, you again? Came to ruin something else? No, no. I know one way that can inspire you and bring your artistic skill to the next level. There’s no way to do it… You spilled black paint all over my artistic talent. There is, Sammy. Please, give me a chance… Hm… Well,alright. I’ll give you one more chance. Thank you! First, let’s complete the process of covering your drawing with black paint. No-no… Hey… what are you… stop it! Sammy, it’s okay! Calm down, everything will be alright. Oh, well. Fine… We need to cover the whole paper evenly. Oh-no, I can’t watch… Sue, are you sure you’re alright? And… you’re not trying to create Malevich’s rectangle, no? Square, Sammy… Oh… what? Malevich’s square. Er… but… it’s a rectangle… Really, Sue, you don’t seem right in the head today… No, Sam, it’s the name of the painting. Malevich’s Black Square. But I’m making something different. Oh… Now I’m starting to get it… Oh-no-no… I don’t get it. You’ll see soon enough! It’s pretty magical! Alright! The paper is completely covered with paint. So now, we need to dry it. I’m coming, coming! Dry faster, come on! Sam, maybe we just need to leave the paper alone. Oh, fine! Done, Sammy. The paint is dry! Coming! Hm… the paint is dry, but the drawing still looks hopelessly ruined… Now for the most important step. Here, look! Er… a scratchy thingy… Yes! And it will help me to do this! Ooooh… what is this miracle? He-he… Keep watching… Done! Wow… Susie, but, but, how? You’ve been drawing with oil pastels, right? Yes… And then we covered it with acrylic paint. Yes… And when the paint dried, it was easy to scratch away the top layer and draw something. Holi cannoli! I need to start creating in this new style right away! I need to think of exhibitions, workshops… Oh! So much to do, I’m off! Good luck! Hey, guys, did you like this new way of drawing? Give a thumbs up if you did, subscribe and try to create your own masterpiece at home. Hey guys! If you want to get to know me a little bit better, comment below and we’ll tell you even more of funny stories of my life. And, uh… While you’re doing that, we’ll show you another pillow thing… Oops! My hat slipped off. Weird, it always fitted so well. Oops! Slipped off again! I think I know what’s wrong. It became too small for you. But how can that be? What can make my head grow bigger? Hmm… Let me study you… Oh… A-haha… I think I know what’s happening… What? Think… Skittles… Pringles… Snickers… Oreos I don’t get it. Do they fill you with happiness? They… Well… I do feel happy when I eat something tasty or sweet. Ahh… But it’s not really healthy! But I’m happy! Well, let’s see how much happiness you’ve got. Here. A special measuring tool for a slime like you. Go on. Get on it. Oh… That’s how much happiness you’ve got. That’s why the hat slipped off… Right. You don’t need sweets for happiness. I can’t live without them. And chips too… Noooo! Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you how to paint… Wait… Where are all my brushes? Or at least my pencils? Saaaam!! Yeeees? Have you seen my brushes? I have! Where? Well, where are my candies? Oh, I see, you’re blackmailing me! No-no-no… it’s not blackmailing. I offer you an exchange. You return my candies. And I will return your brushes. You’re so sly when it comes to candies! Heeey! Do you wanna make a bet? If you start a healthy lifestyle today, I’ll return some of your candies. Go on… If I can paint a picture without brushes, you’ll return my brushes to me. That will be easy. The winner takes it all. Deal! I need to start a healthy lifestyle. How can I do it? I’ve never had to think about this before. Oh… I hope I haven’t lost any happiness? Oooh! It grew bigger… How can it be? Alright, Sue missed one. What does Sue do when she wants to have a healthy lifestyle? Oh! She eats vegetables! Oh, it’ll be harder than I thought. They are so… green and red. Who likes eating vegetables? Any viewers out there? Write in the comments! Oh… Get a grip, Sam, do it for the candies. 1… 2…. 3… Aw… Ew…. Well, maybe that will lower my happiness! No… weird… I need to think of something quick! I need to think of something quick. No brushes, no pencils, no markers, how should I draw? No… Not with my finger… Though… Oh… No, I just got my finger dirty! What if… I didn’t draw but I poured the paint onto the canvas? But I need to prepare for that. Let’s take the brightest acrylic paints. Dilute them. Each one separately. The more colors, the better. I’ll stir them with sticks. But I need to make sure I use different sticks, to keep the colors clear for now. Ready. I need to call Sam. Hm, I need to find a fitness instructor. Where can I find an instructor quickly? On YouTube! What does Sue do when she wants to get healthier? One, two, three… Our video. Yeah, I want to watch that. Sam! Are you exercising? Er… Yes, but I came across our new video and I got stuck. Well, all the better for me. Come I’ll show you how I can paint without brushes. Are you coming? One moment! I need to show Sue that I’m exercising. I’ll go for a run! Sam! Coming! Look, it’s time for magic. We’ll mix the paints. First this one. And then this one And a little bit of this one. I’m not going to drink it. Though it does look like a liquid candy. A little bit more… And done! Hey, Sue. How are you going to paint? It’s simple. I’ll just pour them onto the canvas. Look! Wow! Wow… Aw… wow! It looks just like space! It does! Doesn’t it? There. Well, I’m done painting. So, give me back my brushes. Fine! I realized that I can be happy even without candies! Well done, Sammy! But now I’m very hungry. Fine, take a cookie, I’ll go make us some dinner. Oh… What’s for dinner? Vegetables. Noooooo! The result was really amazing, guys! Don’t you think? If you agree, give a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! We’ll show you lots of cool things. Are you done? Good job! Now you will be rewarded with another interesting craft. Come on, come on… Ring! Be a good phone and ring! I got it… A watched phone never boils… Actually, why is that? It has to boil sometime. It can’t NEVER boil! And then will be… the wrong phone… I’ll just take a peek… Sam, keep it together! Arriba!!! Ohhhh… Still nothing? Why am I surprised? Geniuses are usually recognized after death… Sammy, chin up! What are you doing? Drawing for a new episode… With paint? Yeah. What else? Sue, my dear baby… Let me tell you how YouTube works. This – is our wonderful channel. Uh-huh… This – is our amazing viewer. Right. And these – are millions of other wonderful channels that are luring our amazing viewer. Question! How to get our amazing viewer to watch OUR wonderful channel? How? Become a purple cow! Huh?! Be different from other cows! Do something unique! Oh… I thought you were my purple cow… That’s true, I’m the best. But the ideas also need to be unique and then we’ll take over the world! Let’s go, I’ll show you. Cool! Oh boy! Guys, something is coming! Command, marketing genius, what do you need? Hmm… Let me see… Thick drawing paper is here… A brush! Here. Water! Here we go. Hmm… And food coloring! I hope he won’t eat a drawing to be unique… What was that? Er… Nothing, it’s all here! And a disclaimer before we begin. Dear viewers, I urge you TO DO TRY this at home! Maestro! Cough-cough… Er… Sam, are you sure about this? Shush! Now get some food coloring and drop it little by little. Haha! Wow! Sammy, you should do drawing workshops! EXACTLY! Sue, how did I not think of it myself? I know so much! I draw so well! And they won’t let me pay fo candy with my smile! It’s done! I’m doing an art-workshop! Yay! High five! Cough. Er… Yeah, ok. We’ll work on it. Nobody called and it’s been a whole day! Sammy, look, candy! Candy, Susan? Life is suffering! Disrecognized, unwanted genius… Are you sure the phone number is right? Of course I’m sure. Well, show me your ad. Here! Huh?! Oh! No, that’s not it. This one! Sammy, no offence, but it looks nothing like a purple cow. You lost me. You told me yourself that to be noticed you need to stand out! Well, yeah… Can you imagine how many people sell drawing lessons? You need… a thing! Something that nobody else does! I can sing during the lessons! I believe I can fly! I belive I can touch the sky! No, a drawing thing, I think. I have an idea… Fast, fast! I can’t wait to start teaching! Do you remember how we made fluffy slime? I’ll say! The best snooze of my life! Puffy slime paint will be YOUR THING! I’m rrready! We’ll need fluffy slime ingredients except borax. White glue, shaving cream, food coloring and a few bowls for the different colors. First, I’ll pour the glue into the bowls… Like this. Guys, I’m wondering. How many times does one needs to see a purple cow in order for one to stop wondering? Comment below! Now I’ll add shaving cream to each bowl. Hmm… I think I better fill it up to the top, like this. And the same amount here… And… Ready! Aim! Fireeeeeee! Yahooo! Oh… Sam, that’s whipped cream! Sweet Sammy needs sweet paint! Ok, one color less. Ha-ha-ha! We’ll see about that. The last step is to add food coloring and stir. The color is so intense! Don’t overdo it, guys! And one, and two… And one, two, three! Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! I’m right here, ’cause I need Little candy and little sympathy! Yeah you show me good loving Make it alright Need a lot of sweetness in my life Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! Almost done here, just one more color. It looks pretty cool so far, guys. Look at this texture! Guys, what do you think these paints look like? Comment below! Oooooh! Is that them? It’s them, Sam. They are so… fluffy! How about we try and improve your ad? Yes, please! Guys, if you liked our idea with puffy paint give a thumbs up! Try to make it yourself, create puffy paintings and send us some photos! And subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! My art-workshops are FREE for my amazing viewers! Also, guys, never be afraid to be a purple cow! Bye-bye! Just to be safe… Yes, Sam is here. Yes, unique technique. Hold on, I have the other line. Er… Hold on! Hold on!!! Hello??? Oh… I can’t handle it! Sue… Sue, help me out of this popularity!


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