what is going on Sharers welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome summer day oh yeah that’s right I’m wearing
some white share the love merch so that means we’re doing something with paint
and that means we’re gonna do the three color tie-dye challenge
oh yeah Grace you ready to get started I’m so excited we have such awesome
colors to use oh yeah three color tie dye challenge but first things first
Grace we got to get some shirts that we can tie-dye
yeah we gotta get the white shirt so let’s go to the swag closet sharers check
this out we have our very own swag store in our own house it looks so cool let’s
go check it out Grace you ready whoo oh yeah check it out merch closet oh yeah
oh yeah the new slime shirts now available in the swag store we also have
the Shharerghini shirts and the classic share the love shirts and of course we
have the new otter sharer shirts check these out all of them oh yeah but today
we got to grab some white share the love shirts because we’re gonna do the
3 color tie dye challenge and what better shirt to do it on than white so
you ready to get going Grace? I’m ready all right let’s go let’s go let’s go
back outside oh look even baby otters wearing a white share the love shirt
otter I love you shirt it looks so good say hi to the shares you ready to do
some tie-dye yeah should we tie down your shirt oh yeah first things first is
fill these up okay turn the hose on let’s vote for Tye die Oh okay they’re all filled up let’s shake
them up we got the tie dye ready we got the
shirts ready next step is to get some rubber bands and create some cool
designs to share is this is where it gets interesting it’s gonna be a
competition between my sister Grace and I and it’s gonna be up to you to comment
who makes the coolest tie-dye shirt ever it’s great you ready to do a little
competition yeah let’s do it all right let’s grab some rubber bands let’s start
banding it up to wherever the rubber band gets on the shirt that’s where
there’s going to be no tie-dye and it’s gonna be completely white I’m grace we
each get to pick 3 colors oh we have six colors total so what color are you
gonna pick first wait Steve I thought it’s random picking the colors so I knew
close my eyes and you need to mix them up okay I’ll mix them up close your eyes
ready close okay shares let’s mix them up good here
we go okay grace all mixed up you ready to choose yep I hope because that is my
favorite color okay go ahead and choose reach down a little bit no peeking no
peeking all right pick one any color of your
choice this son all right Oh big blue nice ok
my turn I’m gonna close my eyes grace mix them up okay sure I’ll mix up
the colors okay see if it’s your turn to pick your first color okay here we go
ready ready Oh purple nice okay one color down to where to go
oh it’s not a blue and orange this could be good I’m gonna pick this one it is oh
just like your shirt right back back back back back right there pick one okay blue yellow and orange whoa and I got
mine purple red and green oh these are gonna
be dark uh okay made the best tie tie or win okay
sheriff’s for this 3 color tie dye challenge there are no just one rule and
the rule is you have to use all three colors so steven has purple red and
green and I have blue orange and yellow and may the best tie-dye Irwin okay
first step put the t-shirt down really flat okay what what method are you going
for grace tie okay but what kind of tie-dye method grace are you doing like
some twist spirals what kind okay but just watch okay next step rubberband rubber bands
coming right up looks like you did some type of twisting
spiral method yeah I did spiral now we just need a rubber bit
I remember wherever you put the rubber bands it’ll be white
okay sometime put a couple on one right here I have a little X going on and then
add another one on the other side to get star motion and then one word for good
luck here’s mine the next step is the coloring all right before gray star dies
I’m gonna oh I just really sleeveless shirt check it out rule is off tight ah
perfect for summer know what’s going on over there oh yeah by the way if you’re
wondering what’s going on cheers we got a lot of work on on the house let me
just show you real quick we have workers up there they were doing the chimney
they’ve been climbing up so high I can’t believe they climb all the way up there
to work on the chimney and that’s at least like 40 feet it’s totally crazy
and then the next thing is Cher’s they’re ripping off the deck check this
out the deck it’s like completely destroyed there’s not even an upper deck
anymore so we definitely can’t open any of the doors so that’s just a little
update on the house it’s getting completely destroyed still check this
out it’s all like rubbish and all this crazy stuff going on nails everywhere so
you have to be very very careful walking around the house Oh Gracie you’re not
wearing shoes you’ve got to be very very careful I can’t any nail okay let’s go
back to the tide I think it’s a lot safer over there okay so for this method
I’m gonna do a couple things I think I’m gonna do a little spiral here kind of
like what grace did and then I’ll do like a couple twists down here long ways
like that come on it’s gonna be a spiral twist type of shirt I have no idea how
this is gonna turn out let’s put some rubber bands on this
let’s see what happens shares the best part about tie-dye is there are no
mistakes they always just come out so Epping but then again you have to vote
who makes the best Thai Thai shirt hashtag stephen for me or must hate
grace for grace sure it’s definitely hashtag grace look at the colors i have
i got some nice colors hopefully will turn out really good okay got my shirt
done interesting it’s all squished up come out really really really really
really good you ready for the next step yeah time for the colors what color you
gonna do first I don’t know lose my favorite color so
maybe I should start with blue shake it one more time for good luck and pop the
lid off oh you spilled a little okay get started ready okay let’s see what’s
gonna happen three two one wow that looks so pretty
oh that’s such a beautiful blue whoa this triangle right here is this gonna
be all blue because I love blue and you can’t forget to do the back oh okay
next color orange and I’m gonna do it right here oh whoa this is supposed to
be red it supposed to be orange just like kind of red huh we’ll just have to
wait and see done with the orange now for the yellow shake shake shake make sure all the paints off the bottom
and pop off the top whoa here’s the yellow oh this is so cool looks like
I’ll mix it like green right there whoa that’s a cool way to get multiple
colors yeah oh it’s like um kind of like red white
and blue oh you’re right like fourth of July yeah oh you’re getting green in
there look at that yellow and red whoo cool and a little
bit pink and orange use this coming out really good do more yo whoa oh that
looks so good whoa now back to the blue oh yeah that’s
looking good great okay I don’t really have a method going on I’m just kind of
pouring paint all over the place well it looks looking really good so far
yeah there’s some awesome colors in here it’s like really tight I eat and really
colorful yeah this is cool add a little more Orange
whoops or red who knows what color this is sheriff do you think this is orange
or red comment below and add some more blue of course because that is my
favorite color and flip it on over cuz you gotta do the
back more yellow and some orange whoo and blue my favorite color whoo okay
mine is done and ready to dry Steve your turn
Oh grace it looks so good shares this might be a hard competition but I got a
gopher I gotta be Grace’s design with this kind of glob but I’m hoping this
comes out well let’s get to work gloves on 3 color tie-dye challenge here we
go we got the red the green and the purple shake them up good got a mixed oh
this purple is leaking grace oh we didn’t put the cap on very good okay
here we go I’m gonna start with I’m gonna start with some purple whoa whoa
okay purple is definitely very very very messy let’s just start going in the
center just like this you ready grace ready here we go purple going on oh this
is dark this is a really dark purple I’m gonna do a squirt there that I’m gonna
go right around here oh I’m gonna do some down here I’m just gonna kind of
splatter the purple all over this purple is really dark so dark Wow okay so we
got the purple down now let’s do a little green I’m afraid all my colors
are so dark grace okay green is going on you ready here we go green oh the greens
not that dark greens pretty good looks like the Hulk
does you’re right purple and green actually looks really cool yeah okay I’m
just gonna try not to overlay the colors that I’m afraid it’s gonna be like black
if I overlay green and purple but so far this is looking pretty good and then
we’re gonna do some green all in here we’re running out of room for red okay
we got green we got purple now we need some red so let’s shake the red really
good you think this is gonna come out as red or pink because that your orange
grace came out as aura is red so I’m feel like this will come out as pink you
ready ready okay oh no that comes out of the good red oh look at that
that’s a really good-looking red yeah jam it in there I’m gonna go around here
a little bit okay some red there some red up here at the top red all the way
up here around and then I think grace we just gotta flip it over and do the other
side I don’t know how much white is gonna be I think there’s gonna be a lot
of light oh this does look cool should I fill it in with red or leave it
white hmm I’m gonna do some more red on the back does that kind of like the red
yeah I like the red red looks pretty good let’s see this is looking good
actually I want some purple now let’s finish it off with some purple we’re
gonna do a lot of red and purple on the back first the front which has a lot of
purple and green okay this is looking good I think
tie-dye all in here how do you like that grace that’s cool you got a different
front and back yeah let’s see I think mine’s done yeah looks pretty good right
a little purple in here just like that yeah I think mine’s done I have no idea
how this is gonna turn out but uh compared to Grace’s sloughing mine right
here let’s put Grace’s right next to mine
oh yeah whoa okay so shares if you had to comment right now whose do you think
is cooler hashtag grace for Grace’s our hashtag Steven for mine
Grace’s is definitely more colorful right now mine’s kind of like a glob but
it’s all about when you take the rubber bands off and you unfold the shirt how
it turns out yeah really good well there’s only one way to find out grace
it says wait about 20 minutes for it to dry you ready to unveil in 20 minutes
yeah that’s right chairs for us is gonna be about 20 minutes for these t-shirts
to dry but um for you it’ll be in three two one whoo
boom time it’s time to unveil the tie-dyed you
ready great excited here’s your’s yours first let’s see what it looks like okay
how do I do it just take off every band’s off and start unfolding it what’s
he gonna come out to be I have no idea I’m excited yours is so colorful so good
oh come on one more rubber band oh my goodness you only have three cars but
you ended up with a can eight different colors this is so cool I can’t wait to
wear it oh my goodness okay lay that I’ll try that looks awesome
so okay yeah I have no idea mine’s definitely not as colorful but
it’s just a matter of if it comes out epic or not so let’s get all these
rubber bands off I put so many rubber bands on – yes the best part about
tie-dye is when you unravel and you can see your final product oh it’s coming
whoa okay are you ready for the reveal three two one whoa that’s kind of cool
watermelon you’re right look at the back oh yeah here’s the back ready and this
is the back whoa check that out that looks cool
I like it it’s like paint splatter like a nerf war paint splatter
that’s so good so Sherry’s check it out these are our three colors are those
shirts come in who’s you think is the coolest hashtag grace you think hers is
cool thanks Steven who you think mine is cool this is the front and the back oh
yeah if you have any ideas on what we can do next
what should we tie-dye next comment it down below yeah there’s so many
possibilities well Sherry’s you always come up with the most epic ideas to come
yeah below and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the
love, peace!


  1. Grace

  2. It’s obvious…Both of you! You both have very nice and beautiful shirts but no offense but I like Grace’s shirt better. Sorry but I like your shirt to Stephen

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