3 Adorable Crafts You Can Immediately Trash

3 Adorable Crafts You Can Immediately Trash

(upbeat instrumental music) (light instrumental music) – Welcome to the Cozy Craft Corner. (light instrumental music) Let’s get right to the point with a fun needle felting project of an adorable little puppy. It couldn’t be an easier. Just shape the wool, and poke. (upbeat instrumental music) And there you have it. Isn’t that adorable? And making it was so relaxing. Now after I finish a craft,
I like to immediately throw it in the trash. Because that’s what it is. And that’s where it belongs. Sure it was nice to forget the world and focus my energy on this tiny thing, but what purpose does it
serve after that, huh? Do I really need more things
collecting dust on my shelves? No. No, I don’t. (chimes) I hope this next craft
gets your stamp of approval because we’re making stamps. Simply carve cute little shapes into the bottom of your cork. I’m gonna make an adorable little heart. Now dip it in the paint. Oh, look at that. You can put as many as you
want wherever you want. There really are no wrong answers. Because there are no answers. There are no questions. No one asked me to do this. No one needs this. Instead of immediately
throwing this into the trash, I think I’ll put it in the shredder first. (shredder whirs) Oh, it’s ready. Now we can put it in the trash. Seriously, what would I ever
do with a piece of paper with a bunch of stupid stamps on it? Show it to someone? Can you imagine a grown
woman showing you this in earnest and being
like, look at what I made? That’s psychotic. (giggles) (chimes) Hope this next craft gets your stamp, I already said that. I think this next craft
is gonna break the mold. Because it’s clay. (light instrumental music) Let’s make a giraffe. (upbeat instrumental music) So cute. Next we bake it in the oven. About 12 minutes for every inch. I can’t wait. (clock ticks) (dings) It’s done! Would you look at that? (light instrumental music) Well. Oops, I almost forgot to paint it. (upbeat instrumental music) There, isn’t that gorgeous? Crafting really is a joy. But never, and I mean never, keep something you craft. Let’s say I actually held onto that piece. What next? I hand them down to my grandchildren? It gets donated to a Goodwill? No one wants this. No one. Thanks so much for watching
the Cozy Craft Corner. Make sure to tune in
to next week’s episode, where I burn my whole
studio to the ground. Bye, guys. (light instrumental music) (soft dramatic music) Hey it’s Jess. If you like College
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100 thoughts on “3 Adorable Crafts You Can Immediately Trash

  1. Why would I throw it all away when I can hoard untill the piles collapse on me, slowly crushing me to death. Huh? Answer me that.

  2. This is about how I feel about arts and crafts… except home made quilts, because they have a purpose, to keep you warm. Besides that, trash it.

  3. So I noticed that CollegeHumor does this a lot… The sketches that sort of put something that people do for fun in the question? And they act like just because you did it you're nuts? I mean I would ever really comes across as is really more bitter than funny he really just makes them look either crazy or like an alien who doesn't understand this human thing we call "fun"… Anyway the answer is sell it on Etsy, cuz I mean if you had fun making it but you don't find any particular Joy and keeping it sell it some dumbass hipster.

  4. Crazy Craft Lady, it's time to embrace the simple virtues of sadism.

    Instead of just throwing your crafts away, use them as gifts, and watch people squirm as they try desperately to express an appreciation that they not only do not feel, but could not possibly feel.

    Moo hoo ha ha. 😀

  5. Me, stealing clips from this video of Jess saying “that’s psychotic” and “no one wants this” to use as Twitter reaction videos

  6. Wow. Thanks for the step-by-step repressed memories from my sorority days where I painted "beast" on a pair of jeans I'd never wear again and then kept them locked in a basement with my needles, glue gun, and glitter in a tub for the rest of time until the sun crashes into the earth and we all burn to death.

  7. Awww no! Crafts are awesome. Crafts take skill and a creative, artistic eye to create. I make a ton of stuff for friends and family as gifts, and they always like them a million times more than something store-bought. Why do you think Etsy does so well? Most of the stuff sold on there is art and crafts

  8. still creates better chances than sociopathing in a specific statistical avatar, now i see through directly to intent

  9. I'm gonna show this video to my sister in the hopes it'll convince her to throw out her shitty crafts ^_^

  10. how dare you throw away that puppy also instead of making fun of a single person doing crafts you should make fun of the insanity that is 5 minute crafts and troom troom

  11. i hate how they said dropout wouldnt limit anything on the channel then we only get previews its like youtube premium

  12. "When you see them throwing away perfectly fine future furniture"
    "When you realize that you still have the little arts and crafts that you made as a kid still around"

  13. I was thinking about all the people who are gonna be offended by this and I completely agreed with what she said, but later on in realised, what's the point of making a painting? It won't serve as anything useful it's just nice to look at, so same thing for crafts. I am a painter myself and I think crafts don't need to be useful, it's art. (I got the joke though just saying)

  14. She just said why people do crafts "its relaxing and you get to forget about the world". Yet spends the rest of the video trying to prove how "pointless crafting is"

  15. Lol, I love origami and this video sums up exactly why I do it and how I feel about my creations. The joy is in the creation, then throw it away in a couple days if not immediately after completion.

  16. "Sure it was nice to forget the world and focus my energy on this tiny thing, but what purpose does it serve after that, huh?"

    My mum after I grew up and could look after myself…

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