24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT BUBBLE house! πŸ‘€ (Matt hypnotized at 3am not from Game Master)

24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT BUBBLE house! πŸ‘€ (Matt hypnotized at 3am not from Game Master)

hey Susan its Rebecca and right now we
are about to spend 24 hours incite a giant bubble as you guys know matt is
currently hypnotized and we need to get him inside the bubble so he can get back
to normal so this is the game masters prototype that he created after the
battle royale with the Red Hood yeah well it’s not a hundred percent while
Matt’s in there he should be normal okay as long as he doesn’t leave he should
not be hypnotized while inside the bowl okay so we have 24 hours to figure this
out smash the thumbs up button to give us good luck so Matt can get Dee
hypnotized I need my husband back let us know if you think this is going to work Daniel giant bubbles am feel look at
this whoa whoa I mean the gamemaster described this to me but I know is gonna
be this cool so we have to spend 24 hours inside here yeah that’ll give me
enough time to figure out how it’s exactly gonna work so that it will
permanently help Matt I guess we should get Matt but before we go inside there’s
a whole system on getting in there safely because if we just open doors and
the whole bubble could deflate on it we’ll go in through one by one and you
have to latch things but I’ll carry you guys through oh no that’s getting away
okay we need to get him in fast okay still hypnotized how do we do this
so unlatch that door then we have 10 seconds to get everybody needs to go
inside the bubble inside 10 seconds in second so we got a hurry so you gotta be
ready are you ready smash the thumbs up button for good luck so we can get
inside here 3 I can’t believe we are in a giant bubble alright so now that this
is all sealed up we can open this zipper hey that’s that’s what the gamemaster
said yes look your spy gadgets in here oh wow did the gamemaster do this he
must have I mean this is his prototype look like a treasure chest yeah it’s
like a remote I don’t think that we should tell Matt that he signifies he
might try to escape the bubble or do something like that you’re right like
the last time he got hypnotized he had no idea he was so we might not believe
me and then he might not stay in here for 24 hours exactly and we need to keep
him in here so so how do we convince him Oh see this is just like a fun 24 hour
challenge it’s like a romantic getaway in a bubble and it’s got like this crazy
view and I’ll just I’ll make sure we do fun activities the whole time yet he’ll
never suspect any great idea if you guys have ideas on what we should do inside
this bubble comment below once he gets inside he’s probably not gonna know
what’s going on I’m gonna pretend that he knows that this is a challenge we
make it seem like it was his idea yeah Oh exactly that’s perfect do you guys
think that’s a good idea let’s get you inside the bubble see if
this works look at this bobble Wow Matt this is such a good idea yeah I’m so
glad that you set this challenge up yeah yeah this 24-hour challenge like you
guys Matt had such a great idea this is gonna be so much fun right it’s gonna be
awesome yeah and you must have packed those slime supplies we can make slime
in here we can like look at the view we can search for drones so many activities
is song yeah really I mean if we’re looking for drones it’s not that safe
right well no we’re protected in this bubble don’t worry oh yeah forgotten
this is the romantic getaway you set up for us this is so cool I just helped
drive you guys up here and you know you got the bags I just want to help you
with the bags that you packed yeah oh they’re out there Daniel you should get
the bags and then um right be in touch yeah after after 24 hours we have to
stay here for 24 hours for this romantic getaway let me go get the bags okay
perfect yeah all right Daniel go quick I mean I mean he’s fine this is it this is
fun though with the air escape need some help there Daniel Daniel’s a hacker but
you ok there? oh man the gamemaster is gonna be so mad the the no no I am the
landlord yeah yeah and we have to grab our luggage over there okay yeah we’ll
do a bubble tour you packed your backpack I guess you wanted like to have
stuff there and you packed that other bag to look at this bag this is so cool
Matt thanks for picking this out for a romantic getaway it’s so cool welcome
look at this this is a giant bubble woman site it’s so gloomy today but like
still look at all that it’s pretty good you can see all of Los Angeles and then
look at all this stuff over here of like a little background even gave it is this
a black light oh no it’s just a regular flashlight flashlight yeah yeah hurry
Daniel hurry oh no two three why are you counting four I
was just I was just saying we really need her step what’s he mean nine okay
he made it we’re good oh I liked it I liked the race and just brace myself but
yeah myself faster you know but why was Rebekah
counting because it’s part of the challenge we’re doing a bunch of fun
challenges in this big giant bubble my old time to be your own time yeah wow
you’ve been here before maybe okay we’re safe I mean we’re good
yeah yeah we’re we’re safe eight safely good yeah okay I think we’re good now
and I think Daniel just needs to hack into the quadrant stuff yeah you know
what you guys we don’t know where kyu won yeah she’s
missing remember cuz he was gonna go look into the safe house yeah why they
were coming after the safe house and we haven’t seen him yet yeah since then
yeah so I think I remember that part well we saved the safe house yes yeah of
course and then to celebrate you’re like oh let’s do a getaway let you guys be
and have fun yeah yeah I’m gonna I’m just gonna make sure he gets out okay I
mean I should probably come with you guys any a little bit of fresh air no
it’s the challenge I think if we talk low EQ K years okay so what is the plan
you’re gonna go try to hack into the system I’ll go hack into the system I’ll
contact the game master see where he’s at and I can help him pick up the slack
of like trying to get this thing a hundred percent because we need Matt at
a hundred percent exactly okay what’s our code word so Matt doesn’t know that
we’re talking about this so you guys the code is going to be landlord is the game
master and him being hypnotised is the rental rental you guys so what No
can’t hear it don’t know wait Rebecca wonder watch like a movie or
something so no games right yeah I don’t think he can hear us very well
I mean he’s inside the bubble and safe but if he plays that in there I don’t
even know what could do to this whole system all right I’ll be in touch soon
so it’s Matt not in this bubble you pet this slime supplies I thought we should
make some slime first wipe excellent yeah thank you that’s so nice
Wow you packed everything Matt how did you know we were you gonna make slime in
if I can container or sometimes Oh look around yeah I guess you must have
forgotten to pack a container got the gaming room down here are my luggage
yeah remote okay oh look at hold on like a holiday okay yeah I mean this is like
a winter wonderland bubble oh right it sounds like it’s echoing do you hear
that no yeah I was worried about the fresh air but I just realized there’s
like a vent coming in so they have like pressure consistently coming in okay
it’s a giant bubble but it’s also a tiny space at the same time you want to do
this Matt you know what I’ll let you do it
you think I should do blue slime red slime or pink slime did it
ooh well it’s a lot of color blue this is a very vibrant I get this question
all the time with my favorite type of slime is I love all slime Matt what’s
your favorite the slime that doesn’t stay slime for a long time this line
that goes in the garden Oh No mix it all the way hangout for 24
hours in this 24 hour challenge my husband got this bubble I really like it
oh yeah you guys comment your best name for this slime I will send this slime to
the person that comes up with the most original name for this I call this pink
paradise bubble gum comment below you are named for this slime and one of you
will get it I will send this to you I make good slime but Matt we have to keep
you busy what I mean we have to keep you having fun oh yeah it’s challenge is the
Sam Pham we should use some yoga poses we could do the yoga challenge mat
bubble yoga on the bed say that three times
bubble yoga on a bed comments at three times bubble you’ve
gone a bit I asked the same fam on my Instagram stories at Rebecca’s Imola
what yoga poses we should do here and obviously we’re limited with space do
you want to go first Matt Claire I need you to do a backbend okay it doesn’t
work like Bianca Mackenzie Gillette wants you to do down dog
yeah but you have to put your feet like out more yeah and then push your
shoulders that way no damn dog am i doing all the challenge for myself no no
Matt keep going Emily wants you to reach your feet whoo are you guys flexible can
you guys set your toes I’m surprised Matt that you can actually
touch your toes yeah rather Limburg by the way I want to shout out you guys are
the damn fam that have gotten my merch and tagged me and Matt on it if you want
the Rebekah’s Imola or Matt’s late March I will link it in the description
Rebecca’s Imola comm get you alerts for your pops socket Aspen Gibson says that
she wants me to do a heads alright Zam fam I got this oh okay I
know school basketball and school 23 says crow pose I don’t know if this is
crow pose do you guys let me know if this is crow pose if you guys do yoga Alison wants you to do splits okay I
haven’t stretched burn this bubble so do you think about this 24 hour challenge
so far I mean what do you guys think this has been pretty easy right it’s
kind of relaxing day I never thought that we would live in a bubble look at
the view anybody can see in anything yeah what those people over there yeah
but that’s pretty far they would need like spy gadgets like binoculars or
something like they’re not gonna be able to just see it somebody might have
binoculars over there is all I’m saying whoa no comment how many feet down you
think that is it looks at least like 60 feet just right there so the rest of it
all the way down at the bottom let’s make sure this round thing doesn’t move
okay no we’re good so do you want to go like explore the rest of this place I
just want to call Daniel about the rental real quick oh okay
get out okay okay yeah I’ll meet you in two seconds okay this I don’t want to be
too loud coz that’s in another room hey Daniel how’s the pony I’ve made some
progress I need more time but whatever you do don’t let Matt play those video
games she’s already tried to play it what if he plays when I fall asleep just
try to keep the controller away from him also as I’ve covered some details about
q do you know who you think he is who we think he is but I thought he was missing
heavy found him explain later I gotta go but whatever you do keep fantasy okay
yeah yeah I will bye yeah what are you doing this is all
these different things here there’s even this chest right here dude it’s like a
treasure chest not exactly white sand oh yeah yeah well there’s like I can’t oh
there’s like a box under here did you see this no and that cool yeah it’s like
a puzzle box yeah it’s like almost like an escaping puzzle box that’s kind of
weird right why would it be here if you know why that would be in here comment
below I have no idea right it looks like we’re meant to play this see it’s like
salties are there like any clues on how to do this I have no idea this reminds
me of the gamemaster no no no way I mean people do escape
rooms and puzzles like it doesn’t have to do with the game master Matt got it
I’ve solved it I solved it you know should we go back in the other side of
the bubble okay yeah let’s take this this will be perfect this will keep you
busy for hours what I mean you know it’ll be a fun thing to do I mean we’re
here for 24 hours anyways hey what did Daniel say what yeah what did Daniel say
about use called Daniel oh he said that he’s just he’s working on the lease to
see if maybe we can stay here another night
not just this 24 hour challenge but nice yeah really
I thought we rented this you’re right that’s what I meant the we he’s talking
to the renter to see if we could rent this another night for another fun
challenge bet you’re acting kind of weird I’m not I’m just trying to figure
this puzzle out like how do I don’t know what you’re supposed to do okay let me
try it have you guys ever seen a puzzle box
before and do you guys like puzzles well I have to use the restroom and the only
room is like outside this bubble so I hope you
okay yeah I gotta go too no no you can’t you can’t go what I mean um you have to
do this challenge Matt yeah I’m just kind of wanted to wash my hands no
you’re fine you’re fine like you don’t need to we’re just hanging out in the
bubble having fun okay Charlie okay I get this puzzle back together she’s back
do you want to postmates something we can have it delivered and then I can go
grab it here we have a head loss pizza um okay comment below if you guys like
pizza and where is your favorite place to order pizza you think we should do
Domino’s I don’t think so we’ve kind of had some
troubles with Domino’s in the past I think we’re safe here Tom both on boots
oh all right guys it’s getting pretty dark as you can see right now the Sun
has set and the food I think is here Rebecca just went out to go get it is
Rebecca acting kind of weird because normally I always have to go out and get
the food but hold on oh my gosh it’s gotten so dark
look at me no one for me but you know this soda okay it is way better because
this is closed oh it’s so good when you just make sure
it’s okay we should tell them where this is at so everybody could check it out no
no it’s not that’s not safe I mean it’s not a you know I mean we don’t want to
tell everyone like where exactly this is because you know we want privacy it’s a
romantic 24 hours I want you guys to comment your favorite 24 hour challenge
video that I’ve done I’m actually gonna put a playlist so you guys can see all
them pretty late right now Rebecca sleep pretty quick right after eat the
pizza we didn’t order Domino’s and I didn’t see anything like
suspicious you know what actually I didn’t see the person deliver is the
first time I haven’t seen the person deliver I always go out and grab it just
don’t remember ever booking this for some reason but apparently I did BEC
asleep and I there’s some reason can’t sleep at all you figure out something to
do the only thing I can think of is is that video game so just turn this thing
on yes did you hear that yeah you just I got bored sleep here it’s play this I
know it sounds like a air seal it’s not going I need to call Daniel wait where’s
my phone oh my gosh this is not good this is nothing man please pick up what
time is it Matt it’s a little bit after 3:00 a.m. but I just woke up and Matt
was playing with the remote control hold on it looks like it triggered some sort
of lockdown you’re stuck in there we’re stuck in
here Daniel you have to come get us out Matt try to get out get out
it’s not going that it’s sealed so we’re trapped Kim can you get us out I’m gonna
mean till morning to figure this out I’m sorry but I’m gonna help you out okay
please just just try to fix this fast okay Matt I told you not to play the
video game why did you do that you ruined everything I mean I was born
honestly what’s going on you were hypnotized again you drank the red
liquid cue said he he put it in the soda that you drink it talked about when we
did 24 hours in disguise yes Matt you have been hypnotized and
we’re here so that we can figure out how to make sure that you don’t get a minute
eyes again I was doing the mote even in here Matt you were carrying that in here
you brought that in here okay I’m sorry back I think we can make
it through give us the thumbs up here for good luck okay let’s just sleep on
it and wake up and hopefully be in a fix good morning Sam Pham we just woke up we
are still in the bubble and we made it through the night but we cannot get out
still yeah I think you’re still trapped look
at this thing is still locked it’s like sealed shut look how pretty it
is we just need to get out there but we do need to make sure that mat is okay
before we go out Daniel should be calling us any minute though he said
he’s been working on trying to get us out of here so hey Daniel any luck we’re
still trapped in here yeah yeah I worked through the night but we finally figured
it out you see the light across the way oh look look at that look crazy I think
you’re good thank you’re good to go so we can escape
Matt Matt check it yeah worth okay wait wait wait wait okay yeah wait wait wait
Matt come here yeah I need to make sure Matt is completely in D hypnotized
before you can leave yeah you’re right did you talk to the game master Game
Master needs to do a facial scan for confirmation okay okay so he’s gonna
scan Matt’s face to make sure that he’s D hypnotized yeah out of him fit in
front of the TV all right so Matt you heard that right okay
I still don’t think I was hypnotized Matt you were sit right there right that means your do you hypnotize
this this bubble work it’s awesome you know what you figure out what’s going on
with Q you’re right we haven’t heard from him wait let me try to call him
you guys remember he he got that new iPhone so he can’t complain right he’s a
straight to voicemail that’s weird he didn’t pick up okay so Q
is not answering his iPhone at all which is really weird because it’s a brand new
iPhone ed let me know what you think happened to Q or where he is I think we
need to officially get out of this giant bubble and complete this 24 hour
challenge right now we need to get packed up okay we did the 24 hour
challenge in a bubble make sure you are subscribed if you have not turned on the
Bell for notifications and check out the video right here Matt and I are gonna be
heading back to the safe house because we need to figure out what’s going on Q

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