24 Hours inside a TREEHOUSE Escape Room in Real Life! Game Master Spy RZ Twin Trap!

24 Hours inside a TREEHOUSE Escape Room in Real Life! Game Master Spy RZ Twin Trap!

Hey Zamfam! It’s Rebecca and right now we are packing for what we think is a 24 hour overnight challenge. In my last video, we went searching for clues to find the Game Master and we found these wires, which we think are one of the six things that the Quadrant needs. Now that we have the Quadrant’s wires; we put in this mini SD card to give us the next location and here, I’m going to show you guys what it shows. When I looked at this clue, it looked like a 24 hour challenge because of the 24 hour sign and then, there was a tree. So I wasn’t sure if we were suppose to go into the woods and it’s weird, because it didn’t give us any coordinates and then
I looked at the bottom and it had toy store storefront. So I looked it up and found it and I think the coordinates might be somewhere there. So let’s get packed and hope we solve the riddle so we can figure
out where this 24 hour challenge is supposed to be taking place. We have spy gadgets and more in our bag. A couple blankets but
we have more blankets also in our car. – Worse case we can sleep in the car. – Yeah. We could do the 24 hour challenge overnight in the car but, I think the tree emojii has something to do with this challenge
and I think we could either be staying in the woods or possibly in a tree house, you guys. Comment below what you
think the tree emjoii means because I think
that’s where we’re going to be staying, Matt. – I can’t believe we’re doing this. – We need to get to the toy store now so hopefully we can get the coordinates. Okay Zamfam, so we’re
here at the toy store. It’s right over there. I hope I got it right and I hope there’s a clue inside. Keep your
eyes open for anything that looks like a tree
so we can figure out where this 24 hour challenge is. Okay come on. – Look, tea party surprise.
I get the dollhouse, but that’s not it. Okay,
let’s keep looking. – Trees. Like a dollhouse; Build and Go Dollhouse? – Okay. – Spy gadgets. There’s
a ton of spy gadgets right here.
– You’re right – What is this? What is this?! – Look it’s a tree house, Matt and the coordinates! There’s coordinates! That means we have to go. – It’s Quadrant! – Shh! Go, go, we need to get out. Get out. – Go, go. Go, go, go. Get in, get in, get in. – Alright, ZamFam, that was close. Okay so I am going to
type in the coordinates to figure out where we’re suppose to be going on my OnePlus 6T phone, who is sponsoring this video.
It has a ton of cool features, but we will get to that once we figure out where we’re
going. It looks like it’s in San Diego. – Like near FaZe Rug? – No, it actually it looks like we’re
supposed to be going into the mountains. – Really? – ZamFam comment below
what you think we’ll find at this location. – I hope it’s part of the mystery device. – Yeah, me too. Daniel’s calling. Let
me put it on speaker. Hey Daniel! – Hey how’s it going? – Well, we’re driving right now. We actually went to the
toy store and we found what we needed to, which had coordinates, to a location but, a Quadrant member came in. I don’t think he saw us. I think we escaped. – That’s good. I think
I’ve found what you’ll need for this challenge. – Okay, what’d you find out? – It looks like it’s
some type of initiation Where you have to complete
each task in order to get the next one. – Okay, so do you have access to it? – Yeah, I’ll send them over, one by one, on your OnePlus phone. – Okay, thank you. So, after we complete each task; you’ll be able
to send the next one? – Right! And just a heads up,
this location looks to be a common spot for the
RZ twin and the Quadrant have been meeting,
luckily there aren’t any surveillance cameras there. Good luck guys in finding that device.
– Okay, okay we will. Thanks Daniel. – Okay, just to recap: Game Master is still missing, we’re
going to a location that we know nothing about, trying to find a device that we don’t even know is there, at a location where the RZ twin and Quadrant meet. – Yeah. – They could come in at any time. – And we’re spending 24 hours overnight. – I don’t think this is a good idea. – Okay, well, we need to do this so we can find the Game Master and stop them from getting the mystery device. ZamFam comment below if you think this is a good idea and smash the thumbs up button for good luck because,
we are going to need it. Okay quick detour right now you guys. We just realized that we didn’t pack any food or snacks for this trip, Matt. So, we’re about to go into a store very quickly, grab some stuff
so that we actually have food for the rest of the day and for tomorrow. – We can eat these for the challenge. Oh my gosh, I’m excited.
– Necessities. Yep. Let’s eat some of
those peanut butter. – We’ll stay up. Where ever we’re at. My fave, bear claws. Comment below if you like bear claws. I swear we are gonna eat healthy. Just these are just snacks. Okay, we have food. We
can survive this overnight challenge in case we
are in the wilderness. So, it looks like to
get this device, Daniel said that we have to complete a challenge and then they give them another one but, he’s going to hack it and give it to us. – So that was kind of like when you were in the escape room, like in the dollhouse, we had to go through
each of the rooms first. – Yes, that’s how the Quadrant set it up. Maybe they’re just like professionals at making escape rooms or something, and this is part of their training. I’m getting so nervous. Where are we going? – Its like the clouds are starting to come in right now, too. – Yeah, it’s getting darker you guys. It might rain tonight and if the challenge is out doors we’re going to be so wet. – No. – Yeah, we’re gonna get soaked and I didn’t bring a rain jacket. Did you? – I mean, I have this
jacket. It’s the only jacket I have right now. Everything else is up in Big Bird’s cabin. – I hope we’re not outside. Okay, so this looks nothing like the San Diego we went to when we went to FaZe Rug’s house, right Matt? – Nothing like. Where do you think we’re going to be spending 24 hours? – I have no idea, but
we’re really high up. I have done a lot of
24 hour challenges but I am really nervous.
This is definitely some place I have never Matt look! – Is that it? What? – That’s why we had the emjoii! And that’s we had this
with the coordinates. We’re spending 24 hours
inside a tree house. Look ZamFam, Rivenwood. – And don’t forget, if we see the RZ twin; we need to trap her. – Look. – It looks so cool! – ZamFam It’s a ramp It’s a treehouse! It’s like the coolest tree house ever! – Is this where we’re
going to spend 24 hours? This is awesome! – This is so awesome. Look at the view. – It’s amazing. – But it’s gonna rain. A hot tub. – Is it hot? – It is.
– Oh! – This is seriously the coolest 24 hours challenge ever. – But don’t forget, we
need to find the device. – There’s obviously
stuff in this tree house we need to find. – Just like any escape
room. It starts with the first clue. – Okay, but first let’s
do a tour. Wow this place is so cool. Look at this.
There’s rug, chairs, a bed, tv, and a little kitchen. Matt! We can cook our pizza. – Okay, we need to start
looking for clues, Bec. – Okay, it’s time to get the first clue from our OnePlus sixty phone. It just says, “This little light of mine.” – What? – What does that what does that mean? – Rebecca. Rebecca. Those lights are on. – Were these on before? ZamFam, comment below if they were on. Okay, what do we do with them? This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.
Maybe it needs to go.. shine somewhere? [Matt] Looks like a fireplace here. Pretty cool
– Matt, circles. What are those for? Hey, there’s a circle here. Okay well, right now there’s five candles. [Matt] But, there’s only four circles. – ZamFam, comment if
you see a fifth circle. I think that might be it, Matt. [Matt] Okay. – It’s the first thing
we saw. It makes sense, right? [Matt] Three over there at the fireplace. – Okay. There.
– And there’s one right there. – I see. We’re right here and looking. I see that. I see a…look! There’s one here. Look these match. Maybe if we put these together because there’s three. – Oh, in the right spots.
– Yeah. – It’s like don’t choose
the wrong spot though. – Exactly. – Did it do anything? – No. Maybe we have to do all of them. – It’s two more spots. Hmm. – This one. This fits.
It looks like it fits perfectly there. – Awesome. – ZamFam, if you think this is gonna work, smash the thumbs up button right now. – Three.
– Three. – Two.
– Two. – One.
– One. – It opened. – Oh, the door. Whoa! – It just looks like kitchen appliances, salt. – Ziploc bags – Okay and then a microwave. – What is it? – It looks like Sta-Flo glue, shaving cream, glitter; these are
ingredients to make slime. – The phone. – Another message? – It says, “One cup is enough.” – What does that mean? – Maybe there’s a cup. Do you remember the dollhouse we had to
make slime and put it in that heart shape? – Oh, right before we
got to the control room. – Exactly. – So is there a cup down there? – No, it doesn’t look
like it. Okay, silverware. – Pans, there’s like cheese grater. – Wait, a measuring cup? ZamFam, do you think it would be it? We just make slime to here, right? – It sounds so easy. – It’s easy an challenge, but we’re doing challenges for 24 hours
so it would make sense if a couple of them are easy. – Exactly. That’s it. – Okay, well before we
make our slime, let’s go grab our stuff ’cause
it looks like we’re going to be here overnight. – Really glad we got groceries cause I’m hungry! – It the last of them? – That’s all of it. – Okay. So our bags are all
inside now and I’m ready to make slime so we
can figure out the next clue. Also, I know I
said earlier that I would talk to you guys more about this phone. The OnePlus 6T and why
we chose to bring it on this 24 hour challenge. So, the OnePlus 6T
phone is awesome because you can charge it for
30 minutes and it will last your whole entire
day without recharging. Which is obviously necessary [Matt] That’s a lot. Obviously very necessary
for this challenge. Especially because we did
not know where we were going. It’s also extremely fast and smooth in terms of performance, which has been extremely helpful when we’re trying to communicate with camera man, Daniel, who is not here today for this challenge. Also the phone is really
good at taking pictures at night which means at 3 am, if anything happens, Matt, we can take a photo and see what’s going on. – It’s like it’s a spy gadget. – Exactly. Arlight, ZamFam, it looks like my slime is coming along, I saved
it. I would call this marshmallow slime, but not like edible marshmallow slime; just regular. It kind of has a pearly texture. – Did you hear that? – Matt. – No seriously did you hear that? – No. – Hold on. – Are you serious? – Use the phone, yeah phone, phone, phone, phone. Use the night camera. – I know. Hold on. – Portrait. – Night. Alright. – Bec, I think it’s
something over. I can’t really see with this
camera. Like up there in the corner. – Wow, look at the light, Matt. – Whoa! Look at the difference.
It’s so much brighter than the camera. – Do you guys see anything
– Whoa. – It’s so clear. ZamFam,
let me know if you see something. – Okay we’re going to
need to keep this. We might need to use it later. – We’ll definitely need to use this later. In case anyone’s spying
on us, we’ll be able to see with the camera. Hey Matt, can you take a photo? – Yeah, sure. – Okay, ZamFam, I’m
going to put this on my Instagram stories and ask you guys where you saw this. So, if
you saw this video you will know what to comment. – Good. Do you want portrait? – Let’s do night. – This thing’s so cool. Oh boy. – Oh my gosh.
– It takes pretty good photos. – The photo looks so good. Alright, so you’ll see
this on my Instagram stories @REBECCAZAMOLO. Look. – If we had a cup. – Do you guys think I
made enough for one cup? – I hope so. – I mean I just guessed. It looks like if I just
push it down it can make one cup. So I have one cup of slime. – Where do we put it? – I don’t know. Last
time we put in the heart; the heart activated it,
but it’s in a container. Okay, maybe we’re just
supposed to be waiting for the clue on the
phone. So we’ll just put this done and Matt, we have pizza. So let’s make some pizza. Yeah. – Okay. – I’m kind of getting hungry. Okay, quick update, first I changed into pajamas because I’m
cold and I wanted to be cozy and we shut the tree house. – Can you do it? Oh my, don’t drop it. No, no, don’t use your
hands! You’re kidding me?! – Three, two, wah. – Up there, up there, up there. Up there! – Okay. – Ah! Okay. – Got it. – Alright. – Life in a tree house for 24 hours. – This is probably nicest
tree houses that I’ve ever seen though. – No, it is cozy. It’s just cold. Let’s eat some pizza. I’m very happy to have pizza. – Cheers. – Cheers to 24 hours. So Daniel said that he
tried hacking into here and it looks like they have no hidden surveillance cameras here.
Which means that they think when we complete
challenges that we’re part of the Quadrant. – We’re basically undercover
as a Quadrant now. You guys remember what Daniel said? Daniel said this is where they come a lot. What’s going to happen
if one of them show up the Quadrant members or RZ twin? – This could be our
opportunity to trap them. – Yeah you guys. We
definitely need to do a face reveal of RZ twin and
put her in a lie detector test. I have so many
questions. When I saw her last it seemed like she
was good and she was working for the Game
Master, but now she took the Game Master, gave
him to the Quadrant and now she’s working for the Quadrant? – Wait a second…that
slime. Maybe we have to put it in a a certain area. – Oh like the candles. – Yes, yes. – Okay, like we need to activate it. Alright, well we’ve been looking around. – Yeah, I don’t think anywhere here. – Definitely, don’t want to put it there. – There’s no more circles anywhere. – I mean this is a circle.
It looks like a drain. But, – It’s just a drain. – But look, Matt. Look
at. Look around on the outside. Look, it almost
looks like there’s something that could be
activated right there. This circle looks like
the exact same size as this. Comment below if
you think the slime will work on there. – Maybe it’s weighted. – You guys ready? – The phone! – Oh! – Another clue, the next
clue, you guys we did it, we did it ZamFam. It says, “True love lies between two rocks” – Two rocks? – True love? Okay, so we need to go
outside and find two rocks. Maybe there’s a heart. – Okay, let’s go Bec. So cold. – It’s so cold outside. – Let’s make this quick though. – Rock, rock. – Oh there’s a rock, yes. Looks like it’s holding the door open.
I think there’s another one down there. – There’s so many rocks
Matt, how do we find which one? – Oh, maybe it’s up
there. I’ll go check it. Which rock is it? Becca,
there’s so many rocks. Why are you standing over there? – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait Becca, I saw something out there. I saw something. Hold on. Go, go , go , go. – Did you hear that? – I don’t think we need
to go out there for a second. – All of the clues so far
have been inside here. – Oh. – So maybe there’s some
rocks in here that we haven’t seen. You guys, ZamFam I need
you to look for rocks. – I can see it! Look it. Over there, – There? – Yeah, behind. It’s a buncha rocks. – That’s just brick Matt.
I don’t think that’s it. – This just looks like cooking stuff. No. – There’s like a wood thing. Rock. – It’s like a book shelf. – Whoa, a book shelf ZamFam. – A book end. – Book, rock, rock and
then true love. So, maybe one of these books have something to do with love. ZamFam do you see which book it would be? – Okay. – It has to be one of these books. – Okay. Which one is it? – I don’t know. Okay, hold on. – What is this? – I feel like it has
something to do with a heart or something maybe. – Inside. – Adventures. – True Love. – True Love.
– True Love. ZamFam if you saw that, comment: “I saw true love” actually – Some people are going to be commenting I saw true love – Yeah, it’s like you
have found true love but its just a comment. – We all found true love tonight. – So maybe there’s some words circled or something. – Maybe we need the black light. – Maybe. – Turn the book upside
down and see if anything falls out. – No.
– No. – There’s no notes in there – Oh, there is. – It opened to this. [Matt] The water is key. – So Let’s go look in the water. – So the sink? – The sink. – We already used the sink. – Maybe we turn on the water. – I don’t think that’s it. – What about the other sink? – Yeah turn the light, yeah. I feel like something’s going to float up. – Matt, this isn’t an escape room. – It feels like an
escape room in real life right now. It’s like an old time. Careful. Careful. – There’s one place that
has water where we have not been. – Okay. – Do you think it’s in the jacuzzi? – Outside. – Outside, yeah. – If we’re going to go
outside, we are going to need something to protect us. – So, what’d we use?
– I found something. – Do you have ninja
gadgets here? What are we suppose to use? – Even better. – Rope. – It’s not rope. Okay,
it is rope, but it’s a lasso. If the RZ twin
comes, we can trap her with this. – Okay, how do you use it? – You go around – Oh, like in the western.
– Yeah, hold on to this. I’ll show you. Stand back a little bit darlin’. – Me? Oh my gosh – You wrap it around
her and then see, we got this. We have it. – So, that should work
better than the net to trap the RZ twin. – 100%. As long as you
know what you’re doing. This is fool proof. Look
at this. Look at that. Yeah.
– Pretty good. – The chair can not escape. – No, no, nope, that’s not what you do. Then you have it and
give it a little bit of hook. You put one finger
out and you swing it around the top of your head. Oh, no. – Never learned this in ninja training. – I don’t think you’re
going to learn this at all – Well the water is the
key. We need to get back to the jacuzzi and get the next clue. – Okay, let’s go check it out. – The phone. – The phone. – We got a clue. – It just says, “Want to take a dip?” If the clue is that we have to take a dip, that probably means that
in order to complete the challenge that we
actually have to go into the water. So let’s get changed. – Just in case. – Alright, so we are in
here. The water is the key. – Maybe there’s something
in filter over there. – Oh, looks like this is a place that you can hold a drink. I don’t see anything. Maybe there’s something
inside the water, Matt. – Oh, oh, oh. I think I have something. – What? What is it? – Hold on, hold on, see
if you can get that. – Off your foot? Did you
pick this up with your foot? – Yeah. – It’s two keys. – No. – The key is in the
water. These are keys for something Matt. – Okay. – Should we go in? – Check on the phone.
See if there’s something. – Okay, hold on. – Maybe we got another clue. – Let me see. It doesn’t
say anything, so maybe this isn’t complete yet
this challenge we have to figure out what this
goes to and then we’ll get the next clue. Okay,
well let’s head back inside. I know it’s not
3 AM, but it’s still creepy out here. Okay, so we’re back
inside the tree house and we have to look for a
place to put this key. It has to have a lock somewhere here right Matt? – Exactly, some sort of lock. – Here. – All these wires and ropes. – These look like games.
– Games. – Okay, DVDs. – Oh, let’s look behind it. Where could it be hidden. – I don’t know ZamFam,
comment below on where you see a lock in here.
I don’t see a lock right now Matt. Do you? – Have you gotten another
message? Another clue? – No, I haven’t gotten
anything on my phone yet. – Bec, it’s getting late
why don’t we go to bed and wake up when it’s
light and we can actually see everything. – And then finish the
challenge in the morning? – Exactly. It’s a 24 hour challenge. We’re here for a whole day. – Yeah, that’s true.
So, before I go to sleep I just want to shout
again to the OnePlus 6T phone. I am so happy I
have this on this 24 hour challenge because I don’t
have a charger and I need a phone to have
service while I’m here in this tree house – What was that? – Did you see that? – The lights flickered on and off, too. – So if you guys wanna
learn more about this phone, I will link it in
the description and let me know if you would
spend 24 hours overnight in a tree house. Alright,
ZamFam, goodnight. – What? What is that? Bec. Bec – What? – Bec. It’s your phone. It’s your phone. – What? – 3 am in right now. – Okay, here we go. – Just intercepted a
message between the Quadrant and RZ twin. It looks like she’ll be there tomorrow morning. – If she’s gonna be
here, I need to trap her. Okay, listen, we already have the plan. – Okay. – I have the lasso. – Yeah. – You distract her. I can
probably sneak out the back side of the tree house. While you’re distracting her, I could lasso her. We can see exactly what she’s
doing. Why she’s always following us. – Do you think it will work? – It has to work. – Okay, ZamFam, so we’re
going to wake up early tomorrow so we can
finally trap the RZ twin and do a face reveal,
we’ll see you guys in the morning. – Wake up. – I’m awake. – It’s so cold. – It’s so cold. – So let’s get up and have
some breakfast and you guys know the plan that
Matt and I came up with. And I know we are going
to be able to trap the RZ twin today. – This all stuff that
we couldn’t see before. – We’re up so high. – Look. Look at the view, ZamFam. Okay, so it was a little
bit creepy out here last night, but Matt, honestly
it’s kind of fun here. It’s like an adventure.
I forgot, so last night, we woke up to a mouse,
but I forgot to turn the mic on. We were in shock.
Cut to that right now. – Here’s to a night in
a tree house and solving clues and riddles. – Exactly. – Wait that reminds me,
we haven’t figured out where the key goes. – Oh. – What is it? – It’s just a swirly
thing. Maybe hypnotize. There’s triangles on the carpet. Yeah, no. – Not that. – Matt. Hold on. It’s
kind of like it right? – Yeah. – Wait. This is it. This is it. This is why we didn’t
see it because we put all our stuff on here. So, let’s see if this key
works. There’s nothing here. – There’s no key hole. – It just opens. Matt, it’s a secret hidden
lock that looks like a bible. This is it. I
think this is it from the pink room. ZamFam if you
think that this is going to work, smash the thumbs up button. This might be the device.
– Yes, yes. – That the Quadrant has been looking for. Alright. I can’t open it. There’s a combination. A three digit, wait,
by the cross there were three numbers. Do you
remember that from the pink room? So ZamFam, if you
can remember what that is or go back to that Did you hear that? – Okay, what do we do? You’re going to get the
lasso, right? So I’ll just say things to keep
her around so she doesn’t run away. Okay Matt,
so after you lasso her, what are you gonna do? – Okay, I have handcuffs
in the car, we can take her back to L.A. – Okay, so yeah, we can
do a lie detector test in Los Angeles on the
RZ twin. That’s perfect. – Awesome. – Okay. We’ll take the camera. – Okay. – Outside the tree house. – Hey, you can come here.
You’re totally fine. I just wanted to tell
you that. I don’t want my Youtube channel. You can have it. – So you’re willing to
give me your Youtube channel and you’ll
completely disappear off Youtube? – Yeah, you don’t need
to trap us or anything like that. – I got her, I got her! You’re going to the car. – Is this a trap? – Matt, get her! – You set me up?! – Okay ZamFam, right
now we’re going to head back to Los Angeles to
have the RZ twin take a lie detector test. Comment
below anything you want us to ask her. I’m going
to take a picture on my phone, put it on my
Instagram stories right now, so you guys have proof. No we’ll be able to ask
her even more questions there. – I’m not telling you guys anything – We’re going to get her to talk.

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