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drink hey yo what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video and today I printed out my name in case you forgot its Papa Jake
why did you have to print out your name here as well guys I printed it out
because it is a very special day today we are gonna be doing classic Papa Jake
versus Logan challenge you guys know we normally work together to build the
ultimate box sports to do the ultimate crazy challenges Ford is eight we’re
pitting ourselves against one another to see who is the ultimate person the
ultimate person as you can see on my board here I have won a total of 23
challenges to Logan it was zero oh this is official logo Jake there’s no way
this is true you you fabricated these results this is official board permanent
marker as well it’s time for another challenge and I thought today guys we
would do the challenge to see who could make the ultimate sandcastle for Jake
that’s so random it might be random Logan but it’s something everyone wants
to know who is better at building sandcastles is a Papa Jake or Logan now
we don’t have a beach here well after you sand in our house a lot of sand and
a whole bunch of creativity before we go our separate ways Jake if you’re brand
new to the channel hit that subscribe button
you should definitely hit the like button we are getting so close to 6
million subscribers let’s do it and now loading to spice things up I have a time
limit on this challenge each person only has 24 hours to build their sandcastle
fort and then we will decide who is the best well Jake I’ll see you in 24 hours
a few moments later Jake thinks he’s won all these challenges well today he has
another thing coming I am tired of him thinking he’s won
everything and he’s the best Papa Jake’s the best wall well not today guys I am
going to a beach a real beach and I’m going to blow his sandcastle out of the
water got my trust we’ll say castles and he leaves where’s
he going okay guys so we just made it to the beach with a little bit of time left
the Sun is going down so we got to build this sandcastle fast but as you guys can
see we have real sand here Jake doesn’t have a chance against us I thought to
myself you know what I’m going big on this challenge and that’s why we’re all
the way out here so this is where I’m gonna build my sandcastle I’m thinking
of making like a little underground bunker guys I forgot to mention smack
that like button because I came all the way down here to be Jake in this
challenge anyway guys the Sun is going down so we got to get building let’s do
this this majestic view does Jake have real sand nope does Jake have a moat
where water is being collected by waves I don’t think so I don’t know what
Jake’s doing back home but it ain’t a sand for it Logan has been gone for a
ball quite a little while and I have absolutely no idea where he went
she’s not here he’s not building the sand castle which means looks like this
is gonna be another win for Papa Jake meanwhile okay guys we have a little bit of a
problem it looks like my moat is not working my
hole where I was gonna hang out in is full of water so uh we might need
another plan I’ve got my builder hat here so you know this is legit now
you’re probably wondering Papa Jake how are you gonna build a billionaire
sandcastle there’s not even any sand there’s no beaches around you I have in
my disposal a ton of faith Sam now this isn’t real sand guys this is kinetic
sand which we are gonna be using to build our sandcastle it’s kind of like
mushy but at the same time not you got it like this and then it just kind of
slowly falls apart like that we are now going to build the castle here and
hopefully the water doesn’t ruin it let’s start building so far we have
built a pretty decent star as you guys can see this will be a nice little hole
that I can chill in and then each wall will have a pillar of defense but guys
there are two big problems right now one the Sun is going down
and number two guys the water is getting higher and higher so I’m worried the
water’s gonna come up and destroy him I four so four guys this is what we have
it’s like a massive star and it’s pretty sweet we can go inside this and we can
just chill guys how epic is this each wave that
comes up we are both system filters the water so it doesn’t hurt our sandcastle
if you guys think this sandcastle is better than Jake’s put a hashtag Logan
down below you can have a little backdrop here so you can see we have a
nice Beach there’s a little old guy there it’s some some pylons and this can
be the beach where we build the sandcastle now I don’t know what Logan’s
doing but obviously for this I don’t have enough sand to live in so I’m
building a sandcastle for our little dudes here we got some Fortnight dudes
I’ve got some Lego dudes and all of it is going to be built around a sand
fortress with a ton of really cool stuff I’m thinking I’m gonna add water I’m
gonna add defenses everything that you could want in a billionaire sandcastle
it is officially dark and all I have now is my iPhone light to really get light
so it’s a little dark I have a feeling our sandcastle won’t last the night
tomorrow so last night it got a bit too dark to film so I’m back this morning to
finish off my sandcastle guys can kinda see it didn’t really hold
the night the water definitely destroyed some the walls oh and it’s raining ok
it’s raining guys this is a great start so we still have about 5 hours left in
this 24 hour challenge and I am determined to build the best sandcastle
hashtag satisfication oh now that is satisfying this is all part of the
building process guys i 100% need to do this it’s like a sand cake can we just
cut you guys a slice off here oh that’s a massive slice of sand cake for you
guys look the sand is melting alright well this is going to be the base of
everything I also have a bunch of Lego structures that we can use to add onto
to make it even bigger and even more epic first thing I need to do is
actually turn this into a little beach so the construction can start no nothing better than being on a beach
beating Jake in a sandcastle war and seeing a beautiful rainbow guys if you
like rainbows put a hashtag rainbow down below and maybe we might see a double
rainbow all right let’s check out the stand for it so far we have an awesome
star shape for it I don’t really know why I built a star but it looks pretty
sweet as you guys can see we have a little moat system that’s starting to be
built and you have chill area in the middle of the fort and once we’re done
the construction of the fort will add some decorations alright guys now that
we have our beach fully in order we can have these guys take over they’re going
to be actually doing most of the building process so we’re going to be
making a road leading up towards where the sand castle is going to be so we
need all of our men on duty and making sure this thing looks awesome in fact crystal-clear blue water I bet
Jake’s at home you know not having crystal-clear blue water to swim in I
have no idea what he did for his for how I even got sand in the house there’s
absolutely no way he can beat this I mean check this place out guys we’ve got
two stories here top story completely filled with sand we’ve got our fortnight
dudes defending the beach guys you know what else Jake doesn’t have on our
sandcastle he doesn’t have feeders and the last steps of completing the
sandcastle is decorating it with some awesome Korra – PewDiePie ah I wonder what Jake’s
doing right about now paradism of it we want these same
Campobello attack tech tech this is about the company over job
company behalf of sandcastle insight ready to play stimulus attorneys alright nothing better than a nice
refreshing drink this awful whatever – Bravo – we’ve successfully taken dumps
past brain structure double – over here it looks like we’re taking fire from
another source behind the building though I’m making my way over there now
chief we have some serious issues that is but a parameter voltage can you
say you love America the chance to press a fire both the spoke today supercharged is it is it over what well I’ll put my
same castle it’s all some sort of battle went on oh no no no this isn’t good this
isn’t good Logan surely gonna win now what do you Jeremy well guys I think it
is pretty safe to say that I own this fort challenge I mean sandcastle
challenge guys if you think I won comment hashtag Logan and if you think
Jake one comment hashtag Jake but you know I think it’s pretty safe to say I
won this challenge guys if you enjoyed this video remember
to smack that like button and I hope to see you guys next time for another
awesome video


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