24 HORAS COMIENDO ROSA | RETO SandraCiresArt | All Day Eating Pink Food Challenge

24 HORAS COMIENDO ROSA | RETO SandraCiresArt | All Day Eating Pink Food Challenge

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sandra Cires Art Here I am in my pink car! I just bought some groceries at the supermarket and guess what? Everything is pink! You know why? Because you’ve been asking a lot for the 24 Hour Pink Food Challenge! So I have to eat only pink food for a whole day! Let’s do this challenge to see how it goes Here is on the table everything I bought Tell me if this isn’t crazy!? Look at how many options of pink food there are in the supermarket I never thought I would find so many things so let’s start with breakfast Option N° 1: I found these cereals, look at how pretty they look Well… in the package picture, let’s see when we open it up Oh, so pretty! You know how it smells like? Like strawberry yogurt I have faith in this, dear friends, look at it! it’s cute By the way, I’ll do this challenge and for one day it’s funny But eating like this it’s not healthy It’s better to eat food that has its natural color Eating food with artificial colors all the time it’s not good at all! Let’s prepare ourselves a delicious almond milk with pink nesquik This one says its strawberry, I’ve never tried it. I’ve only tried the chocolate one Oh my God! Look at that color! And here we have our pink milk I also found these cookies, loot at how pretty they are In animal shapes, and they look pinkish on the package Look at how pretty they are They look super cute And they smell really good I think those pink cookies can go perfectly with a yogurt I hope it’s pink And now I’ll prepare my favorite breakfast Crepe pancakes, I call them that because you’ll see that I make them really thin and it’s a recipe that you have to try Because it’s really healthy but it’s also delicious We’ll use this quacker Oatmeal That’s super, super, super natural and they’re uncooked All of this is eye level measured, look, I use a little I use a little almond milk Some mixed nuts that will replace the butter and all of those fats that are not that healthy We’ll also use one egg that comes in this pink package I hope the eggs were pink, but I have low expectations And to give it a little sweetness, I’ll add this vanilla cream Other thing that I always use it’s a pinch of cinnamon Because I feel that it complements the flavor Let’s cook it, they look a little like crepes because they’re really thin Seeing them makes my mouth water You can see the little pieces of mixed nuts there When you have to eat that little piece it’s awesome Also, it doesn’t stick. It’s because I’m using a nonstick pan But you saw it, I didn’t use any type of oil And because of this video, I’ll be decorating it to be a pink crepe pancake But I usually just eat it like this It’s delicious. I just chop one of these three fruits that I love to combine it: pineapple, banana or strawberry and that’s all you need Let’s get creative now, look at this On the supermarket I found this strawberry cheese It looks pink, I have never tried it before I don’t know, would it be a sweet cheese? At least I hope it’s pink It even has a pink water, what’s that? Oh my God! Curiosity is killing me. I want to taste it to see if it’s a sweet cheese Hey, it’s delicious It’s sweet, but slightly sweet It tastes like strawberry I don’t know how this combination will taste, but it will look cute Let’s use this sugar Look at this beautiful color! It’s so pretty Every time I add something, the less healthy my crepe pancake becoes But whatever Now let’s add this up It says it’s a strawberry syrup. Let’s hope it looks cute Oh no, this is so liquid. Why is it like this? This is a fail I thought I could draw a little, but it’s too liquid Now it looks like a horror pancake let’s add these cherries, I hope it will look better I love these cherries. Let’s just use three There are my options Let’s check them out, which one I’ll eat first? Let’s start with my pancake I bet this will be really really sweet It’s weird I prefer it the same way I always eat it with the chopped fruits But this is not bad I’m impressed, it’s really good I’ll try the milk next, with the cereals This looks really good We’re ready This is really good! Let’s check out the cookies Wow, they’re really crunchy They’re good, I like that they’re not that sweet and it has cinnamon Let’s check this strawberry and coconut juice Oh my God, this is really good Let’s check this yogurt it says “Red Raspberries” Oh it’s also pink. Let’s check how does this pink yogurt taste Oh, it’s really good. It’s delicious -snack- Look at all of the pink food that I have for my snack I know these ones, because they appeared on a “Gummy vs Real” video and my mom devoured it Pink snow balls This is so good It has a lot of flavors that I like, chocolate, coconut and marshmallow because this thing outside it’s marshmallow I can eat the whole box by just sitting here I’ll try this one out, it’s drawing my attention, it’s called fudge stripes look at the little drawing Oh, look at it, it’s so cute and so weird Oh lord, I don’t know why I feel like this will be really really sweet Look at it underneath This is sugar. They’re good, but the snowballs are winning I’ll try these ones, they’re really drawing my attention because I’ve never seen them before Here it says that they need to be done wither on the microwave or on the toaster it looks like two slices of bread like crackers, but it says it’s cherry there it says “3 seconds” only three seconds? That’s three seconds, I don’t know They look exactly the same. Let’s try them up I don’t like them, I could eat them, but compared with the others they’re like hmm look at it on the inside Now, I’ll try this snack that I know really well because I love it We called them “Sorbetos”, here in the U.S they call it “Wafer” Comment below how do you call it in your country So good, so good, so good What I love the most about this it’s the texture Actually it looks pinkish on the photo than in reality Expectative, reality Oh, this is so delicious. It’s just too delicious Another thing that I love is that it’s not that sweet It doesn’t sicken you and you can eat the whole box Obviously we couldn’t miss a liquid in our snacks And as soon as I saw this one I grabbed it because it says it’s a typical drink from El Salvador Production says that I’ll get fat of all the candy I’m eating That’s how we say it in Cuba, “you’re cebada” That means “You’re fat” Hey, but I really have to try this one, curiosity is killing me Let’s read the indications Oh my God, look at the color It’s really really pink It says that in one glass of water you add two tablespoons, mix it up and if you want you can add sugar Let’s check it out If there’s someone from El Salvador watching, let me know in the comments if this is really what you drink there that’s what the package says Oh, I think I won’t like it Maybe I do need to add some sugar Now that I add some sugar, it tastes better But honestly, it tastes so much like cinnamon, I feel like I’m drinking cinnamon water But it’s really refreshing That I’ll have to say, it feels really fresh But it’s not for me, to be honest Now all I have left it’s this snack My blood sugar must be on sky levels It’s called “Festival” We have another case of “Expectative vs Reality” Let’s check it out It’s good, it’s really good. It’s delicious They’re crunchy, they’re really good Dear friends, it’s lunchtime I was thinking about cooking some rice, because if we, Cubans, don’t eat rice, we don’t eat Let’s add some salt and a little food coloring This says neon pink, oh Lord Isn’t that much? Oh my God. I think I used too much – a little later- You need to see the rice Look at this beauty I was thinking about mixing our pink rice with some chicken “enjamonado” I don’t know why, but in Cuba we used to call this Spam I don’t know why Everything is spam here Hey look, it is pink Look at it I would have liked to make some salad But I found it very complicated to find a pink salad But! We have a tropical punch Look at this color delicious Now let’s try the rice It’s actually good I was really craving something salty Oh my God, let’s try this It’s good But this does feel really chemical, but it’s good Time for snack 2 I feel like I have spend my whole day eating But I think it’s just on my mind Look at how many pink fruits I found on the supermarket And some of them look really really weird, I have never tried them before So let’s react I’ll start with this one, it looks so weird It has like some frozen pieces of fruit and look how’s in the back Karim, Karim, a beautiful well-behaved dog These are chopped peaches in a strawberry jelly Magic! Look, it doesn’t fall let’s do it look at this Oh lord, I don’t know if I’ll like this this is actually really delicious I am surprised I am not a fan of jelly, but this is de li cious I’ll give it a 10/10 Let’s try this one that says “Say hello to the brilliantly refreshing fruit cup!” This is grapefruit and orange Look,this is what it looks like Let’s try it out It’s good, I love grapefruit But I feel like it also has lemon I like, like, like Let’s try out this guava juice Comment below if you think this will be a pink juice I feel like it will be like cucu’s water I knew it, look at this Look at the color of this It’s not pink, but it’s really good Now, let’s try this one It says it’s apple and strawberry But look at the texture, it looks mashed I am curious because it says that one of these it’s the equivalent of a meal Look at this What if this is baby food? It’s really good Hey, this one’s delicious Now, this is our last option for a pink snack This is a strawberry, dragon fruit, peach and chia mix Comment below if you have ever tried chia That little seed that as soon as it makes contact with a liquid, it has a gel texture but it has a lot of nutritional properties Dear friends, I have to be honest, this has a really strong smell My expectations are really low on this one, but let’s check it out, maybe I’ll be surprised This feels weird I don’t like it It’s time to cook dinner I’ll eat a little more pink rice but now I’ll mix it with this tuna, that actually looks a little like baby pink like a really soft pink This tuna smells really good And because I eat a lot and I know I won’t be full with that I’ll also eat a slice of ham, it has some sort of pink color This looks so sad with no salad on it Look at that plate I just realized that yesterday I pealed some radishes It’s not entirely pink, but I always scrape a little the skin This looks a little pink Please, let me! I really want to eat a veggie today I’ll eat two of these I am starving I’ll also have some pink snacks I’ll try this baby pink tuna right away this tuna is actually delicious some rice, and I’ll cut this ham delicious What I like the most about this, is this Karim has been sneaking on me the whole day, he thinks I don’t see him but he just loves food, poor baby Karim the poppy You look like Queen Elizabeth I Obviously, to accompany my dinner, a pink juice with a pink straw Raspberry lemonade Hey, this tastes really chemical I don’t like it Let’s give the chia seeds another chance the little seeds that I didn’t like in the snack but maybe I’ll like it like this Hey, here it says that it has a bunch of vitamines for people that loves to do exercise it’s like a mega snack hey, this isn’t pink, this has a really ugly color! Holy Jesus, this looks like poop this looks like poop, look at this! No, I am not eating this It’s not pink, I got played, the package it’s pink, but not on the inside Let’s try it, I’m really curious It’s not that bad And to finish, because my belly is going to explode I’ll admit it, I think tomorrow my poop will be pink because of how many pink food I have consumed today I’ll keep you posted on social media To finish, I’ll try this thing called Pocky These are biscuits filled up with some strawberry cream I opened it and it smells really good it smells really good they look really pretty, look at it Let’s try them Wow, this is delicious It’s really, really good That’s it for today! I hope you liked it! If you did, give me a like, like, like If you’re new around here, and you’re still watching the video and you haven’t subscribed yet What are you waiting for? Subscribe! It’s easy, free and you won’t regret it because this channel it’s really funny! Subscribe and you won’t ever be sad! Lots of kisses and I’ll see you again on the next video! Mwah!

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