2,000 craft art pieces from 36 countries displayed at 11th Cheongju Craft Biennale

time now for our life an info segment
where we focus on information useful for your everyday life it is Thursday so we
thought we’d turn our focus to culture that weekend isn’t that far away to
introduce us to some cultural events to check out I’m happy to say our Eamonn
son joins us in the studio today so what do you have for us today min-sun I’m
Eric one of the largest international events for Kraft art is being held in
South Korea’s Century City told you into Tampopo province
xi tanto craft en la opened on October 8th and runs through November 17th it’s
the first international Craft Festival solely devoted to craft art and a place
for leading an emerging craft artist to show of the traditional beauty and
contemporary value of crafts arts five main exhibitions and three special
exhibitions are being held at several venues across the city displaying some
2000 pieces of craft and by by 1200 artists from 36 countries
Carter factory C is the main venue it used to be a tobacco factory but it has
been turned into a cultural facility where artists from around the world can
share their work exhibitions display items from metal ceramic wood textile
and press and showcases the diversity and artistic efforts to connect
traditional values with the practical values of the modern times let’s hear
from the director our be analyzed shows a new and experimental value it’s more
than just making em present in good at work so I created the exhibition space
that’s comfortable for all I wanted to present not only traditional crafts but
also various aspects of craft art from the past present and future well min-sun you really did catch some
amazing looking craft work in the video you were shot while you were down there
I was just wondering about though how it shows the difference between the past
and the future of what perhaps look right now in South Korea
the craft art started with making objects that are useful in our daily
lives so every craft had specific use and purpose but at the Biennale artists
extended the concept of crafts and even converged with various genres of art
this giant teacup and teapot installation art is created by a
Nigerian artist who used over 110 thousand ceramic teacups the use of
teacups is the past and the present and the way it’s displayed shows the future
and potential of crafts arts representing this concept is this year’s
theme which is dreaming of crafts of the future boom you do one unfolds Bermuda
Wando means the dream journey to the immortal pits alternate in Korea and is
the title of one of the greatest paintings created by an Gong in 1447
during the Chosun dynasty some amazing pieces of work there really looks like
something worth checking out but are there any specific parts you’d
personally recommend having been there yourself to people who might want to go
along along with the main exhibitions three special exhibitions feature 271
crafts by 106th artists from 13 countries Denmark Hungary China and ten
ASEAN countries and the ASEAN exhibition has been prepared to celebrate the 30th
anniversary of building relations between South Korea and ASEAN countries
crafts from 10 ASEAN countries show the unique culture of each of the countries
yet displays some common characteristics that exist across ASEAN culture visitors
can walk around and look at the craft art that represents these countries in
one place as a local resident it’s great to have a cultural space that can host
art exhibitions like this and we don’t have to travel to other cities I’ve come
to describe the anime every time and this year’s event gave me a nice
surprise and good experience and very satisfied on the weekend visitors can
also participate in art breeze that connects seven art museums and
galleries Antonio those with tickets to the Biennale can participate in the tour
bus program that runs free of charge those who want to take some craft home
with them can check out on drew craft fair taking place at the main venue it’s
a global craft marketplace with some 150 participating artists and shops visitors
can purchase small items or make their own craft art at the experience space
tickets are quite reasonably priced at 12,000 won or about ten US dollars there
are still more than a week left so it’s worth checking out
well min-sun thank you very much for that information at ten US dollars per
person it sounds like a great way to spend the day and you say there’s a
craft shop there too so you can pick up something as a souvenir to take home
with you as well as always mints on thank you very much for coming in yeah
thank you for having me now without let’s take a quick look at
some cultural events coming up here in South Korea you

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