– Aww, RJ you did so good, buddy? I love you so much. – Ugh, whew! – Hey, good morning, everybody! And welcome to the vlog, it’s
a great way to start the day with Lucy and I’ve got a
special guest right here. You guys know, Kel, Brother Nature. – [Kelvin] Oh snap, Canela! You already see the
other does looking at you hatin’ cause you got that gold chain. Hold up, where you going? That’s my chain though. Canela, where you going? That’s my chain. Canela, just let you
borrow it so you could flex for the ‘gram, Canela. – Everyone knows him from the internet. So, I’m going to introduce you here, Ready? This is Lucy. – Oh snap, damn. Damn. – [Brian] It’s a workout, man. She’s a big snake, huh? – [Kelvin] Bro, she’s a big snake. – So, Kel’s in town
hanging out with us today for a little bit. And I figured I just give him the kinda, start off with Lucy here. – Holy snap. Lucy, she
don’t even stay still. – Yup, grab her and
put her over your head. There you go. Woo! – [Kelvin] All right,
Lucy, where you going? Oh snap. – You’re okay. This is insane, isn’t it? – [Kelvin] Yeah, bro. Honestly, this is crazy. – Isn’t it nuts? – I don’t know how you
have so much strength to hold her up like that. – I know, it’s like I get
the snake workout everyday. She’s a baby. – [Kelvin] Wow. – [Brian] But I’m definitely wore out. – [Kelvin] Yeah, for sure. – So, we’re going to see a
whole bunch of other stuff here. I’ll put the link in the description to all of Kel’s stuff, for sure. Uh, Lucy. Definitely go pay him a
visit, give him some love. Tell him that Brian sent you, okay? All right, we’re going to
look at some other stuff. All right, we gotta get Kelvin
to feed Argemis Prime here. All right, you ready? Look, he’s ready. – [Kelvin] Yeah, Argemis. – [Brian] Come on, Argo, come on. – [Kelvin] He’s fast. All right, Argemis, gotcha, bro. – [Brian] Okay, all right. Argemis, come. – [Kelvin] It’s time for breakfast. – [Brian] Okay, there you go. All right, go. – [Kelvin] Breakfast time. Ahhh! Yeah, Argemis. Give you that protein, so you get nice and strong. – [Brian] Try again. – [Kelvin] Nice and strong, my boy. (upbeat music) – Your whole thing
started, how did it start? Was it with Canela, the first one or was it another one first? – His name was Money. – Money. Oh really? – So, I had seen Canela
before I gave her a name but it was cause my cousin
been feeding her for awhile. But then like within that same day, I saw him interacting with a deer. I went to my house and
there just so happened to be a buck in my backyard. And that same day, I went out
there, I gained his trust. I gave him the name Money. And I just like made a video, like, “Yo, I got a pet
deer. Like, holla at me, check me out.” You know, and then, you know that deer live in hierarchy, right? – Right, yup. – So, I guess he spread the message. And the next day his family
started coming and stuff. And then he started coming with his family and I just made videos, I
named them all on the spot. And it just like went viral
within like the first week. – Oh my god. That is so awesome. I mean it’s cool because
again you connected with something that most
people can’t in the wild. So, he definitely must have
had that trust with you which is something that I’m sure some people just kinda have, right? – Yup. – You know, you have that kinda feel about you where animals are comfortable. That’s dope, man. That’s awesome. And now
here you are traveling all over the world, doing cool stuff. – Yes, sir. – It’s awesome, dude, I love it. I’m so proud of you, that’s awesome. – Thank you, bro. – Of course, Ben and Jerry,
the two-headed snake. – So, this my first time ever
meeting a two-headed snake. And I honestly did not even
think these things were real. You could find these in the wild? – It’s rare. Although, there
was actually a gardener snake this year found in the wild. Believe it or not, a little
baby two-headed snake, you know, so it happens. But it’s pretty rare. The problem with these guys is that, even when they’re born,
they usually don’t live. So, this is a three and
a half year old animal, should live another 15 years. – Wow. – So, once they hit adulthood,
they’re typically solid but he is cool. – They got two different brains? – They do have two different brains, they’ll even, sometimes
they’ll get caught like this. Where one’s on one side
of something and the other is on the other side. And
they’ll kinda fight their way through it. They don’t realize they need to back up. They’ll just be like, “Oh,
let’s get through it.” But it’s cool, right? – So, even if one eats,
it just gets full, right? – Yeah, exactly. Both heads on it really they both eat. For a long time, Ben, which
is your left head used to only eat and now Jerry eats as well. – Okay. That’s what’s up. – I’ll give you one guess,
okay, their names are Ben and Jerry, what do you think they eat? (crickets chirping) Mice cream. (drum beat) – Oh. Very funny, my friend. – Gotta make sure to give
Kelvin the big snake experience. He’s already handled
the other sister, Lucy, so this one is much more chill, trust me. She doesn’t move anything like her. And she’s not quite as heavy either. – Whoa! Uh-oh. – [Brian] We’re getting close now. – We bonding. – That’s awkward. So there we go, now you got it all. It’s not as bad as Lucy, right? – Not as bad at all. – She’s an amazing snake. Woo. So what do you think, man? – I love her. She’s awesome. – Hey, get your workout, right? Don’t have to hit the gym today. – Yeah. – That’s pretty awesome. – Daise, where you going, Daise? Woo! (upbeat music) – All right, just wrapping up some time. Thank you so much for coming, dude. I appreciate you so much, man. Seriously, guys this guy is amazing. He loves animals. Again
link in the description. You guys probably already
know him but if not, give him a follow. Tell him
that I sent you, of course. We’re gearing up for a
birthday party, right now. So, moving on to the next thing. Appreciate you, man. – Yo! (upbeat music) – That chocolate pin to the
banana chocolate spinner hatched out and I am so happy with the way that they look. Now remember, I said that
what I’m really trying to get this year is this animal in a banana, which is a super chocolate
pin called a camo ball python. So, you can imagine how dark
this animal is right here in a banana. All of this
should be kind of almost like a purplish look which I think will be really incredible. And of course, the female
was just like this. This is actually a chocolate pin-stripe, which is just the chocolate
and the pin-stripe mix. And then we got a bunch
of really cool stuff. Like we got these two animals
here that are unbelievable. These are actually the
banana chocolate pin-stripes. And that chocolate just kinda
widens the purple in it, just makes it really
absolutely incredible. So, I’m really happy I produced these. These are definitely power house animals for future breeding. Then I produced two of these which should be banana chocolates
but I’m not gonna lie to you, I think there’s
something else going on. I almost wonder if
there’s some enchi gene or something like that because
I produced chocolate bananas before and they
did not look like this. I mean the fact that they
have this kinda weird kinda blushing in them and stuff. I don’t know what’s going on. They turned out super cool though. Again, I don’t really
know what the gene is, that’s making them look so different than my other banana chocolates. But I absolutely love ’em. And then of course, this is just a little spinner ball python
which is the spider pin-stripe. Then we have actually a
chocolate banana spinner here. So, this is basically the all gene animal without the super version, right? So, this is what the dad looked like when I actually bred them
which is pretty cool. You know, I’m gonna be honest with you, with the spinner it kinda
reduces the amount of pattern so the purple kinda goes
away so it’s not as cool as say something that
has more purple in it. And speaking of more
purple in it, that’s right, this is almost exactly
what I was shooting for. This is the super chocolate
banana ball python. Just lacking the pin-stripe that would make it a camel banana. But wow, look at the
purple in that animal. Woo, doggy! That thing is absolutely incredible. So, that clutch hatched out. And I couldn’t be more
happy with the results minus the fact that I hope
I’ll hit a camo this year. I think we have four or
five more clutches to go. So, I better hit that
dream animal of mine. I know so many of you
guys have been worried about Elvis, no more than me
to be really honest with you. The good news is that he’s
in the back of his habitat right over there, just kinda chillin’ out. His leg is doing much better. Today he seemed to be
using it a 100 percent. I’m still gonna give him a
couple days off to not have him walk around and stuff like that. But I think we’re in pretty good shape. I think he is on the mend. That was one of the scariest
things that I went through in a long, long time. I love that animal so much. Got this cool little
clutch that hatched out which actually was a pastel
to a banana enchi pin-stripe. So, right off the rip we
have an enchi pin-stripe here which is really cool and she
is awesome when mixed with almost anything. It just reduces the pattern, brightens it up, it’s an enhancer gene. And it looks like we have
a little enchi banana here which is pretty cool because
again that enchi kinda brightens it up and stuff like that. When this sheds out, it should be absolutely beautiful animal. Then we have a little pin-stripe here. It looks like we have a
really beautiful pastel. It’s just a normal pastel
and then a couple more ball pythons. So, we didn’t hit anything
too incredible in this clutch. But still the babies
came out big, healthy. Look absolutely beautiful,
so I never complain about a beautiful clutch hatching. This clutch was actually
a half russo which is the half blue-eyed leucistic ball python. And it was bred to a pastel crystal. Right off the rip, we
actually have a pastave, which is a pastel mojave
because of course that pastel crystal is actually
what they would call a special in a mojave. So its got those genes in it which is just absolutely incredible. And because that’s an allelic animal, it means everything is
gonna be either half russo or it’s gonna be mojave
because it can’t be normal. It can’t do it with an
allelic type of trait. I’ll explain that one day so you guys get it a little bit better but
they’re actually beautiful. Everything else in whole
clutch was actually kind of in the blue-eyed leucistic
complex in a way, right. These are actually half
russo special animals, right. So, weirdly enough when the
specials goes to a lesser or a half russo it gets
kind of this animal that’s like pink with some pattern in it. So, it’s not theoretically
a blue-eyed leucistic, it’s actually a special
and then a half russo. The lesser and the half
russo look kinda similar. And I hope that I didn’t just
confuse the heck out of you. Regardless, really beautiful animals. Kinda of like leucistic-y
looking but they actually do have a little bit of pattern. And then we have three little baby blue-eyed leucistics here,
which are actually the mojave and the half russo, and that basically is another blue-eyed leucistic complex. There’s a whole bunch
of different ways to get blue-eyed leucistics. One of the ways is either
lesser to half russo, lesser to mojave, mojave to
half russo, and so on like that. Nevertheless, unbelievable,
pure white snakes with these cool blue eyes, I
mean, how awesome is that? And definitely a hectic
day but I love it that way. Wrapped up that birthday
party, now we’re doing a zoo to you, where we take some animals for a birthday party. So, hittin’ that road and
then we’ll be back here at the Reptarium again for another tour. And open up tonight,
we’re gonna bring RJ over for the patrons that are
coming to visit tonight at the Reptarium so that
should be pretty awesome. (upbeat music) Just wrapping up the birthday
party, doing some pictures before we leave so, I absolutely had an absolutely amazing time as always. It is so cool. I wish everyone could
experience the feeling when you kinda educate kids like this. It’s so freakin’ awesome. Back to the Reptarium. We’re about to open up
at the Reptarium but hey, I just wanna give you guys
a reminder there’s only a handful of days left for
the Ben and Jerry merch. That’s right, you see it
in the back over there. So, make sure to go to BarczykBoys.com, link in the description. Get yours before they’re
out, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. You can also get Barczyk
Noah merch there too. So, go ahead and show
me some love over there. I appreciate you guys. Let’s open up at the Reptarium. (upbeat music) I always love these
days when I can take RJ over to the Reptarium and
introduce him to everyone. You know, we get a chance
to mess with him everyday and he’s absolutely incredible
but now we get other people to be able to hold him. So, it’s pretty awesome. Lets go check it out. RJ is actually a friendly alligator but he still is an alligator, right? So, I’m gonna keep a real
close eye on everything that we do. The one thing I only ask
are if I hand him to you, come over, remember you
don’t wanna be in the swing range of his mouth. (upbeat music) Guys, I’m definitely sweating
lie a pig, tired out. We’re gonna go ahead and
get RJ back in his pond. Aww, RJ you did so good, buddy. I love you so much. He is an amazing animal. But I think that he’s
ready to go back home too. If you like the collab
today with Brother Nature, here’s another video of
a cool collab that I did. As a matter of fact, an
entire playlist of collabs, if you guys like that. Well, you can do me a favor
and go over here and hit that subscribe button. Turn the post notification on. Be kind to someone, not promise. I’m gonna see you guys tomorrow.


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