2 Mixed Media Pages For The Price Of One!

2 Mixed Media Pages For The Price Of One!

hey amazing craters it’s time to fill
some pages in my DIY art jinan you have seen this before because I actually did
the cover for it decorated the cover for it here on YouTube a little while back
so I will link up that video below now the insides of the book and how I
made the book I actually did that with my patrons over on patreon so I talked
all about how I made this book and we worked through actually making a few
different DIY art journal books so I’ll link those videos up as well for those
of you who want to come and join me on patron or if you’re already on patron
and you miss them now I thought I would take you through a couple of pages in
this book and hopefully it’ll inspire you for your own DIY art channels to or
even if you’re just working in a bot art journal now I have no particular plans
this page these pages but well I do have I want to use some ephemera for this I
didn’t know where to start so I just picked some color that will contrast
with the orange page that I’ve got here there is a mix of different surfaces on
in this book I’ve got some colored paper got drawing paper I’ve got all sorts of
different arty bits and bobs which I do talk through a little bit more in that
other video but what I really love about this is that you get that farad size of
the pages so you’ve got some pages that aren’t complete and it’s really fun
working in a book like this because you know you get is always like using
pop-ups isn’t it or an interactive element in your work and you know you’re
having to think on different levels with it so I love that tactile nature of it
and it really makes you want to turn the page and see how that one page sort of
leads into another page so I thought that what I would do is just to make
sure that I got color on all elements on this flip up page I don’t really know
what to call it sort of varied page I thought what I do is I put a random
shape on this one so on the left hand side it’s desproges of paint and color
just I don’t know a sort of rough coverage and then on the right hand side
I’ve just put a tiny little bit more of a shape in there then this will
hopefully connect to all of those pieces up together all
connect those two pages together but then also on that right-hand page where
you’ve got all the flip up pieces you’ll connect those together as one but it
would also give me a jumping-off point when I come to work on the other side
okay so you know what I am just gonna go straight in with my ephemera I’ve put
the color down it’s it’s pretty dry but not like completely dry and I wasn’t
really sure where I wanted to go from here so I just jump straight in and
started adding the ephemera to one of these pages and I’m getting really good
now at just doing and not overthinking it’s taking a lot of practice and
working at it you know me I’m a self-confessed /
thinker and I like to share these little tips with the you know if you are /
thinker as well helps you get through your overthinking
so the ephemera that I’m using it’s actually is another patreon thing it’s
actually from my October digi delightful’s tear download and I’ve been
putting together these exclusive packs of art elements every month for my
digital light falls and the video fanatics tears they can both get these
but I’ve been enjoying playing with them as well so that’s why they’re sort of
creeping in to my work that’s outside of patreon so you know I hope they give you
some ideas for adding in some ephemera collage into your work even if you’re
not using these particular art elements by both confession this is not the
actual color of these pieces in the pack when I printed mine out the first time
so I always do a test print of course and I printed by now but my printer
wasn’t working the blue nozzle was blocked so I didn’t want to waste them
because they were a perfectly good printout just without the blue so I
thought I would use them anyway waste not want not hey so I’m really just
placing the elements just anywhere I’ve cut them out they’re printed on very
ordinary paper just print a paper that nothing
special about this paper at all and I think they make for quite a nice little
random stir so I’ve used matte medium to glue
them in place and again I didn’t want to overthink it I just got them down there
so do you remember that whole doodle collage thing not so long ago if you
haven’t seen those videos I will link those up in the description as well in
case you missed them well this is a bit like a doodle ephemera collage so
there’s a case of having already cut the pieces out but not thinking about where
they’re gonna go just putting them down now that’s a
matter I’ve actually got some leftover bits from a project that I made with the
November dizzy delightful packs as well and you see I got my printer working for
this one because there’s blue now these are actually two parts of the same
illustration I cut the illustration into sections because I wanted to use just
the middle section but I have these two leftover pieces and I didn’t want to
waste them not very good at throwing stuff away so I thought I would keep
them and then when I came to do this page I thought they would be perfect for
this page so once the one of these at least to hang over the pages so that
three those three pages that are there those flips those flip up bits
I want one section on each of these no probably would have made more sense to
cut them into three sections and then line them up as you stuck them down but
I didn’t do that I went for sticking them down in pieces and then trimming it
off lining it up you can see it’s kind of a crazy way of doing it but I don’t
know it just felt sensible at the time so I’m trying to do that really
carefully and also try not to just stick all the pages shut in the process okay so what’s that it’s drawing I will
go work on the other page and I think we are going to end up with two very
different pages when I am already getting that feeling for this so let’s
see how it progresses right so I think it’s doodle time and I’ve been doing
more and more of these relaxed kind of pieces recently there is something very
freeing about just adding color here adding marks doodles now adding in
ephemera to which is my new latest thing I’m just following where it leads into
it’s a randomness it’s all about letting go isn’t it so this time I’ve used the
ephemera to inspire my color choices and this is something I like to do quite a
lot in two linked pieces together as I go if you’ve got a layer that’s a
different color you’ve gone for something contrasting then you can
always bring the page back together again by picking out a color from that
layer and and going with that so I’ve done that I’ve gone with something that
matches with the printouts just a little bit I mean it’s not perfect matches it’s
just meant to harmonize with it and having something that you can glue onto
a a piece like this gives you loads of options then on how to harmonize
harmonize it to the rest of the piece right well I think it needs another
color to link the pieces together a little bit more and I think that a
Naples yellow red will do the trick one because I am just loving this color at
the moment it is turning up in quite a lot of my pieces as you might have
noticed I also think it will contrast really nicely with that blue that’s in
the background it also goes a little bit with the orange on that other page maybe
so there’s a lot of similar colors going on and it picks out some color from
those ephemera pieces so that’s gonna help it all harmonize together and I
want the collage elements to look like they belong now not like they’ve just
been stuck which of course they have they’ve just been stuck on there but
that’s not how I want them to look so hopefully this will bring this piece
together a little bit more and I do a bit of mark making with this as well
a bit of a dot pattern only for a little bit of texture really hmm
I don’t want the color to be too blocky or too covering so then adding a dot
pattern will break it up a little bit and give you that texture and make it a
little bit more interesting anyway moving on so I’m swapping between these
two pages back and forth so once I need something to dry on one page I’ll swap
over to the other page and I do this a lot in my work I I usually tell you
about it when I’m working you know I tell you when I go off and work on some
other page but you don’t often get to see what I’m working on in one session
so there’s a little bit different for today you’ll sing both these pages side
by side as I sort of switch between them and don’t ask me where the flower came
from he just did and this ephemera piece was actually it started as a flower then
I cut it up and I don’t know if the knowledge that it started as a flower is
what made me want to make it back into a flower and I wanted to add some more
color to the background on this to make the flower stand out a bit more from the
background to make it pop and it works particularly well so the lifting the
leaves out from the background and it’s a really great technique that I’ve been
enjoying a lot of at the moment now as ice walk back to the other side
for some reason I felt like I wanted to add some graphite marks with a pencil
and some scribble writing on here which is completely different to how I
actually thought the graphite would go on here I don’t know what happened I
sort of I started with like single lines I thought a single eye would go down
nicely but I don’t think the single line was very showing up so I ended up doing
multiple lines instead and then the scribble writing and a little bit more
mark making to bring out that first color combo of the blue and turquoise
that I started this page off with just now another layer over the top to bring
in a bit more texture and harmonize this piece so back and forth back onto the
other piece and once I got to there I was letting that paint drive so I
swapped back on to my flower and went in with some outline detail now I have been
thinking about doing some doodle pattern on this page or just some art making for
this side too but I don’t know something wasn’t really clicking there so I
thought I would get the line work down and see where that took me I swapped
back onto the other page and did some more black paint pen scribble writing on
this I think these two pages are done so which is your favorite let me know in
the comments now I hope you’re ready to go and do some art of your own and
you’re all inspired and further to go but if you are needing some more
inspiration go and watch these videos next and I’ll see you over there

8 thoughts on “2 Mixed Media Pages For The Price Of One!

  1. Curious about your paint palette board. Do you just keep putting blobs of paint on it, use some and then let it dry?

  2. They are both gorgeous. I've never been one to be able to pick just one. I lean towards the flower and then say no the other one. I'm pretty hopeless 😜 Love them both and TFS once again. 🎨🎨👏👍💛💜💚

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