2 Minute Tip – Save yourself $$$ with easy DIY tip & use up that big paper stash! – UPDATED NO TIMER

2 Minute Tip – Save yourself $$$ with easy DIY tip & use up that big paper stash! – UPDATED NO TIMER

Hi, welcome to Hedgehog Hollow, today we have another two-minute tip for
you now I know we haven’t had one in a while but they are super popular and I
was in Joanne’s the other day I was looking at scrapbook papers Maddie
picked something out it’s absolutely gorgeous and it was one of those papers
that has the glitter on it and all the cool stuff on it but he was super
expensive like a dollar 25 as she it wasn’t on sale and I was like hang on a
minute I can create that using a paper I already have and I can save us and you a
lot of money by sharing at this two minute tip on the channel and was it
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today’s video now I don’t know about you but I have a huge collection of
scrapbook paper 6×6 paper this is just one art bin tote that I have full of a
paper and I have tons of them and I love all of those embellished papers and this
is one that I created a little bit of a sample to test out my concept that you
can take just a regular scrapbook paper just like this one and you can create
your own custom glittery papers you don’t have to spend a few dollars a
sheet on those scrapbook papers you can create yourself so with you so you can
take gorgeous papers like this new one from lawn fawn in their snowy day remix
or you might want to take something like this which is some of their gift tags
and you couldn’t bling them up to be Kuster and have some really fun elements
to them so either way you’re going to want your favorite adhesive whether
that’s your Nouveau deluxe or something like your smooth precision pen and
you’re then going to start to want to add your glittery details so on a gift
tag here like this one I would just start to take my glue pen
and add my dots on here so I’m going to pick out these snowy little drops like
this and then I’m going to grab my glitters and I’m gonna be using at that
gorgeous pack of glitter I have from our teaser and you can see I’m not going
perfectly on any of these areas on the center I picked out the pom pom on his
hat with one color and then I went back free beard with another color so for the
snow here I can just very simply just sprinkle over my holographic glitter
like this you’d obviously want a piece of scrap underneath I just happen to
have that there and then pop it back in to your piece like this I mean how
simple is that you can just cut your piece a tap to the
side and you’ve already added on those snowflake details I mean how simple was
that then we couldn’t go back in we can pick
out Bunny’s little pink nose and let’s choose a pretty this is really cool
raspberry color so then we can pick out our raspberry and we’ll just pop that
over Bunny’s nose you might want to let it dry between layers but it just adds a
little bit of extra sparkle in there you might want to pick out the eyes the
seasons tweeting you could do strips with your tear tape you could pick out
the bow and add maybe a real ribbon bow on there and the great thing with this
arty is a pack of glitter you have got 54 glittered yards of extra flying
glitter in everything from neon colors holographic colors glow-in-the-dark for
your Halloween we’ve got greens reds blues pinks purples I mean there’s every
single color in here I mean on this one here I would pick out all of that snow
imagine the texture on your scrapbook page or if you’ve got the 6×6 it would
fit perfectly on a card front like this one here that I did and then all you
literally have to do is die cut or stamp out a sentiment pop it on and your
Christmas card is done so this is what that paper looked like
to start with that’s what it’s like afterwards super simple I think that’s
one of the best two minute tips that we came up with save yourself a fortune use
up your amazing glitters and use up some of
those scrapbook papers that we all have lingering in our stash so that’s today’s
2-minute tip super quick super easy don’t forget to hit that subscribe and
thumbs up all of those good things I will see you again tomorrow another tip
trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit different I hope you will
join me there and check out the links in the description plus money-saving codes
and I’ll see you again soon happy crafting everyone bye

19 thoughts on “2 Minute Tip – Save yourself $$$ with easy DIY tip & use up that big paper stash! – UPDATED NO TIMER

  1. Hi gang so much better without the clock noise and that's the good thing about what you do,you can react quickly to the comments sent from your followers. Kind regards Paul from London UK

  2. Loved the tip but some feedback, your timer with the loud buzzer just stressed me out. Please don’t put a timer on something that is supposed to be fun. I honestly don’t mind if a 2-minute tip turns into 3 or 4 mins, just please, no stress with it

  3. Yeahhhhh! No more ticking, but the timer was still there…. very distracting. But this time I could actually hear everything. & it's quite alright if it's a little longer than 2 minutes. Thanks for the re-do & the tip. QED

  4. You're awesome to be so quick to fix something. The quality of the video was still excellent and it's so wonderful to hear your beautiful voice all the way through!!!

  5. I loved the tip, but it just felt so rushed. The big countdown clock was very distracting. I would enjoyed this more as a 5-minute tip, where we could really see the results. But still a great idea, thank you!

  6. What a super tip! And yes…duh moment!! Have my granddaughter for a week and we love crafts…will definitely be trying this…she loves her bling!!! P.s. you're looking well!! Nice to see you again!!

  7. Alexandra this is a fantastic two minute tip!!! Love it!! Thank you for all you do for us your devoted subscribers! ~ Katz

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