2 in 1:Kawaii Bow Earring & Clip!!

in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to do a pair of bow earrings and a bow clip LET’S GET STARTED! Take your quilling paper and fold it in half and cut Roll one half into a tight coil release a bit glue and pinch just a little bit at the tip so that its more of a rounded shape take another quilling paper and fold in half now cut of an inch or half from its fold so now you have two papers of lesser length for the lower part of the bow take one half and roll it release a bit glue and pinch it more this time now hold the slanted edges between your fingers take your slotted tool and press on the curved part to make a ‘v’ shape press it more to define the shape you’ve now got an upper and lower part of the bow make in total two of each for the middle part take another quilling paper of any colour and cut it upto one-third of the paper roll it into a tight coil and glue to secure next take your metal hook and ring deform the ring and insert into the tight coil close the ring up again after attaching the hook too It’s a bit tricky ’cause the gold ring is too small glue the bow parts to the tight coil as shown let it dry completely there you have it! Next is the clip! make another one of the bows take your clip I’ve here what is called fevi kwik , look at the description for more details apply a few drops onto the clip…be careful while doing this you dont want to get any on your hands place the bow immediately as this adhesive dries quick This is optional but i have here a stick on bead yet i apply glue wanting it to be strong when it dries and stick it on Thats it!

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