17 Things Everyone Should Forget By Age 20

17 Things Everyone Should Forget By Age 20

Coming of age and kissing your teenage years
goodbye is an exciting step towards the whole new life that awaits you. It’s a good time to drop the extra weight
that slows you down. Deciding which things are better left in the
past might be easier than you think. 1) Dated magazines and comic books. Most likely, none of them will become an all-time
classic worth millions of dollars for collectors. Even if one did, you wouldn’t be able to
find it amongst the mess you have. And why else would you keep them around for
so long? It’s not worth it! 2) Mismatched socks. What are you waiting for? Missing socks most certainly won’t come
back, you know. Yeah, right, you can try to wear mismatched
socks of the same size, but when you’re over 20, it’s not about if someone would
see it anymore. It’s about how you feel; and there’s no
confidence to be found in different socks. 3) Worn down clothes. When you’re a teen, you’re growing rapidly,
so it’s okay if you’re not always happy with your clothes and shoes. You’re constantly changing styles, and the
quality of your wardrobe isn’t really important. But somewhere beyond age 20, the growth of
the human body slows down dramatically, and you can finally get yourself some nice quality
pieces of clothing. You have to think harder about style and choose
wisely now, though. 4) Toys from childhood. They sure hold some good memories, so pick
a couple of them that are the closest to you. I’d hold on to Woody and Buzz myself. Everything else is better left behind. The strangest thing here is that if you save
them, you’ll realize one of these days that you don’t even notice them much anymore. And if you find yourself getting frustrated
at your once favorite toys because they take up valuable space, it would take away from
the good memories associated with them. 5) Sports gear you barely touched. Almost every teen has dreamt of being some
sort of famous athlete. But for most, that dream has fizzled out by
the time they’re done with school and have new priorities. Meanwhile, all the gear from every sport you’ve
attempted throughout the years is just collecting dust on the shelf. If you’re over 20, donate it: there are
lots of teens that could put it to good use. 6) Kitchenware from your parents’ house. If you moved to a college dorm, or even ended
up with your own apartment, chances are your loving parents got you a lot of stuff for
the kitchen so you didn’t need to buy it. It was a good idea with the best of intentions,
but if you want to cook for yourself – and you should try, because it’s cool – you
need your own kitchenware that will suit your own specific needs and tastes. And most importantly – no cracked plates
and bowls. They’re impossible to clean properly! 7) Plastic forks, spoons, and knives. After passing the threshold of 20 years, life
can become overwhelming. If you can’t find time to cook for yourself,
that’s totally understandable. Everyone orders take out nowadays, and one
thing that’s really wrong with it is how much trash it creates in your space. You might think all this plastic silverware
will serve you one day, but let’s be honest – it won’t. It’s not a helpful tool, it’s just garbage
that needs recycling. 8) Ball of cords and chargers. I bet half of them lost their purpose years
ago and the other half probably don’t even work. The stingy thought that one day you’ll find
yourself needing one of them, and regret terribly that you threw them away, is the only thing
keeping you from tossing out the useless cords. In reality, these things are as replaceable
as it gets; the small number of them that could still be used would probably be dirt
cheap in any hardware store. 9) Your old cell phone. All those basic outdated cell phones, flip
phones or sliders – it’s kinda even funny to think about them in 2019! They may have laid around in case of an emergency
before, but now we have much better choices available to us. Some emergency phones are literally unbreakable;
others can catch radio signals in extreme conditions – and they aren’t very expensive
either. Or maybe you’re holding on to old photos,
or music, or messages you have stored on your old device. In this case, it’ll be harder for you, but
still, consider recycling old tech; it’s become basically useless. 10) CDs and DVDs
Even if you’re a music fan, you should know that there are some other analog formats on
the rise, like audio tapes and vinyl. Yeah, they’re even older, but ironically,
they’re much less obsolete than CDs. That’s because CDs use the same audio format
as downloadable content or streaming services, and therefore there’s no difference in the
quality of sound at all; but streaming is much more convenient. If you’re a movie-buff, the news is even
worse for you. The glory days of DVDs are over now, and they’re
not likely to come back. 11) Used batteries. Good thing you’re collecting them instead
of just throwing them in the garbage. But we all often forget to take them to recycling. The environmental damage an empty battery
can cause is pretty bad, and leaving them lying around in your own room isn’t a great
idea either. It’s time to take personal responsibility
for nature and hand over the batteries to the right place as soon as possible. 12) Melted scented candles. Once they were filling your room with a nice
aroma and smooth vibes; but now they simply look bad. The melted wax in these candles naturally
traps dust and just looks messy. Even if you think you may want to use them
another time, they won’t be as pleasant anymore. They’re mostly disposable and made for only
one or two uses max. You can throw them out with absolutely no
regret. 13) Dusty guitar. (Hmm. Doesn’t that sound like the name of a Country
Singer?) I also once thought I was going to become
a rock star, and now I have an instrument in my closet with rusty strings. Things won’t always go as planned, and there’s
nothing to blame yourself for. If you have an instrument you don’t use,
and in all honesty, don’t think that you’re going to practice with every day, it’s probably
just not your thing. There’s always someone else out there who’d
be glad to have your guitar or synth to try his or her best. Maybe your guitar will be the first for some
future rock legend after all? 14) Posters of your favorite band. If you’re older than 20, they don’t belong
on your walls anymore. Not because it’s lame or anything – that’s
only for you to decide. But you’re an adult now and you can show
your appreciation of someone’s art in a much more personal and cool way. One of the best things that’s now within
your reach is traveling, so you can combine that with going to shows and see your favs
in person! 15) Bottles of anti-acne lotions. Good news, everybody! These can go straight into the trash can. Well, actually, save one or two of the most
basic ones, but acne isn’t going to be that hard to beat from now on. After 20, your hormone levels are going to
be much tamer and so will the acne. So that’s zit for now. 16) Clean your blog and social media. Pay some extra attention to those older posts
you made in your early teen years and try not to lose consciousness from laughter or
embarrassment. The less you remember about that part of your
life, the better. I guarantee you that everyone else has already
forgotten it five times over. Just delete it and let it rest in peace. By the way, what’s the most embarrassing
thing you’ve dug up from your past? Let me know in the comments! 17) Crafting materials. Those plastic ships and tanks won’t assemble
and paint themselves. The same goes for any clay, yarn, or unused
paints you have laying around in your room. Here’s a test: if you’ve found reasons
why you don’t have time to work on them at least five times, then you’ve already
decided that you won’t ever return to them. It’s better to deal with it and move on. If, at some point, you feel inspired to have
a hobby again, start from scratch. Since it would be a more mature decision,
you’ll progress much faster. Bottom Line: If you leave this stuff in the
past and don’t drag it behind you, you allow space for the great new opportunities coming
your way. Trust me on this one. It gets better. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “17 Things Everyone Should Forget By Age 20

  1. If everyone decluttered there would be no museums. Just be sensible and don't hoard, keep what matters and what is useful.

  2. Bright Side: "You can throw them out with absolutely no regret"

    Causes fire because you throw out a lit candle like Bright Side

    Yeah, I totally don't regret causing a fire and burning down my house so I have to comment this at the Public library

  3. I think you can hold on to anything that you want. the fact that i dont have ''real art'' is just ok and i think it is ok to have a spare phone

  4. I’m literally 12 and I’m never gonna get rid of my toys,their so precious to me,especially my pusheens!!!!!

  5. This guy is wrong at this one. If i want to keep my legos in boxeses i will keep it its about how much its worth.:(

  6. If u dont get rid of it the Look-See will come for u if u dont know what lookSee is to cheak out Crypt TV and sub to me

  7. Listen bright side. You have some good videos. This isn’t one of them. Those memories could remind you of anyone in your family who gave them to you. Maybe they died? Don’t you want to remember how much your family love you? Plus anyone who sees this, don’t be afraid to keep all this stuff. My mom has a knitted toy her grandma gave her. She loves it. And she’ll never throw it away. I’m pretty much keeping my whole room lol. Bright side I’m not hating on you but frankly, I’m unimpressed still everyone have a good day.

  8. You guys are saying bright side wants you to get rid of all that is special from your childhood, they only said get rid of the ones you DON’T care about, they respect if you want to keep them

  9. So i found my gameboy Nintendo games along with the console at age 27 and sold them for hundreds of dollars. Sooo.

  10. I hold on to my childhood stuff animals and toys for my children, it’s best to give them to your future children.

  11. the only thing I have from my childhood now is the blanket I came home from hospital in when I was born, that’s one thing I’ve never been able to part with for the past 22 years 😂

  12. Why don't you get rid of your old content? It's not like it's still relevant to watch. Besides you can make the vids again. Oow im sorry.. You don't want to throw away your source of income after you worked years and years to get this many subs? Well to bad. You're an adult now. You don't need old stuff right?

  13. i dont know living alone earning money cooking for myself and paying of expenses sounds really difficult but i will do it when i become successful

  14. Why would I get rid of my trumpet plus old kitchen stuff is fine you dont need new stuff I hate this channel

  15. Never ditch the guitar. Got my first when I was 9 and played it for a week and gave up. I pulled it out of my closet when I was 17 and decided it was time to learn how to play. I am now 20 and have been playing guitar for 3 years now and I love it. Even if you don't play it the day could come when you desire to do so. And it will be there waiting for you!

  16. I know everyone is saying this lol, but that just proves more that you should never throw your childhood toys away, because they are memories of the best time of your life. These things are way too important to toss away. 😊

  17. I'm actually going to disagree with Bright Side on the DVD idea. Yes, to some extent, you guys are right, but there's a flipside to the DVD format. Think about this for a moment,…..the internet has gone down, but there's still power in your living space. Most Blu-ray players now are linked to the internet, so playing your favorite TV show or movie via streaming won't work. If you have a Blu-ray player that plugs into your laptop, these usually don't need the internet, but theoretically, the DVD format wins. Also, if you're old enough to remember, the switch from VHS to DVD began in the early 2000s. It was a huge deal for collectors because the DVD formats for the movies coming out for something like, the original Star Wars trilogy or Back To The Future,….there were multiple versions of some of these movies due to the bonus features available for clean up. Trust me, true film collectors keep their multiple copies of their DVDs for this very reason.

  18. I’m saving for my children so I won’t have to buy a lot of stuff but I know my mom will spoil them XD

  19. I keep comics around to READ THEM

    I keep kitchenware cause I EAT

    I keep my guitar because

    This channel hate it or hate it it spittin straight lies

  20. I'm 17 let's see what I have and haven't given up yet
    1. I prefer to read them from the internet
    2. I still keep them in Hope's of finding the other one soon
    3. I usually throw those away. But I am still a growing teen
    4. I dont play with them but I still keep them for my future kids
    5. I dont use sports gear we have in the house for my little brother who is 14 but I can keep for my future kids
    6. I still live with my mom but I can bring from home to save money in the future if they are in good condition
    7. It is still good for kids or on the go for the future. But once again I still live with my mom
    8. If they still work I use them
    9. They are hidden away in my house never to be used again
    10. I dont use them but I still have them since my camp gives them out every year (I know very outdated)
    11. I throw those away.
    12. Those also get thrown in the trash
    13. You can just clean it but it can be thrown away if it's not repairable
    14. I still have these. What's wrong with them unless you have too many
    15. They should only be thrown away if they are empty. But once again I am not 20 yet
    16. I try to be mature on the internet but that's all I wont delete it
    17. What's wrong with this? Unless they are empty or old I dont see the point in throwing them away.
    Conclusion: Some of these make sense like old candlesticks but others are just nonsensical to throw out.

  21. Me and my sister once shared an ipad and when i got a phone I gave it to her. So then she started looking through old footage and saw a video of 8 yr old me speaking in a squeaky voice about my dog.

  22. Hello, I am 30 and I got and buy lots of DVDs, even plently of VHS tapes and I watch them to to this day. DVDs fits my movie needs perfectly and they will be there much longer.

  23. I am 29 I wear mismatched socks all the time. I wear my clothe till the end. I still have my most memorable childhood toys. I have old cords and my old cellphones. I have all my cds and still have my player. I save all kinds of stuff to craft with. Boo you

  24. 0:42 Missing socks are my second mystery

    The first is why my mom put two buiscuit in my plate with my breakfast she left i went to the bathroom came back and i saw three

  25. Nope CDs are not obsolete, never will be. Also, there is a big difference in the sound quality of CDS vs downloaded and streaming music. Streaming music and downloaded music files are compressed and lack the same quality of sound.

  26. My toys are my family will turn to 20 very soon but u know what family sticks together 🙂 and rest all I could dispose but not my family and most importantly I wont mind a corner of my house or parent's house(in case I live in hostel) to get occupied with them
    (I can share my fav chocolate and everything but when siblings ask for my toys ; me :noooo never get away from it ):p

  27. Things you should throw away by 20
    and DVD's
    Well my dad is not doing that he has hundreds and wont throw them away but they dont take up much space

  28. I dont want to get rid of anything in my oast cause i will miss it. I just have a disorder of fearing to forget the past

  29. I saw the thumbnail looked at the guitar and I was like WTH!!!????

    I mean why the heck would anyone want to leave guitar!

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