16 Easy And Cool Artwork Hacks

16 Easy And Cool Artwork Hacks

You don’t need paint to make art! Choose whatever you want:
lipstick, eyeshadow, flowers, toothpaste, and even an iron! Watch our new video to learn
awesome lifehacks for drawing! Redhead is worked up! She found an announcement of a competition for the world’s most original painting
and drawing lifehack! A creative artist like her absolutely
has to participate! You can draw with colored pencils,
or with colored pencil shavings! Draw a ballerina silhouette. Sharpen a pencil. Make the ballerina’s tutu out of the shavings. Redhead has sharpened so many pencils that she has enough material
to fill a whole canvas! She blows away the excess —
and the ballerina gets an amazing tutu! A low-cost idea for a ballet costume! Stephanie also wants
to participate in the contest. Stephanie decided to use
live flowers instead of paint! Draw a lovey-dovey couple. Attach two small roses instead of heads. Now her picture will bloom and flourish! Redhead is trying to come up with a way
to make a beautiful portrait! Easy! Use makeup! Print out a template of a face. Rub dry makeup powder over it.
Color the neck and ears. Use matte brown eyeshadow for the hair. Use the same eyeshadow for the cheekbones,
temples, edges of the nose. Sculpt the face. Apply blush to the cheeks. Brush shadows onto the eyebrows. Use your fingers to rub
three shades of highlighters onto the eyelids. Make shimmery eyeshadow. Color the eye with green eyeshadow
and an applicator. Line the lower lid. Rub coral-tone eyeshadow into the lips. Secure the picture with hairspray. Redhead is honing her skills
as a makeup artist! What a realistic portrait!
This portrait’s makeup is perfect! Stephanie can make one picture
using acrylic paints and watercolors! She united the two techniques! Dampen watercolor paper with water. Apply watercolor swirls. When the paint dries,
outline flowers using acrylic paint. Use a wooden stick to make dots in the centers. Paint soft lines on the petals. Fill the whole paper with flowers. Stephanie’s paper is covered
with beautiful blooming flowers! This painting is simple,
but a great addition to her portfolio! Let’s try using an iron instead of a brush! We’ll need crayons and a hot iron. Carefully coat the surface
of the iron with the crayons. And make a print on laminated cardboard. Mix different crayon colors
on the iron to make swirls and gradients. Iron the whole sheet. After you’re done,
just wipe the crayon traces off. Smooth out a masterpiece!
It turned out so beautiful! Stephanie wants to try using weird materials! All’s fair in art and war.
She looks through the things she has. And chooses toothpaste! Let’s get some colorful construction paper.
And white toothpaste. Draw dandelions using
a synthetic brush and the toothpaste. Add thin fluffy details with a skewer. These dandelions are shining
with cleanness and good dental hygiene! Usually Redhead uses lipstick on her lips!
But not today! She’ll use lipstick
instead of paints and brushes! Pick out two old lipsticks
you don’t use anymore. Use an old makeup brush to draw long, flowy hair. Draw a face with black nail polish
and a toothpick. Finish the hair with a thin brush. Add lipstick hearts. Trace contours with the toothpick
and black polish. Redhead made a romantic portrait
without using any paint! Just good old makeup! Stephanie accidentally spilled paint
on her drawing! But she’s a real artist,
so she sees something interesting in the stain! Use acrylic paint to make bright colorful spots on a printed-out template of a face.
Accent different parts. Make colorful strands of hair. Color in the background. This stained portrait quickly
turned into stylish pop art! The more colorful spots, the better! Stephanie can turn anything into a painting! But doing it alone is boring!
She calls Redhead! The assignment is to make an interesting dress
out of unusual materials! Let’s get started! Print out a template of a girl in a dress. Color her hair, face,
and body with colored pencils. Cut one edge off of pink Q-tips. And glue them to shape the dress.
Start at the bottom. Overlap each following layer. Cover the top of the dress
with the centers of the sticks horizontally. Attach the cotton as decoration. The girls show off their creations!
Whose idea is better? Q-tips of toothpicks? We’ll use toothpicks on the next template. Cover the whole dress. Attach short pieces
to make it look like moving fabric. Add a thread belt. I hope this toothpick dress
isn’t as prickly as it looks! Do you have anything softer? Cover a third dress template with Oreo crumbs. Sprinkle them onto the surface
after coating it with glue. Add white accents with flour. The girls worked hard
and the result is amazing! All three dresses deserve awards! Stephanie drew a regular picture! But she can make it funnier
using an optical illusion! At first the cat was on the floor,
and then it became part of its owner! Print out a funny picture. Put parchment paper on top.
And trace it with a pencil. Move the picture slightly.
And re-draw the cat away from the owner. Turn the parchment paper over
and shade it in with a pencil. Put the parchment paper onto a clean sheet.
And transfer the drawing onto it. Trace the outline of the man.
Then transfer the cat onto his knees. Color the picture with a black marker. Redhead drew a different picture
using the same technique! The plot is simple:
a man is holding a black cat. But the man is so bald!
Redhead quickly places the cat on his head! It looks like an Elvis Presley wig!
This black cat must be good luck! A sweet banana inspired Stephanie
to draw her favorite animated characters! Sketch out a Minion picture
in pencil on a banana. Color the drawing with gouache. Paint eyes, the goggles,
a toothy smile, and blue overalls. Accent Minion with yellow gouache. Stephanie drew her beloved minions! Now she won’t get bored in her studio! She can always chat with these banana lovers! Redhead is out of ideas.
Time to snack on a tangerine! Hmm, there’s an idea! Put half a peeled tangerine on a sheet of paper. Draw jellyfish tentacles coming from it. Redhead’s artistic powers transform
a tangerine into a citrus jellyfish. Although it won’t swim far away! Stephanie loves space and stars! So she decides to create it on paper! Make a circle on watercolor paper. Paint it in with watercolors.
Make loose swirls. Get white acrylic paint on a brush. And sprinkle it over the planet. Paint stars with the brush.
Link the dots into constellations. Making a new planet is easy! Especially if you have
the right paint for the job. Why does Redhead need so much painter’s tape? Is she renovating her house?
Or is it just a new art lifehack? Make a painter’s tape frame
on a sheet of watercolor paper. Draw a citrus fruit in the center. Cut drops out of painter’s tape. And stick them wherever
you want seeds on the drawing. That’ll keep them blank
without using white paint. Paint the drawing with watercolors. When dry, remove the tape. Define the outlines with a thin black pen. All done. Redhead can’t take off
the final piece of tape! Finally, the fruits are ready! Redhead decided to try a life hack
from the internet! Let’s use yarn! Draw a snail. Glue yarn onto the drawing.
Use multipurpose glue. That’s how Redhead decided
to draw a minimalist snail! It’s an easy way to use yarn for art! Stephanie gets a similar idea,
but instead of yarn she uses woven cord! Draw a pattern on thick paper. And glue the cord onto it. Stephanie made a textile drawing!
An elegant cord pattern! Did you like artistic tips and tricks? Then let us know in the comments about which one you’ll use in your next masterpiece! And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and click on the bell so you don’t miss new useful lifehacks
from Troom Troom!

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