100 thoughts on “15 Easy BEST FRiEND or COUPLES Halloween Costumes | Boyfriend and Girlfriend Halloween 2019

  1. Omggg i've been following you guys since the first vid like im 13 now and i just realized it has been 6 years like whaaaaaaat !! Btw love u guys❤

  2. Did you know : If you go to KFC dress as the KFC chicken Or The old man from KFC they will give you free KFC chicken😉

  3. I loved these ideas thank you ! You guys are so smart how do you come up with these video ideas all of the ones you have done so far are amazing ! And are you guys member of th church of jesus christ of latter day saints ? Just out of curiosity

  4. So let me get this straight y’all chose robin and Steve WHO ARENT EVEN A COUPLE over ❤️MIKE❤️ and 💜ELEVEN💜 🤦‍♀️

  5. Ok so I just discovered this VSCO girl thing lmfao. But was the "sksksksk" and the "and I oop" supposed to be mocking ASMR? Lol

  6. My fav was the um it one u know when he was watching that car by it was kind of cool and they seem scared probably

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