15 Arts & Crafts Hacks You’d Wish You’d Known Sooner!

15 Arts & Crafts Hacks You’d Wish You’d Known Sooner!

– [mako] Do you ever wish that you had all these fancy pens to create beautiful hand-lettering, but did you know you can actually use almost any pen for that? For example, you can
use crayons, Sharpies, Crayola pens, and even highlighter pens. To create this type of
lettering, all you need to do is press on the tip of the pen onto the paper to create thick lines when
you move the pen downwards, and then move it slightly up again so only the thin part of
the tip touches the paper while you move the pen upwards again. You can test out your
pens that you have at home and see if it works, and just experiment by writing single letters. This type of lettering is
more about playing around and practicing the technique. And did you know that you
can actually kind of hack your simple felt pens as well so that they actually erase ink? For this hack, you will
need simple felt pens. I got a whole pack for just one euro. Carefully remove the tip,
and then remove the inside of the pen as well. Now, take an old bowl and put in a little bit of bleach inside. Be careful and be sure
to wear gloves for that. Mix, place it inside, and
also the tips of the felt pen inside the bowl to
completely remove the ink. You can press down the refill part to get rid of any ink inside. Once everything is free
of ink and turned white, you can put the pen back together
and use some tissue paper to dry everything. And now the pen is ready to be used. You can use it as a magic
pen and create patterns, write something down, and
just make the paint go away, and you can even use it for adding details to your dark fabric because
it will just bleach the color and make it brighter. Is this how your mixing palette looks like after painting for a while? That you don’t even see where
you added the new paint? Don’t worry. All you actually need to
do is place some cling film on top of your mixing
palette before you start working on your art, and then
you can just remove the film once you’re finished with your painting and used up all your paint. And if you don’t have a
mixing palette, it’s okay. You can also use a cube tray. You can also add some cling film inside to protect the surface and then
remove it once you’re done, or if you need a break from painting, you can just put the cling film on top so the paint won’t dry out. And if you don’t have anything like that, you can just use a simple cutting board. Add the cling film on top as well, and use your normal cutting
board as a mixing palette. So easy. But if you want to reuse the colors and take them even on the go with you, I have an awesome tip for you. You can actually use a
metal tray with plastic lids where you can add your paints inside, or even just a tray and a few
lids of some plastic bottles. You can place them in a
circle if the tray is round, or just however you can fit them inside. And then you can just close the lid, and you can carry the tray around and the paint won’t even dry. This acrylic paint has been in the tray for over two weeks, and
it’s still in perfect shape. And if you want to take
some additional art supplies with you, like brushes, pens, razors, just like a travel set, you can use these simple plastic containers
where everything can fit in. I got the box for just one euro, and look how versatile it is. You can add acrylic paint
or even watercolors inside, and just use it as your travel set. Do you struggle with erasing
very tiny parts of your drawing because your eraser is just
way too big for tiny details and you don’t want to buy an
extra eraser pen for that? You actually don’t have to. All you need to do is cut off
a small part of your eraser and use either the edge of the bigger part or the small piece you just cut off. Have you ever wanted to start painting but when you sat down,
you realized you forgot that you just accidentally threw away all your glass jars
that you could have used as a water container, and now
you don’t really want to use your teacups or some
other household items? Well, this might be obvious,
but have you ever used one of your plastic bottles for that? All you need to do is cut off
the plastic bottle in half or at the height you prefer. Be warned you can also
add tape around the edges so there is nothing sharp sticking out, and you get a water
container for your brushes. (record screech) Hold on. What were you doing, girl? Don’t you know you can’t keep your brushes in the water container just like that or you will destroy them? If you want your brushes
to last a long time, use binder clips and add them
with the bristles downwards so they can dry. Otherwise, the water will
drip inside the metal holder and the bristles will
slowly start falling apart. Yes, that’s so much better.
(applause) But if you don’t have these clips, you can also use Play-Doh
or even kneadable erasers if you have that at home to
place your brushes inside. You can shape them with one
side higher than the other, or you can just use it
for holding your brushes that you are going to use in the process. Do you miss the times when your
brushes were freshly bought and were in the perfect pointed shape? Well, I have a mindblowing tip how you can bring your
brushes into form again. All you need to do is wetten your brush, and then use a soap bar and
move the brush around the soap. You want to slowly shape the
bristles into the pointy shape that the brush had when
you just bought it. Once the bristles are glued
together and look like this, let your brush dry
overnight or a few hours so the bristles can adjust to the shape, and then your brush is like new again. (heavenly pad) Have you ever wanted to trace your sketch onto a new piece of paper but you don’t have a big computer screen nor a bright window you can use because you’re basically
only awake at night? Well, I have a tip for you. You can actually build your
own light box yourself. You will need a deep picture frame. I got mine from IKEA,
and also fairy lights. Remove the back of the frame, and attach the fairy
lights under the glass. The more and bigger the fairy lights are, the brighter the light box will be. Tip down the wires and place
the light switch outside. Now attach the back to the frame again, and now your light box is ready. Now you can trace your
sketches and your artwork, or just use it for any other
project you might need it. Do you like collecting cute ribbons but to be honest, at some point, this is how it looks in your box, all tangled and difficult
to get anything out? Well, don’t worry. I have a great tip for you. All you need are simple binder clips. Roll up your ribbons and
then add the clip around to hold everything together. Now the ribbon won’t fall apart. And if you don’t have any clips, you can also use just simple cardboard, and then just wrap the ribbon around and then secure it with a pin. That simple. I hope you liked this
video and found it helpful. If you did, be sure to
give this video a thumbs-up to support this channel, and let me know what hack you liked the most. And if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe for
more arts and crafts reviews in the future. I upload twice a week. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you next Thursday. Bye!

100 thoughts on “15 Arts & Crafts Hacks You’d Wish You’d Known Sooner!

  1. I have a watercolor hack for colored pencils. I take a little blank white book and I label pages by the brand of watercolor pencil, and I swatch in squares of each color, then I use my book and carry around with a watercolor brush pen and I can paint on the go.

  2. The easiest way to clean ur brushes is leaving them in dish soap for a good minute and then wash it, thats all

  3. All of you are wrong when you finish painting you have to leave the brush in water if it wasn't in water the next you come you'll see it dry and you can't paint with it

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  5. There were some helpful tips in there, thank you for that. Do I wish you hadn't included the once with so much use of plastic. There is already too much single-use plastic in the world while completely unnecessary. It would be great if we all could do just a little to cut down on it. Why not use a glass you already own? Or why not wash your pallette? No need for more plastic.

  6. I feel so dumb after watching this bcs I accidently tried to get rid of the dried acrylic paint by putting thinner. Now my pallete is melting 😂😂

  7. Honey, stop using plastic for everything. Aren't we are harsh to earth? Art is life, but please don't make more garbages for this planet

  8. #12 have been using your hack for years now and it changed the life span of my brushes, thank you for the tip

  9. Stop using cling film for nothing. It is not good for marine animals and for the environment in general.


  11. That was a really useful video. Thank you! And I am a new part time YT artist. Hope you'll like to view my videos! 😁

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    I just wanna say thanks to makoccino for teach all of us to using it the right way

  13. The point of buying a palette is putting the paint there, if you wanted to cover it with cling film why dis you even buy it at the first place

  14. I have this old deviled egg tray thing, it holds 24 done eggs and it's glass and super sturdy, I use it for my watercolors, it's perfect, I make sure to keep my paint towards the top back that way I can have a good amount of water in the bottom of the egg shape

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