13 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Kenzington’s No-Carve “GLAMpkins” | Kamri Noel

13 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Kenzington’s No-Carve “GLAMpkins” | Kamri Noel

*Fun Music Plays* Hello my darlings, it’s Kenzington From the Kamri Noel Channel And it is finally fall time my favorite season! Because Starbucks comes out with their Pumpkin Spice Lattes So today I’m going to show you guys how to do these no carve glam pumpkins that are behind me Glam because it’s me, my video And no carve, because nobody likes to get that disgusting orange string stuff on their hands. EWW But, before we get started make sure you like this video, and subscribe to this channel Now, let’s go. *Music Plays* This first pumpkin is for those of you who wish that pumpkins were still around for New Years Eve. So to start you will just need A white pumpkin, I just painted mine white. And then you will go over it with Mod Podge And then you take some of my favorite colors, gold and silver confetti And sprinkle it all over And this should stick to the pumpkin because of the Mod Podge Then you’re all finished Happy Hallow your Eve! These golden pumpkins will make your house stand out on Halloween night You will need a small pumpkin that is painted whatever color you like Of course, I picked pink Then you will also need a container that is bigger than your pumpkin that has your gold metallic paint in it You will just simply dip the pumpkin into the paint making sure you get all of the edges Let it dry upside down, and then your pumpkin is done *Music plays* I always wished that they handed out doughnuts instead of candy on Halloween To start off, you will need a small pumpkin, that I painted white And then you should mark around the edges right on where you want your frosting to lay And then you can paint it either pink, or brown, or whatever you want your frosting to look like And then you just add some sprinkles for the sprinkles on your doughnut Glitter is a girl’s best friend. Well, unless you get it in your hair… You will need a long stemmed pumpkin, that could be whatever color you like. I picked blue Then you will just Mod Podge the stem and sprinkle it with glitter *Music Plays* These next pumpkins are super easy to make and are sure to wow the trick or treaters that are walking by To start you will need a pumpkin of any size and you will just leave it as it’s original color Then you will just take some painters tape and wrap it around the pumpkin Being sure to get into all the little crevices and cracks Then you want to take some gold metallic spray paint and spray paint the whole top of the pumpkin And once it is dry you want to just peel off the tape And, voila! You’re done. *Music Plays* This pumpkin shows what happens when kids get too much candy and forget about the ice cream they left outside. You will need some green paper that is cut out into the shape of an ice cream spill And some brown chips that represent your chocolate chip mints Then, you can just hot glue them onto your pumpkin that you also painted green And, the paper Then, I took a small white pumpkin and hot glued that onto the other pumpkin on the bottom. Then, I took a real sugar cone and hot glued this on top. *Music Plays* This next pumpkin combines modern and classy perfectly. I took a medium pumpkin that I painted white, and gently hammered the stem off the pumpkin Then I covered the hole with some more white paint and let it dry. Next, I took my knob and hammered it in It should go in pretty easily. No muscle required Then, you’re all done! *Music Plays* This next pumpkin is definitely the easiest one in the video. You will need two things: A mask, that you can get at any store like Walmart or Target And a pumpkin You just simply tie the mask around the pumpkin *Music Plays* I don’t know about you, but I personally do not like the colors of Halloween Because orange clashes with my skin tone! So, for this pumpkin, I used pink, green, and blue And I just mod podged these little cutouts from tissue paper onto this white pumpkin That has white as it’s natural color! See? No clashing with skin tone here. *Kenzington throws confetti in air* Of course, I couldn’t pass a opportunity to make a pumpkin with “K”, my favorite letter on it So, to start off, I printed and cut out a fancy “K” from online Then, I traced it backwards onto gold sticker paper And then I simply placed it onto a pumpkin that I painted white *Music Plays* If you are one of those people who still miss Summer, and not school again Then this pumpkin is for you You’ll need a medium sized pumpkin that you painted yellow And, three different sizes of green leaves You will need four tall ones And bend a little corner off them And making sure that the corners inward hot glue around the stem Then you will take about six of the medium sized leaves Face those the same way you did the tall ones And put those around the tall ones Then, you will take short ones and face them the opposite way you faced the rest of the leaves And, hot glue those around the medium side Just bend your finger out against the top of the leaves to give them a nice curve For the finishing touch, pair it up with your favorite sunglasses And don’t worry, there’s only 225 days, 16 hours, and 50 minutes until Summer *Music Plays* For this sparkly pumpkin, you will need a circular dotting tool And the same paint we used from the dipping method. You will dip your brush in and make a dot on your pumpkin Then use some glitter and sprinkle it on Let it dry, and your pumpkin is done! Last but not least, we have these super cute pumpkins With adorable Halloween quotes on them So you will need black sticker letters And a pumpkin that could be whatever color you like And, whatever quote you want My pumpkin said, “IF YOU’VE GOT IT, HAUNT IT.” You can mod podge over stickers to make sure that they don’t fall off And that’s all of our pumpkins! Thank you guys for watching And, OMG! I recently starred in one of Kamri’s Musical.lys! Make sure you check it out But before you go, make sure you subscribe to this channel And you can watch our other videos by clicking right here And you can of course watch my videos by clicking here See you next time. Bye! *Music Plays*

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