12 Weeks of Halloween 2019 Week 5

12 Weeks of Halloween 2019 Week 5

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chic n scratch this is the box we’re making today this is week five of
the 12 weeks of Halloween and it opens up just like this okay let me give you
the supplies we’ve got basic black cardstock that measures eleven by six
and a half and then we have another piece to make this circle right here
that’s a twenty five eight circle we’ve got the monster bash designer series
paper this piece measures three and three eighths by three and a half then
we have two pieces that measure three and a half by one and a quarter and then
two more pieces that measure three and a quarter by one and a quarter those will
be on the free inspiration sheet over on my website we’ve got crushed curry two
by four and then two by one and a half for these pieces here and then we’ve got
some more of the designer series paper because we’re cutting this out now this
stamp set does have the stamp so if you would prefer to stamp these images and
then cut them out you could do that I really like using the paper because it
does all if it has all the coloring done for you so I went ahead and cut three
off-camera I’ll cut one of them on camera but let’s start with the box so
I’m going to get out the simply scored scoring tool okay I’m going to place it
on the portrait side first and I’m going to score it at one and a half on both
sides so one and a half turn and one and a half then on the 11-inch side I’m
going to score it at one and a half five and a quarter six and three-quarters and
ten and a half okay
so fold on the score lines use your bone folder to burnish those edges this is
going to be using Fox template number nine so that template is free and it’s
over on my website it’ll also be included in the week five of the 12
weeks of Halloween instruction sheet okay so now we’re going to take our
scissors and I have just my paper cardstock template here the one on my
website will be of course of a diagram so what I’m going to do is start with
this half inch section right here and I’m going to remove both of these pieces
so on each side okay and come down here cut up to the score line and cut up to
the score line and then I’m gonna give this one a slight angle trim on the left
and to the right and then I’m going to repeat the same thing on this side so
just come over here and cut up to the score line and then trim this handle one okay now here’s your half inch section
right here we’re going to take this section here and we’re going to cut a
half circle with our one inch circle punch okay we’re going to apply or add
our adhesive to these four tabs so I’m going to get my tearing tape and I am
going to go ahead and tell you that Brooke and the birds and David are
upstairs right above us watching a football game so I will try to edit out
any noise sometimes it’s like the noise happens at
the worst possible time and I can’t edit it out so I’m going ahead and saying
that just in case you hear whooping in a hollering or something okay I’m going to
take my take your pick tool to remove the backing of the tear and tape I will
be making a Christmas version of this same box
I haven’t designed it yet but I’m going to as soon as I film this video okay now
attach this here and this over here and then this and this one now right here
you’re gonna see a dilemma okay so you can see it’s not going to close so what
you want to do is you want to take your scissors and you’re just gonna angle cut
right there and you’re going to do this on both sides and if I open up my box
you can see there it is okay so here we go and then put that on the inside and
there is a very tight snug fit okay now let’s add our designer series paper
you first want to sponge it with the crushed curry ink you can use sponge daubers or you can
use our sponges the sponge daubers if you’ll notice it gives it a thicker I
don’t know like a wider sponge whereas these sponges it’s a lighter it’s hard
to explain okay two more pieces and then we’ll be done
with this and you don’t have to do this step that you’re not a fan of sponging I
know some people are and some people aren’t I use the sponge thing it’s a
whole lot more than what I do now okay we’re done with the crushed curry and
now we’re just gonna turn these over and add our liquid glue so now that the
holiday catalog is gone gone live all of this product is finally available I know
it was a little bit confusing there for a while because I used it for a whole
month before it was available I told my husband it’s like the iPhone they show
it to you a couple months before you can actually buy it it builds the
anticipation right now we’re going to be Reap unchain that half inch circle in
just a minute we’ll give that a chance to dry okay so there’s that and then here’s
this one now that we’re done adding the designer series paper we want to
repatched that circle so I’m just gonna reach in here did I get it I was a
little short on that but there we go okay so again closes just like that okay
now we’re going to take the basic my cardstock and we’re going to emboss it
with the stylish scroll embossing folder we’re going to cut out the crushed curry
cardstock these are the three dyes that were using today so this one for the
greeting this one for crushed curry and then we’re going to cut out the circle
out of that one so let’s go ahead and stamp our image so that we’ll just have
to get the big shot at one time I’m using memento ink the stamp set is
spectacular bash okay now we’ll get the big shot so I’ll move everything to the
right real quick okay so the big shot and then we’re going to emboss that
layer first so we’ll just place it between two
cutting pads now I’m gonna take that same piece and I’m going to cut out our
two and 5/8 circle and then now look at these two outs so here’s this one these are greeting here’s our circle and
then now we want to cut out the rest of our jars so I’ve got three of them
already cut out I’m gonna take the paper snips and cut out a final one let’s see
so we’ve got all of them but this one little jar right here I know some of you
like to fussy cut some of you hate it these jars are pretty easy and you know
what it doesn’t have to be perfect there’s so much detail on this project
that no one’s going to notice if you don’t cut perfect okay there’s that one
no we’re just gonna build our layers on top of this circle that makes it really
easy I’m gonna take my take your tape tool though and get the rest of these
little pieces out okay so then I’m just gonna take my liquid glue and add the
glue just in a line right here in the middle and attach this one so that goes
right there okay so I’ve got the black dimensional here place it on the back of
the crushed curry and then I’m going to add it right here to the edge so three
of these jars are added just with liquid glue so we’re gonna start with a little
bat one and it’s gonna slide a little bit under the open if you dare and the
beauty of using the liquid glue is if you do this fast enough if it’s if
they’re not spaced right you can slide them around for just a second so where’s
that one I had this little one over on the left side and then this one’s going to get popped
up with a dimensional and I think that looks pretty good right okay so now
we’re going to take this and add it to the top of the box just with some
dimensionals black dimensionals the difference between the black and the
white is that with the black pack you actually get the mini and the regular
size all in one pack someone has that question I thought that was a great
question okay so now let’s tie our bow with the
crushed curry same binding I can hear gizmo upstairs better him than the
football game though okay just gonna make it a little bit smaller and we’ll
fix it once we get it trimmed here okay so I’m just gonna make it a little bit
smaller and then trim each side we’re gonna take a glue dot add it to the box
so just put it right there and then we’re going to add it right down here in
the corner and then the final step is we’re gonna take so take your pick tool
and add three of these monster bash enamel shapes I just wanted to add some
kind of bling to this project okay then I’m gonna place the second one here
write it there and then the third one over here okay there it is
how’s it compare pretty good right so if you’d like to order any of the product
that I use today it is finally available available over on my website there’s a
link to it below the video box and there’s a supply sheet with pictures the
diagram for this project if you need anything let me know
have a great day thanks a lot bye

11 thoughts on “12 Weeks of Halloween 2019 Week 5

  1. Angie, I want to thank you for sharing your talent and also the PDFs that go along with your projects. You really earn the title of a $2,000,000 demonstrator. God bless you.

  2. Love this Halloween box! I can't wait to see the rest of the series!
    Waiting for my order to arrive at the end of the week! Thanks for
    answering my questions!! Looking forward in making my coffins,
    tags/bookmarks, treat box's & Haunted House Easel cards! 🙂

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