12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 5

12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 5

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chicnscratch this is what we’re making today and it is day five of
the 12 days of christmas and it opens up just like this and inside us some candy
it will also hold a snack sized bag of almonds
maybe chocolates more fun though right ok so let me give you the supplies we’re
using real red cardstock that measures 9 and 3/4 by 8 and a half and then we’ve
got a piece of mossy meadow for these little dyes right there we’ve got four
no three pieces of the designer series paper and this measures four and a
quarter by two and a quarter so four and a quarter by two and a quarter and then
this one measures four and a quarter by one and a half okay so let me get the
simply scored scoring tool I’m not sure that I said it but this is a triangle
box it’s a little bit different from the one I’ve made in the past okay so I’m
going to place it on the nine and three quarter side I call that the landscape
side and I’m gonna score this at two and a half
five and a half and eight I’m gonna turn it on the portrait side which is the
eight and a half inch side and I’m going to score it at 2 inches on both sides so
I’m going to flip it around and score it again at two inches you do want your
bone folder for this project so I’m going to fold on the score lines and use
my bone folder to burnish it and while I’m doing this I’m gonna remind you be
sure to check out my website later this week for the my Black Friday Cyber
Monday specials I will be announcing those on Wednesday ok so now this end
right here is the shorter and if you look down here that’s much thicker so we
want to start with this end right here and we’re gonna remove these two blocks
okay there will be a diagram on website along with the instruction sheet
so you’ll be able to print the box template and the instruction sheet okay
same thing on this side you’re going to remove all the way down to that second
score line okay now over here on this side or this side in this side because
we’re repeating the same thing I’m going to cut up to the score line and then I’m
going to remove this section here same thing on this side and cut okay so
that’s how it looks right now the first or the next thing I’m going to do is
take my detailed trio punch and go ahead and round the corners so that way I
don’t get confused about which which side of this is the top of my box or the
flat that’s going to be folding over okay so now we want to work with this
section here and it measures approximately three inches so what I’m
going to do is take my ruler and I’m gonna mark it I’m just gonna make a
little tick mark at the one and a half okay and I’m gonna do the same thing on
this side so just make a tick mark on the one and a half inches now I’m gonna
take that ruler a ruler and I’m gonna use the small tip of my stylus and I
want to score this from this point to the corner on both sides so I’m gonna
start here I’m gonna line up my ruler here to the
point there to that mark that tick mark and I’m just gonna score with my stylus
and then I’m gonna do the same thing on this side and then repeat over here on this side
okay it’s nice to use the stampin map when you’re doing that it makes it a
little bit easier okay so now we want to fold on those score lines that we just
made and crease them with your or burnish then where your bone folder
because of the way this box closes it’s nice to use your bone folder okay so now
we want to add the magnet and I’m gonna place it I get these on Amazon the link
to them will be on my website they’re really they’re really small I’ll tell
you that they’re teeny tiny off the top of my head I can’t tell you I think it
says one one millimeter a hundred pieces so they go a long ways so what I’m gonna
do is take a glue dot you can use whatever adhesive you want I’ve just a
glue dot is the perfect size for that so I’m just gonna take the glue dot or the
magnet and place it right on top like that okay I’m gonna pick it up and I’m
gonna place it there okay now this box is gonna get assembled like this and
this is going to fold over so I want my magnets to line up and I want them to
attract to each other so that it keeps it closed if you attach this up here on
the wrong go in the wrong direction it won’t stick to the magnet see which
watch me do that see about step outside sticks but this side don’t so you want
to make sure that you get it on the right side so I’m what I’m gonna do is
go ahead and attach it like that and then I’m gonna pick up
a glue dot and then just place it right on top okay and then again I’m gonna
fold this over and I will tell you it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and do
our adhesive on the side so let’s do that real quick so that we don’t mess up
I’m just going to take some tearing tape we are adding the magnets under the
designer series paper so hopefully you caught that okay I’m
gonna take my take your pick tool we’re just removing the backing from the
tearing tape I can see I just lost my magnet it’s okay we’ll put it back on
there in a minute so I’m gonna bring this up just like
that and then the same thing over here okay so now we’re ready to attach our
magnet our second magnet so we’re going to add that here and then take a glue
dot and I already did this but when I was assembling the Box it attached to my
grid paper and then it ripped so here it is so again I’m going to place it right
back on there and then when we fold this over it’s gonna line up exactly where we
want it opens just like that okay so now we’re going to take our designer
series paper and add it to the front and then we’re going to add one to the back
as well I’m just going to use my liquid glue it works fantastic and I want to
make sure I put the adhesive on the right side okay you want to make sure you get
enough adhesive on this so that it sticks and it doesn’t have a problem
sticking to the magnet not just to touch this crooked so I’m trying to fix it there we go see now this section here we
also need to use the detailed trio punch and we want to round one side and then
we’ll put our liquid glue on there okay so now we’re going to add the back piece
the back designer series paper you can skip this step if you want if you want
to hang on to your designer series paper if you have a limited stash I think that
this is one of those boxes though that it’s nice that you decorate the back
side okay so now we’re ready to stamp we’re using this bundle these are the
two dyes that we’re using so I’ve got my very vanilla card stock here and I’m
gonna stamp the image with real red right in the middle okay so we’re gonna
give that a second to dry and then like I said we’re going to be using this dye
with the mossy meadow and then this one with the greeting okay so now we’re
gonna use this bow maker I found it on Etsy for like six bucks
and I can give you the link it well in fact I’ll post it on my website so I’m
going to use the bow maker to tie the bow that’s on the front here and I’ve
got 16 inches but you don’t need 16 I just wanted to give myself enough room
to be able to show you how to make it okay so what I’m gonna do now is you add
it to the bow maker like that and then you cross over the left over the right
and it gives you like this brits breast cancer ribbon look okay so then I’m
gonna take this right tail and go under everything so under there and pull and
then I’m going to take that piece back there and bring it over to the left side
and now I’m switching hands so that piece is gonna be on the left
I’m taking my middle finger here and placing it on the backside there and
then I’m gonna keep this one over here but this one’s gonna go under so watch
it’s gonna go under and then through that hole that my finger was holding
okay and then I’m just gonna pull tightly like that like I said that’s way
more than what you need 16 inches is actually too much and you can make this
bow bigger or you can make it smaller depending on your pegs again the link to
that will be on my website okay so now what I want to do is just trim the ends
I know I feel guilty that I’m wasting so much but I had to I had to give have a
large amount to show you how to do the video or how to do the bow okay so then
that’s going to get attached up here we’ll just set that aside for just a
minute and let’s go ahead and cut our pieces out okay so I’m going to place
the greeting over here at an angle and cut it out I was gonna cut two at a time
but I just started I might better just cut one and now we’re gonna cut out okay so I’m
just gonna use my take your pick tool to get these little pieces out
I may have fast forwarded parts of this video okay so now what I want to do is
add this on here and I’m actually going to cut off let me show you we don’t need
all of this so I’m just gonna cut off this section right here so one branch
okay and then I’m gonna add this like that and honestly I just kind of rip
that off to make it a little bit shorter you can cut it if you want to okay so
I’m going to take my liquid glue so I’m just going to add a little bit of glue
to this one and place it there I will tell you that the silicone mat makes
this a whole lot easier I should have should have gotten that
out and I just want to make sure that I’ve got this in the center there we go
okay that looks pretty good right we’re gonna take the glitter dots here I’m
using two of those I have glue on my finger from the from
attach and those leaves okay so now I’m gonna turn this over and I’m gonna place
dimensionals up here at the top and it’s going to get added just like that okay
so I’m going to take the backing off place it in the center just like that
and then this is going to get added with a glue dot and you can use two if you
prefer okay so now let me show you I know I had said a bag of almonds would
fit in there so I want to show you that it fits so you open it up and you just
slide those in there and here’s the box we just made and here’s my original
pretty cute right don’t forget there’s a free pdf on my website it has all the
measurements and check candy 56 which is day five so where you leave your comment
is on day five of the twelve days of Christmas they’re gonna beat whoever
wins is gonna get the perfectly plaid stamp set it’s brand new okay if you
need anything let me know thanks a lot have a great day

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