12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 4

12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 4

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie at chicnscratch this is what we’re making today and this is day four
of the twelve days of Christmas and this is snowman soup so here’s the poem on
the back side and then inside the box we have a candy cane marshmallows which are
called freeze-dried snow balls a little Hershey kiss and a packet of hot cocoa
okay so let me give you the measurements this is a lot okay so we’ve got real red
cardstock that measures six by eleven and then we’ve got the let it snow
designer series paper we’re just going to be cutting this little snowman out
we’ve got four pieces of the let it snow designer series paper two pieces two
pieces measure three and a half by three and a half and then two pieces measure
one and a quarter by three and a half okay so I’ve got some glimmer paper and
I’ve gone ahead and cut that out with the layering squares the measurement of
this will be on the instruction sheet then I’ve got a real red scalloped
square also cut out with the layer and squares dies and that measurement will
be on the instruction sheet as well I’ve gone ahead and cut out the stitched
Sircar square and that’s two and 1/8 then I’ve got another piece of whisper
white for this greeting right here and then I’ve got the Snowman soup and the
freeze-dried snow balls you can print both of these PDFs over on my website I
printed this one on whisper white and I just printed this one on copy paper okay
so let’s start with the box I’m gonna place it on the 11 inch side which is
the landscape side and I’m gonna score it at half an inch four and a quarter
five and three-quarters and nine and a half I’m going to turn it on the
portrait side which is the six inch side and I’m going to score it at three
quarters and four and a half I’m going to fold on the score lines and use my
bone folder while I do this I want to give a shout-out to Linda this was the
box that I’ve made for my 12 weeks of Halloween and it used twelve by twelve
paper so she redid the measurements for me so that we could use eight-and-a-half
by eleven cardstock so for those of you that don’t purchase the twelve by twelve
paper now you can make the box the measurements are a little bit different
because it is a smaller box but it’s still very cute I’ll make sure that I
link to the Halloween version on my website okay so now I’m going to take my
scissors and remove this section so this is the only side that has that 1/2 inch
strip okay and then I’m going to remove this one and then I’m going to angle cut
some of you may remember that box that I made I think it was week one actually okay so down here at the bottom I’m
gonna cut up to the score line on each of face and I’m gonna do the same thing
up here okay so let me show you how this is gonna work we’re gonna put Terran
tape on this then we’re gonna put liquid glue on these and they’re gonna fold
down but we want to attach this side panel first because if we don’t then it
kind of makes it really bulky so I’m gonna do one more thing before we attach
our tear and tape and I’m gonna trim these two tabs on the bottom of our box
okay so those trim to the right and to the left on both of these tabs
I’m gonna take my Karen tape and add it to this half inch strip over here I’m
gonna get my take your pick tool and remove the backing of the tear and tape okay so I’m just gonna fold this over looks like I attached it a little bit
crooked if you do that you can just snip off that little teeny tiny bit okay okay
so now these pieces are gonna fold in and this is gonna fold in and this is
gonna fold in I like how it gives us that edge so what I’m gonna do is take
these back out of there and then I’m just gonna get my liquid glue and put it
on there and fold it in so I’m gonna start with this one okay I don’t want to
attempt to do more than two at a time because either I’ll get it all over
myself or I’ll mess up okay now we’re gonna do these two again fold that down
fold this down and then just hold that for just a second okay so our seam is
right here so that makes that the back of our box so that makes this the front
of our box so I’m going to use my tear and tape on that part of it okay I just want to make sure that I’ve
sealed that yes well I think I said a shout out earlier I also meant to say
thank you I can’t remember enough I said thank you to lend us for reworking this
box for me to use eight and a half by eleven okay so yes thank you thank you
now we’re going to go ahead and attach the designer series paper so you can
decide which way you prefer to do it you can do it vertically like this or you
can do it horizontally I kind of like it vertically but you know what let’s just
change it up well we can’t because I already cut the side panels so we’re
going to keep it that way sorry about that now this paper is our
specialty paper so it’s textured it’s got the shiny stuff so you do want to
make sure that you use plenty of adhesive that specialty paper is a
little bit thicker and it’s got that glitter on there and if you want to save
your paper like I sometimes I’m guilty of doing you don’t have to decorate the
back side but it certainly makes it cute or if you do okay now the two sides I did consider
using the pool party side but I have used those blue colors a lot already
this holiday season so I decided to go with the red okay so there’s our box now
we’re gonna take the snowmen builder pipe and we’re going to cut out this
snowman I just remembered that there’s one piece of cardstock that I forgot to
tell you to use and that would be the basic black right there so here’s the
basic black and we’re going to cut out the two arms okay I’m gonna get my
silicon mat because this makes it so much easier to work with the sky I can’t
even tell you how much easier if you don’t have one of these mats they are
kind of a must okay so the let it snow embellishment kit we’re gonna take one
of the what are these called belt embellishments so we’re gonna use the
little stocking hat here and the scarf here and you get lots of different ones
in here these have been on backorder but they’re supposed to be back on December
2nd so any day now they’re probably going to go fast though
I will say that if you have your heart set on them you might want to get them
ASAP okay so I’m gonna take my liquid glue and add a little bit to the arm and
then I’m just gonna lay this right there on top
and then I’m gonna do the same thing for this one I don’t know if y’all could
hear Bella she’s over there moaning okay there’s that one so I’m going to take my
liquid glue again and add some to the back of the stocking hat and then we’re
gonna do the same thing to the scarf oh she’s decided to start eating some
paper Bella oops I got some glue on the front side okay and then it’s gonna go
all right about there so we’re just gonna hold these for a second and give
them time to dry and I’m gonna slide that over for just a second and go ahead
and stamp our greeting we are using the itty bitty greeting stamp or itty bitty
Christmas stamp set the very merry you have lots of choices I just chose this
one because it fits in a one inch circle punch I’ve got my real red ink here I
did just re-ink this thing so I’m hoping it doesn’t have too much ink on it oh no
pretty good okay so we’re gonna let that dry because it’s like I said I just
react that let’s go ahead and attach some of our layers so I’m going to
attach the rail red scallop square to the glimmer scallop square I was trying
to figure out earlier what was on that glimmer paper but it’s covered up with
the red so it’s not that important and then I’m going to attach the whisper
white stitch square also with my liquid glue okay you want to make sure you use
plenty adhesive on that glimmer paper because I can see that it’s kind of
coming up so I will add more adhesive to it later so now I’m going to put my
liquid glue on the back of the glimmer paper and add it to the front of the box
making sure I’m adding it to the front and not the back now I normally pop this
layer up but because we already are popping up the the snowman’s gonna be
popped up and the very Mary’s gonna be popped up so I’m not popping up the the
layers here I’m going to cut out the greeting with the 1 inch circle punch okay this guy’s gonna get turned over
hopefully it’s dry now no it’s not dry so we’ll give it some more time let me
stick that back on there it does eventually dry I might need to put a
little bit more adhesive let’s see no it should be good so what we’ll do while
he’s drying is go ahead and pack our bag of goodies so the freeze-dried snowballs
I used two and a half by six cellophane bag and I got these at clearbags com
I’ll have the link to them on my website so I’m just gonna fold this over and
then take my freeze-dried snowballs label and add it to the front to seal it
closed now you can purchase marshmallows individually packed but I don’t give
enough of those away to justify spending the money on a whole bag of prepackaged
marshmallows so my family knows I’ve washed my hands multiple times and I
didn’t touch them I just poured the bag into this bag okay so that parts done I
cut off about an inch now we’re going to take
a 6×8 cellophane bag now this is the Stampin Up bag and I’m gonna add my hot
cocoa packet and then I’m gonna place it in here so that I can get it exactly
right okay so that looks good right there so then I’m gonna take my
freeze-dried no balls and I’m gonna take my Hershey kiss and then I’m gonna tie
this close with this beautiful ribbon the candy canes gonna go on the outside
and the reason I chose that is because it was quite a bit taller than the hot
cocoa and I kind of just felt like it was too tall and it was gonna mess up my
how beautiful the ribbon was gonna look so if you buy the smaller candy canes
then you can fit them inside this snowman suit bought within the package
okay did that make sense hopefully I didn’t mess that up yeah you can fit it
in the cellophane bag with all the other things instead of on the outside like
what I’m doing presentation is everything
right okay so now this guy’s gonna get turned over and we’re gonna place a
couple dimensionals on the back of him so one here and one here and then for
our very merry we’re gonna place one Stampin dimensional on the left side
okay so let’s take this if you make these don’t forget to just let your your
felt dry okay he’s gonna go right in the middle and then this one’s gonna go down
here at the bottom and then our final step both forgot to add our candy cane
in there and then the coin goes on the backside
so I like to add this with dimensionals so for those of you that have stayed
until the very end I have a giveaway a really good giveaway but I’m going to
show you both projects first so this is the one we just made and then here’s my
original so stinkin cute right so this is my snowman suit this year and every
time I do a twelve twelve days of Christmas project I’m givin away some
product so this is day four and here’s the giveaway itty bitty Christmas stamp
set brand new stamp set and one of the let it snow embellishment kits to enter
to win all you have to do is leave a comment on day four of the twelve days
of Christmas if you need anything let me know and
don’t forget there’s a free pdf over on my website with all the measurements
thanks a lot and have a great day bye you

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  1. I loved this day 4 Christmas project. This is a great and easy project to make for family and friends. Thank you for sharing and showing how to make it.

  2. I have already come up with what I am doing for snowman soup this year but I have to say this is the cutest ever and I am doing mine like that next year! β›„οΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ

  3. The snowman is so adorable!! Looking forward to your next 12 Days of Christmas!! It's like unwrapping a gift before Christmas.

  4. ~LOVE ~ this project! You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas!πŸ’– (Freeze Dried Snowballs πŸ˜‚)

  5. LOVE these, you always come up with the cutest 3D projects. Thank you for always sharing such easy to follow directions. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! Marlamae

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