12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 1

12 Days of Christmas 2019 Day 1

guys thanks for joining me this is Angie at chic n scratch this is what we’re making today and this is day one
of the twelve days of Christmas here’s the backside so this is magic reindeer
food isn’t it cute okay so we are using two stamp sets holiday haul for the
little tree and the reindeer and then for the greeting we’re using Christmas
gleaming we’re using this Merry Christmas this is a hostess set you can
select it as a free item if you place an order of 150 dollars or more and I have
an extra one that I’m giving away so this is day one of the 12 days of
Christmas on this blog post leave a comment to enter to win so just go to
this blog post okay let me give you the supplies we’ve got crumb cake card stock
and it measures six by four and then we have two more pieces that measure like
three and a half by three and a half and though that’s for our scallops here I’ve
got the magic reindeer food poin that we’re gonna cut I cut I printed this on
very vanilla card stock you can use copy paper if you want but since I was using
very vanilla I wanted to keep that on the backside as well
I’ve got another piece of very vanilla and this is just for the greeting here
so that’s just a scrap I’ve gone ahead and cut out my stitch circle I’ll make
sure the measurement is on the on the screen it’s 2 and 7/16 we’ve got the
designer series paper and this measures 2 and 3/4 by 2 and 3/4 I’ve gone ahead
and cut out the scallop circle as well using the layering squares dies and this
measures two and a quarter and I have an extra one just in case I mess up of the
stitch circle yeah okay so the first thing we’ll do is go ahead and cut out
our two scallop squares hopefully I didn’t mess up any of those things I was
telling you there so I’m gonna get that die and we’ll cut those out okay okay I’m just gonna place this on here
and cut while I’m cutting this second one I’m going to remind you customers of
mine please go ahead and request your mini catalog and celebration catalog
they will be shipping mid to late December they go live the first week of
January so now that I’ve got these cut out I’m going to cut the point real
quick have some leftover paper there so you can use these black lines to cut on
or you can not cut them and actually show them that’s up to you whatever you
prefer everyone has a different trimmer so I do recognize that okay I can tell I
didn’t cut quite enough off that bottom one so I’m going to recut that one okay
so now that’s ready now we’re going to take these simply sports or a tool and
we’re going to score this I’m gonna place it on the portrait side which is
the four inch side and I’m going to score it at three quarters and I’m going
to do that on both sides some three quarters then I’m gonna place it on the
landscape side which is the six inch side and I’m going to score it at 2 and
5/8 on both sides okay folding on the score lines I normally use my bone
folder but I took it to onstage with me and I don’t have it here at my station
so we’ll just pretend I used it I’m going to cut up to the score line on
both of these and then trim to the left and to the right of each of those tabs okay now I’m going to put my Terran tape
on these two and then on this side so it’s going to fold in like that and then
like that okay okay so I’m gonna take a small piece of the tear and tape for
this one and for this one I’m gonna take my take your pick tool to remove the
backing I got a little extra adhesive on that one okay now put this one don’t forget there is an online
extravaganza sale this week by Stampin Up so I’ll have all the details posted
on my website depends on what day you’re watching this video it is a short a
short sale ok so here’s our little box now let’s go ahead and add the designer
series paper to the front just like that so I’m going to take my liquid glue I know this is not much of a Christmas
color the pace on the projects I’m making but I painted my nails this color
for my team I went to on stage this past weekend and yeah these are our team
colors it’s similar to my chicken stretch logo okay so I’m going to place
my Tarrant our liquid blue on the box and add the scalloped I was so busy
talking about then I forgot my words okay so I’m just gonna Center this in
within the scalloped square and the beauty of using the liquid glue is that
if you don’t get it straight you can slide it a smidge and that looks pretty
good to me I’m just pressing down to make sure that glue is holding and now
I’m gonna do this side this is the most challenging part of this of course is
adding this back side but again I’m just gonna place it down and then I’m gonna
pick it up and slide it if it’s not in the right position but it is in the
right position so I say it’s the hardest part it’s actually not hard especially
if you use liquid glue because you can pick it up before it dries now if you
use tear and tape you’re out of luck once it sticks once it’s down it’s it’s
down okay so there’s that part now we’re gonna go ahead and add the point and did
I pop it up I did not so I’m going to use my liquid glue for that this is a
free pdf over on my website all you have to do is download it and then save it to
your computer and print it like I said you can print it on printer paper or you
can print it on very vanilla card stock now we’re going to add two stampin
dimensionals to the back of it and add it to the back of our box you don’t have
to pop this layer up if you don’t want to you could always just attach it with
your liquid glue if you prefer okay so now let’s stay out I’m using three ink
pads on in real red Old Olive and early expresso
we’ll start with the real red now I’ve been out of town all weekend I normally
like to test my ink pads before I go live or not live but before I record but
I didn’t so if it doesn’t stamp perfect the first time will turn the paper over
it’s two-sided that looks pretty good to me
okay now for this one we’re done with the real red don’t close it we’re gonna
start with the tree and I’m going to ink it up once with old olives and looks
like I got a piece of fuzz there okay so all I’m gonna do is stamp it down on my
very vanilla hold it and then raise it up and move it slightly to the right and
stamp it again okay I love doing that and then now we’re going to close that
ain’t pad and get our little reindeer and we’re going to use early expresso
ink okay so then I’m gonna take my scissors
and just fussy cut this okay so now this is going to get added to the front with
liquid glue I’m just placing it in the middle and then I’m going to take our
mini dimensionals and place them on the back of the greeting and I want to make
sure that I don’t place it down here on the end because that’s that part kind of
hangs off so you only want to put it on the left side of the greeting okay or
the middle it’s coming together so cute isn’t it okay now I’m going to take a
red rhinestone and place it right on the nose now for the magic reindeer food
that is simply oatmeal and cookie sprinkles I don’t have any cookie
sprinkles I threw them all out because they had expired so we’re just going to
pretend pretend there’s cookie sprinkles in there so we’re gonna place this bag
these bags I was able to get them on clear bags calm and on my instruction
sheet and on my website I’ll have a link to these bags okay so I’m gonna take
this real red ribbon and maybe I should take that out of there to tie this so instant oatmeal or any oatmeal and
cookies sprinkles that is the ingredients for the magic reindeer food
you can also type in reindeer food on the search box on my blog and you can
see some of the past years I’ve been making these every year since I think
2009 maybe even no probably sooner than that even because I started blogging in
2006 ok so now I’m just going to make the top pretty yeah it looks good right
ok so here’s the one we just made here’s my original pretty identical right so
there’s two free PDFs over on my website the PDF for the plane and then the PDF
for a day one of the twelve days of Christmas don’t forget to leave a
comment to enter to win my holiday haul host a stamp set on my website thanks a
lot and have a great day

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  2. Cute, looking forward to the next 11. By cookie sprinkles do you mean the multi coloured ones. Don’t know if they’re same as we use here. Some things we don’t get here

  3. Angie- these little treat boxes are just darling. That little tree & reindeer is just darling. Then when you put the red rhinestone for his nose, well just as precious as can be. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! 💕

  4. I have tried 3 times to make a comment on your blog. It says error I have to enter a valid email. I used 2 different ones and it wont take either one! My comment….I just love your channel and think it is awesome when watching another video and the gal says..I found this over on ChicnScratch.

  5. Man, I am SO SUBSCRIBING! This is an adorable idea and will definitely get the little ones excited for Santa and his reindeer's visit!! Love it!!~

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