112) Why is my bonsai tree dry?

112) Why is my bonsai tree dry?

This video talks about another very common question. Why is my bonsai tree dry? Well, the most obvious reason is watering. And it’s not just underwatering. It could be overwatering that is affecting the tree. So if you underwater the tree, the tree will will dry up and die. If you overwater the tree, the tree takes a little longer to die but it does die. So make sure that you balance the watering very carefully. Only water the bonsai when it feels dry to the touch. Remember, the golden rule of watering is only
water the bonsai when it feels dry to the touch. If it doesn’t, it does not need to be watered. Another good reason could be that it’s hot. The room is hot or the conditions outdoors
are rather hot for it. And if it is, the tree sheds off its leaves and it appears to go dry. The tree sheds its leaves and sometimes it’s dried. It may just be in a phase so don’t throw away the bonsai just because it’s lost its leaves. It’s most probably reacting to conditions. Another common reason is sometimes the pot is too small, which means that you’re not able to water it enough or the tree is not able to get enough, and it’s constantly drying out. In which case, the tree kind of decides that
it’s not going to get enough water in the situation that it is in, and it shuts itself down making room for other trees to come over. And the final reason of course is the trees do die. And it could be that it’s aged and it’s just dying. So just check to see how it is. If it’s watering, you have obvious smells of root rot along with the watering. If it’s dying, well usually, you know you’ve had the tree for a while anyway. So remember, if your tree is dry, it’s mainly to do with the watering okay. I know it sounds a little bit strange but that is one of the biggest facts. If you did like the videos, remember to Like and share them. And if there is a question you’d like to ask, please add it to the comment at the bottom. Thank you very much for watching. m

11 thoughts on “112) Why is my bonsai tree dry?

  1. My Bonzai just started drying up. I watered it (not overly) but still dried up. The leaves now are completely dried and even though I've been watering it every second day it has not improved. It's been like this for a month. It's not an old tree.

    Can anyone give me some advice? Has it truly died?

  2. I pruned my tree and I don't think I had it in enough direct sunlight so it started to dry up. It's a "Rock Juniper" bonsai. It's starting to feel prickly. A couple of weeks ago it had new growth and looked great. I have moved it to a better place and making sure it is getting the correct balance of moisture. Will it come back? Or can they come back is a better question?

  3. Hello sir, I think my ficus bonsai has shed its leaves and it's stems turning dry due to overwatering the plant, please suggest some measures to revive the plant.

  4. Love you video's, my question is, I have a fukien tea tree and the leaves die off quickly, I can feel a fine dry gritty powder like substance on the bark and the leaves, could this be a fungus and if so how do I treat it?

  5. I have a Juniper plant… Which I have tried to convert into a bonsai… But after reporting the plant its needles are getting brown and pale. Some of the branches are also loking rotten. Is my plant dying? Plz suggest…
    # I have used well drained soil.

  6. Is there anyone here who could tell me what type of bonsai I have and if it’s healthy? The pot it came in feels like the rocks are glued together and I can never tell if my bonsai is dry or not πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  7. My Satsuki Azaea has been outside since i received the beautiful plant. We've had a lot of rain in Kansas and then a couple of dry days. The tree bloomed serveral times. Now we are back to a lot of rain. The leaves on my plant have turned yellow. Should pull the yellow leaves, re-pot and see what happens. Maybe add some Gipson and Chicken pellets?

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