100 thoughts on “11 BULLET JOURNAL HACKS / DIY / Tips / IDEAS | ANN LE

  1. Ur tips was helpful to me!!! I luvvv Itt sososos muchhh!!!PleAse Make more TipS to Do jOurnAl!!!And YaHhh uR videooo iS mA GoAl^^😍😍😍

  2. Since I'm a little OC, I'd probably be more at peace with a double-sided tape or glue stick in exchange for the glue, a sticker for the separators and correction tape for the mistakes

  3. Omg!!! Those wood desk drawers are so cute!!! Where are they from? You’re super talented by the way and I just watched a few of your videos, you’re super talented!!!!! New subbie ❤️

  4. as a person who usually watches this kind of videos almost every day is super exciting to find new tips and hacks, thank you so much!!! +1 sub

  5. I found this to be a very helpful video which is useful with the "journal" method Ryder Carroll outlines in his book, rather than a bunch of layouts that have nothing to do with his method. I will definitely use some of your indexing ideas.

  6. If this was my yt vid ….

    1. How to add an envelope to put shit inside. Grab an envelope. Stick the fucker on and there! You have magically created an amazing thing! If I I want to skip these steps , just go to the fucking store and find a one with an envelope for 3 dollars. Ya’ll take this DIY shit too far 😂😂

  7. You won't believe how useful they were. I used my birthday present journal so it makes it more special for me 😄😄😄😄

  8. Ann. Could you give some hacks which i can use for especially for my work bulket journal. Some interesting set ups for pages I mean. Thank you so much. I would be very glad. It makes my work more colourful 😊

  9. Impressive! 😍I have never found so many genius in just one video .. You are absolutely amazing..😊 Without a doubt I'm subscribing! ✌

  10. Most of these seem more like scrapbooking to me than bullet journaling. Not bad ideas, just a different category, imho.

  11. I like tip # 8 or 9 the folded paper hack that you have your icons on for ?-research etc it seems to be very easy to do!

  12. omg – I never saw tips like this. This is so cute, handy and beautifull. I would use these tips! Thank you for these very cool tips!

  13. If you want thicker pages in your bullet journal, I recommend using an Archer & Olive or Lemome journal. I use a Lemome one and it's great! The only reason why I didn't get an A & O was because it was more expensive. The A & O is better, though.

  14. Thank You!! SOME VERY CLEVER AND PRACTICAL IDEAS! Really like the Barn door for adding extra pages. Good Job!

  15. Love your ideas! The barn door one is amazing! Black label reminds me of a chalk board! Amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hola! Ann Le, me encantó el contenido de tu canal, están increíbles los tips.
    Gracias por los subtítulos en español.
    Saludos desde La Fascinante Ciudad De México.

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